Palm Coconut Tree Vector Logo V3
Vector, coconut, tree, nature, palm, summer, tropical, leaf, plant, design, beach, icon, isolated, illustration, logo, symbol, natural, vacation, travel, paradise, sea, island, silhouette, exotic,...
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W Building Logo Template
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101 Business Design Logo Template
Ready-made creative business logo design template. If you need a logo for a website or social media page, we offer ready-made solutions created by professional designers. This is a set of unique...
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Classic A Letter logo Design
This logo is suitable for any Website or company. it very classy and unique logo. Any kind of company can use this logo for their website logo or company logo.
Letter R Monogram Beauty Logo Design
I have the pleasure to present the Elegant Logo letter R design. you can use this logo to create some stunning designs.FILES FORMATS-AI Files-PDF Files-EPS Files-PDF Files-SVG Files-PNG Files-JPG...
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Infinity Logo Template

Infinity Logo Template by 10point5star

- The Logo Is 100% Vector- CMYK- High Quality- AI (Cc)- EPS (Eps10)- PSD – 1 Psd Layered file (Psd files was Generated in Illustrator, some features can be lost. To reach maximum editability use...
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Chameleon Media Logo Template
This Chameleon Media Logo is modern, Clean, Minimal and elegant logo perfect for your company. Its suitable for any Creative, kids, vision, save lizard, Chameleon Logo, color, print, Save...
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Lion King Crown Logo Template
It's a lion head logo template. You can easily use it. This great logo is perfect for brands/companies such as finance, investment, business consulting, security, law firms, accountants, insurance,...
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Master Lion Letter M Logo
— .ai (illustrator CC) — .eps (illustrator 10) — .psd ((Psd files was Generated in Illustrator, some features can be lost. To reach maximum editability use Adobe Illustrator)) — .jpg (white...
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Analytics Logo Template
- The Logo Is 100% Vector- 100% Customizable- CMYK- High Quality- 300 dpi- AI (Cc-Cs)- EPS (Eps10)- PSD - 1 Psd Layered file (Psd files was Generated in Illustrator, some features can be lost. To...
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Infinity Logo Template
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Sun Hawk logo for any product
Need a new professional logo for your company or project? Jackdsgn presents high quality and trendy logos for every taste and need. Our main goal is to bring quality logos to the world.
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Camping shield secure tent logo design
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Company Sea Food logos Template
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Professional Real Estate Letter R Logo
— - The Logo Is 100% Vector — - 100% Customizable — - CMYK — - High Quality — - AI, EPS, JPEG — - All colors and text can be modified — - PSD - 1 PSD Layered file (PSD files was...
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Infinity Logo Abstract Logo Moderne Logo
.ai (illustrator 10,CS,CS3,CS5,CS6).eps (illustrator10,CS,CS3,CS5,CS6).psd ((Psd files was Generated in Illustrator, some features can be lost. To reach maximum editability use Adobe...
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Create Your Impressive Brand Image with Black Logos

Well-known companies have a solid and recognizable corporate identity. Eye-catching colors, slogans, and logos help increase brand awareness and make it stand out. The first thing that sets the tone and style of the company is its logo. This eye-catching image adorns websites, signs, merchandise, and business uniforms and remains in customers' minds. Moreover, an attractive and modern brand illustration is often an advantage over competitors, as buyers always pay attention to appearance. Want to express your team's concepts and present them in an understated minimalist style? Elegant black logos are a great solution!

Many users prefer this library of ready-made templates for its impressive design, high quality, and wide range. Here are top-notch layouts with which you build your perfect trademark in no time. Are you looking for solutions for a digital agency or healthcare organization? Scroll through these mockups to find the best one! The indisputable advantage of these ready-made assets is that you have a pre-design base and do not waste time drawing elements from scratch. Use a graphic editor to make the necessary changes and enjoy the stunning result. How to get the perfect option, and what are these black logos? It's time to figure it out!

Black Logos - Features & Benefits

Let's start with the fact that the emblems from this collection consist mainly of dark shades. Thanks to this selection of colors, they are minimalistic and elegant. Such illustrations are a real treasure for lovers of exquisite and eye-catching details to emphasize the brand style. However, do not think that there are only dark designs here. The collection has excellent combinations like red and black or black and yellow logos.

