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Welcome to the Resume Inventor ! ★★★★★We make every piece of our resume design, such as text, color, photos, design spaces and other related topics, to ensure that you will definitely be...
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Elevate your professional story with our avant-garde resume template, where creativity meets functionality. Unlock your potential with a CV that's as exceptional as you are.
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Elevate your professional story with our avant-garde resume template, where creativity meets functionality. Unlock your potential with a CV that's as exceptional as you are.
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Elevate your professional story with our avant-garde resume template, where creativity meets functionality. Unlock your potential with a CV that's as exceptional as you are.

Make A Perfect CV With Adobe InDesign Resume Templates

A curriculum vitae is your ticket to a promising career. Preparation of this introduction demands a responsible approach, as it's an opportunity to get into an interview. The beginning of such self-presentation is tricky, but it's indispensable, so it's worth getting it right and selling yourself as profitably as possible. Thanks to Adobe InDesign resume templates, you get a ready appearance. Specialists prepared it, and your responsibility is to write original and compelling words.

Your message should be clear, well-structured, and contain complete and up-to-date data on qualifications, professional background, and education. For bulleted lists, try to use paragraphs sparingly. Most CVs are not read like a book; they are "scanned" by the interviewer to pick out key points and present points as a bulleted list.

Your final goal is to ensure a positive impression of the recruiter. It gives you an invitation and a chance to blow the interviewer's socks off and convince them of your highest competence.

Characteristics of CV Themes

Is it worth buying the source material if an online free Adobe InDesign resume template is available? Free CVs often are standard, and the manager who processes applications daily notices this. It spoils the impression of you as a potential employee. In addition, you get not just a unique and attractive picture. Products offered by TemplateMonster are:

  1. Unique. Developers constantly produce new variants; the catalog is so extensive that your application doesn't look standard.
  2. Easily editable. Divide the necessary blocks and photos and relocate the blocks in a few clicks.
  3. Easy to customize. A beginner doesn't spend much time understanding editing and customizing.
  4. Universal. These products suit any professional. You opt for a variant that fully reflects your style and fits your brand.

With all these instruments, these items are a real treasure. They allow you to compose an effective CV in a few minutes and present an introduction about yourself as a potential employee beautifully and concisely. You don't even have to worry about a cover letter. The order package contains it.

Who Benefits from Curriculum Vitae Themes

Everyone benefits from the resume template Adobe InDesign. These themes are perfect for:

  • programmers;
  • developers;
  • engineers;
  • doctors;
  • teachers;
  • coaches;
  • managers;
  • consultants, etc.

Regardless of your interests and professional training, you need a CV to initiate job interviews. The professionalism of the introduction ensures a positive impression of the HR specialist. Implementation of the ready-made layouts boosts your results and draws attention to your request.

It doesn't matter if you are yesterday's graduate or have solid experience. These designs are universal and suit any area. In any case, you can pick a product that reflects your personality and emphasizes the information in your CV.

How to Create a Presentation in InDesign

This software is ideal for creating graphic designs for print and digital media, such as books, newspapers, brochures, posters, presentations, or job applications. The editor contains visual elements for creating interactive and compelling digital or physical content. The program also offers code markup support, such as XML and style sheets, that you can export for exploitation in other software. It is compatible with most computer operating systems and in over 20 languages.

Buy a Staple

There are many unique themes in this catalog. They differ in color scheme, style, and appearance, so you easily choose the right option. All products look stylish and attractive, so the recruiter manager notices your CV among the profiles of other applicants. Once you decide on the best item, purchase it and save the package to your device's HDD.

Open the File in the Program

On the top functional bar, click "Layout" and "Open from File." In the window that opens, find the saved order and open it. Now edit the text, and put photos and images.

Divide Parts

Use the Text tool to insert a frame by selecting Type & Tables and clicking Symbol/Paragraph. From the open Symbol menu, specify a font, font size, color, and alignment. Resize these parts by picking the line and dragging it to the desired size.

The grid is simple in design, with a clear hierarchy, starting with a heading at the top, followed by key info in the left column, and ending with the details of your credentials in the right column.