In addition to the mind-blowing look, these assets are of high quality. They are professional and suitable for the most ambitious projects with a worldwide reputation. One more advantage is the ease of use. You don't have to spend hours developing an illustration from scratch or hire a graphic developer to prepare a product. With ready-made items, you handle everything yourself quickly and without hassle.

In a nutshell, ready-made templates have the following benefits:

Saving time

If you don't want to spend time choosing images and fonts, then these themes are stunning solutions. They provide the perfect base for your work that you modify to produce a unique product in a few days.

Minimum investment

Collaboration with graphic specialists costs a lot of money. It is not affordable for start-ups and firms with little capital. At the same time, the price of black logos starts from $10 and allows you to save valuable investments for other purposes.

Full customization

These layouts are fully customizable with a graphical editor. It means you work with them, change everything and get a ready-made impressive project. Change colors, choose the fonts you want, and add images to do it all on your own!

High quality

Experienced and reliable professionals do tedious work on each layout to present you with a stylish look. As a result, you have professional assets that will enhance your corporate identity.

A large assortment

The library has a variety of offers for every taste and different purposes. Are you for black app logos or illustrations for the art & culture industry? Assets for any field at your service!

Wide compatibility options

These icons are fully compatible with popular graphic editors such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, Microsoft Word, Figma, and others. Moreover, they come in widespread file formats, including EPS, PNG, PDF, JPG, and more. It means you have no problems or barriers to editing and uploading these icons.

Types of Black Logos: Visual, Textual & Combinations

Modern trademarks are a flight of fancy that turns into a masterpiece. They impress clients with uniqueness and convey team concepts in one image. There are different types of illustrations. All of them are collected in the TemplateMonster collection and are available for your projects! Let's talk about each type to understand their features and find the most suitable option.


Many companies prefer text trademarks to focus on the company name and make it memorable. Moreover, these icons are an excellent way to express your team's concepts. To compensate for visual components, choose attractive fonts and styles. For example, if it is the name of a flower shop, then elegant thin italics will suit to translate your ideas. In turn, use massive fonts for a car wash or auto parts store.

There are two types of text emblems:

  • Abbreviations. If the name of your business is too long, then it is better to refer to a catchy abbreviation and place it on the icon. National Aeronautics and Space Administration, known to everyone as NASA, has preferred this trick and succeeded.
  • Words. Have you come up with a short and catchy name for your team? Then why not decorate your trademarks with it? If you choose this option, try to present this word in all its glory to attract customers.


Only the most risky and self-confident entrepreneurs choose this type of emblem! Visual icons are the rarest since there is no guarantee that the image will sink into the audience's soul. Moreover, it is the most difficult to develop from scratch. At the same time, there are many examples of successful applications of such trademarks, such as the well-known bitten apple on iPhones or Macs.

Graphic emblems also have several types:

  • Symbols. What symbolizes your activities? Is it a soaring eagle, mountains, or a shopping bag? Symbols are small images with which you visualize your name and concepts and make them familiar to the client.
  • Abstractions. Think of the simple but eye-catching swoosh from Nike. It is a vivid example of an image that attracts attention and leaves no one indifferent. If you want to work for an international audience, this type of emblem is an excellent variant! They allow you to evoke attractively similar emotions in all clients, regardless of age or cultural values.
  • Character. Take a look at the TemplateMonster illustration. This cute monster has become a team member who makes customers smile. Use this move and introduce a friendly character for your advertising campaigns and communication with the audience.

Text-graphic or combined

Combined black logos are the top way to develop the most impressive trademark and harmoniously combine text and image. Companies often use this option and are successful because such trademarks promote the name and complement it with graphic elements. In this style, entrepreneurs build emblems where the text is inside the image.

Who May Benefit from Black and White Brand Logos?

With professional quality and great variety, these layouts are suitable for different purposes and companies. They are ready to emphasize individuality and help to build an eye-catching corporate style. Whether you work in the medical field, start a veterinary practice, or try your hand at photography, these black logos make a powerful statement about your business. They are ideal for those who like to stick to minimalism and use classic shades in their style.