Come up with Content

Fill in the blocks of your CV with your data. It often has a block for your name, contacts, history, and education. Some additional areas are dedicated to an experience, purpose, list of skills, links, or a short biography.

To keep the columns of your introduction proportionate, consider listing the summary and extra details in one area and experience descriptions in another. Depending on the vacancy and company requirements, it may be helpful for you to add some parts. Try reading the published vacancy description to tailor the content of the CV to the position.

Adjust the Text

Make a restrained, balanced page that reads well. Leave more free space, promoting calmness and clarity. This not only makes the page more attractive but gives the reader a feeling of lightness and peace. A minimal design gives you a sense of confidence and tells the interviewer that you will be a well-organized and determined team member.

Typography is the backbone of any design, but it's easy to get carried away with it. Thousands of commercial fonts are available for download, so you need to think before adding a new one. Time-honored fonts are legible and attractive at any size, whether in headings or body text, making them easy to read.

Add Graphics or Visualization

Insert pictures or visual effects to Adobe InDesign resume templates examples to include more compelling decorations on your paper. Insert graphs or charts to show measurable professional gains, such as improvements in productivity or skills. These visualizations represent your level of a foreign language in a complementary block or the growth of a department in your work history.

Enable Interactive Features

Using Adobe InDesign to create a resume, enable features such as hyperlinks or dropdown menus for electronic documents. To enable a hyperlink, pick the text or image you want to link to and find the link icon in the thread. From there, copy and paste or enter an external link. Consider this method to connect to an online portfolio, published cases, or social media profiles if relevant to the profession.

To organize a dropdown menu:

  1. Add the arrow symbol you prefer to use for the menu icon so that viewers can click it.
  2. Find this symbol in the box and find "Interactive" features by clicking "Buttons and Forms," which opens a menu for choosing its interactive feature.
  3. Set the function type to "Button" and check the "Hide until triggered" box so that the field is not shown until the viewer clicks the button.

Make Changes to the Format

The changes you make to your paper affect formatting, so check your fonts and spacing to ensure everything is in place. If you find areas that might be more prominent or sections that you wish to stand out more, alternate the font size and color. Draw visible lines or background colors to outline and highlight boxes.


Using the top left corner of the page, select "File" and "File Info." Next, select "Content File Information" and export your file by naming your project and selecting a location. The name often includes your first and last name and the job type.

State a vacancy title if it's listed in the app's description. Also, consider adding a job title if you are applying for various positions with customized CVs. Your filename is important for interviewers to identify your papers from other applicants and their credentials.

Test the Result

Open the project after saving to ensure it is saved and all graphic features are available. Then, send it to other devices to see what your recipient might get access to using a computer, phone, or tablet. Depending on how you submit your paper, formats have different requirements, and you may be able to submit interactive PDFs or documents published online.

How to Select the Best Option In TemplateMonster's Catalog

This program is the perfect tool. Its instruments allow you to define the flow of the text; It focuses on publishing layout and printed content. With that in mind, you might find it the best option for creating a beautiful paper. If you need help figuring out the procedure, downloading a free layout takes the hard work out. Or it gives you a starting point to produce your original piece of art.

The reasons to consider this software to form your curriculum vitae:

  1. It helps to style your text and easily apply them to other sections.
  2. The app gives you plenty of options for editing.
  3. It allows the creation of a balanced layout with various digital features.

You often hear advice to keep it simple, and in many cases, this advice is pretty accurate. If you search for a job where you know the company has an applicant tracking system, an overly decorated presentation likely works against you.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a place requiring creativity and wish to stand out, these themes serve that purpose.

To find the perfect theme, consider the following factors:

  1. Career objective. You understand that the official duties of the CEO of a large company and a children's party animator demand different skills and personal qualities. Your task is to show the necessary attributes and prove your qualification. If you have a creative activity, pay attention to more vivid and creative examples. Managerial vacancies call for more rigorous formalization.
  2. Amount of information. If you make your first steps on a career path, and have nothing to show off, take a look at variants with many elements, then your paper will not seem empty. If there is a lot of data, excessive elements only distract from the main thing.

Simplicity is the key. Minimalism highlights the main aspects and is pleasant for the eye. Add 2 to 3 colors maximum. Colorful pictures are irritating and form a negative attitude to the subject. Demonstrate a serious approach and responsible behavior by producing a clear and concise presentation.

What Data to Provide?

Your paper should be not only beautiful and well-formed but also informative. So let's see what to write.

  1. Education. Indicate the educational institution and the degree of education received, starting with the last one. You don't need to give graduation grades. Still, it's appropriate to indicate the topic of the graduation work if it is related to the target vacancy.
  2. Skills. Bullet list your technical knowledge, the tools you are proficient with, the applications and instruments you mastered, the lab methods you have used, and any other skills relevant to the job you are applying for.
  3. Labor biography. Give an overview of each position, starting with your most recent employment. Provide the following facts:
    • firm's title;
    • your position;
    • main responsibilities;
    • accomplishments and sources of pride.
  4. Hobbies and interests. If your hobby is relevant, mention it.

Do not state:

  1. Religion, political beliefs, or history of your family members. The first two points are not interesting to a potential employer. As for the family's composition, it is better not to indicate the existence of small children. In a personal conversation during the meeting, you have a better chance of demonstrating competence and convincing the employer that babies will not be a hindrance to work.
  2. Appearance description. Height, weight, chest size, and biceps volume (unless necessary for the job) are irrelevant and irritate the HR manager.

Covering Letter

Your goal is to grab the attention of an HR specialist at first sight. There is a cover letter for this. It contains the bare minimum to help you decide if the attachment is worth viewing. The letter must comply with the structure established for such documents:

  1. The greeting may contain the name or be impersonal, the desired place, and the source of showing about the vacancy.
  2. You should emphasize your value to the company, why you are interested, and the basic knowledge that you can use to be successful in this position.
  3. Conclusion. Mention readiness for cooperation, and indicate contact details. Encourage an employer to call you or invite you to a meeting.

Maintain a calm and emotionless tone. Your task is to provide facts and leave emotions for friendly communication. Jokes and displays of a sense of humor are tricky subjects. There is no guarantee that your idea of funny will coincide with the opinion of another person.

Spare Money with MonsterONE

If you are still looking for Adobe InDesign resume templates free version, check out the MonsterONE subscription. It allows you to download unlimited themes for a moderate monthly fee. The license permits using this graphics item to build endless digital and physical creations for sale during the active period of your subscription. This feature is helpful for recruitment specialists who prepare applications for their clients daily.

Business card design in Figma

A curriculum vitae is part of your brand. Once you've done it, take care of the rest of the elements. For example, you should design stylish business cards. In this video, you will learn how to generate a unique business card.

Adobe InDesign Resume Templates FAQ

Can I sell Adobe InDesign resume templates after customization?

Resale is possible only with a commercial license. The rules allow up to 100 items to be made for sale to customers. The MonsterONE subscription provides the same opportunities. A personal license is ideal for clients preparing a project for personal use. It does not allow the distribution of the final result and earnings.

Is it hard to edit Adobe InDesign resume templates?

The answer depends on your experience and determination. Editing and changing do not require special education and many years of training. Experienced users and newbies can master the necessary steps in a few minutes. To avoid spending time studying the program, it is better to order the preparation from the specialist.

How to export Adobe InDesign resume templates after editing?

These formats are applied in web publishing and are helpful when posting an image of a document. Export as a JPEG or PNG image either a single object or export entire pages and spreads.

  1. Click an object, or ensure nothing is selected if you want to export or expand the page.
  2. Choose File → Export.
  3. The Export dialog box will open.
  4. Enter a name, browse where you to save the file on your hard drive, and pick JPEG or PNG from the Save as Type (Windows) or Format (Mac) dropdown list; confirm the action.

What can I edit on Adobe InDesign resume templates?

TemplateMonster does not limit your customization options. For example, switch the color scheme, block layout, text, and images. It is also possible to append new elements, sections for data, etc. That is, you can change everything.