Another important detail is that these layouts are easy to use and flexible. They are compatible with common editors and do not require additional applications or skills. Thus, you master working with them in just a few minutes without documentation, experience, and knowledge. It means that assets are suitable even for newcomers to IT.

For which companies are black logos the ideal solution? Here are some options:

Business centers & service agencies

In the business and service field, all entrepreneurs try to show their reliability, expertise, and authority. Do you want to demonstrate your work ethic and impress your customers at first sight? In this case, black and white minimalist icons allow you to make your corporate identity discreet and eye-catching.

Shelters & vet clinics

Be sure that your animal care organization becomes more popular and in demand with a modern illustration on a sign or veterinary uniform. Choose a dark mode and your brand sparkles with new colors!

Educational projects

Today's online schools, platforms, and courses go to great lengths to beat the competition and get students' attention. If you had a choice in front of a school with an outdated look and a brand with a professional trademark, you would prefer the second option. Most students agree, so don't waste your time and create your own dark and unique icon.

Design industry

In this area, all entrepreneurs strive to demonstrate their skills and build visually appealing masterpieces from the very beginning. Best of all, your skills are broadcast by the stunning trademark! Choose one of the templates from the collection and construct the perfect illustration to highlight all your talents and features.

Medical organizations

Who said the healthcare industry is associated only with blue shades and a bowl with a snake? Break this stereotype and paint new dark illustrations for your medical project. Be sure that with this approach, your company will be out of the competition.

Brand Illustrations - The Last Trends

Modern entrepreneurs strive to have eye-catching and stylish emblems to stand up to the competition. How to prepare a unique up-to-date look without the help of specialists? All straightforward: consider the latest web development trends and incorporate them into your project! Check out the innovations here:

  • Disappearing elements. Do you want to give the icon originality? This approach is the top-notch way. Add disappearing details, like typography or pictures, and your image will sparkle with new colors! With this trick, you unlock the fantasy and imagination of your clients and allow them to come up with the final picture.
  • Minimalism. Simple shapes, a lot of free space, and clear lines are characteristic of a minimalist style. Black color emphasizes this idea and makes the picture clean, attractive, and free from distractions.
  • Gradient. This trend has long been included in web design and retains its leading position. Use gradient colors for unique trademark options with smooth transitions from dark to gray to white.
  • New minimalism. This trend is associated with the game with external and internal space. It is where fonts, shapes, and lines intersect and build a new structure. This trick gives the black logos a new fresh, and trendy look.
  • Handmade style. Many clients are attracted to handmade work because it creates a sense of closeness with the team. Such illustrations are an excellent solution for creative companies, including artists or needlework stores. Add handwritten fonts and drawn flowers and icons to get the highest result in this direction.
  • A combination of several designs. If you want to provide a dynamic effect and bring your black-and-white icon to life, try stacking multiple elements on top of each other. In this concept, all possibilities are open to you: a combination of geometric shapes, fonts, lines, and more.

How to Choose Top-notch Red and Black Logos?

Choosing an appropriate product is a challenge since success depends on this element. The trademark predetermines the team's fate because it is this detail that customers pay attention to first. Agree that you are unlikely to cooperate with an enterprise with a boring old-fashioned name or corporate style. At the same time, stylish brands inspire confidence and gain credibility with their discreet, confident appearance and performance.

Do you want to become one of these modern businesses and still can't decide on the best trademark? TemplateMonster offers stunning templates, among which you find the perfect asset. Follow a few tips to choose the top theme and transform it for your corporate identity:

  • First, define your goals and business concepts. Are you planning to start a flower shop or service center? Is your plan to announce yourself as a new company or rebrand? Face these questions and create a plan to move forward.
  • Use the sidebar to indicate your preferences. Here you set tags, graphic editors, format, and other things. This move allows you to reduce the number of products to those that suit your preferences.
  • Find the black logos you like and learn about them. Look at the emblems up close, read the description, and read the reviews before you buy. Also, ask for advice from team members or like-minded people to get an outside opinion.
  • If you have any additional questions, please contact the pre-sales experts via live chat. Specialists are available 24/7 to help you and provide detailed advice on any issue.

MonsterONE: Cost-effective Service for Unlimited Digital Assets

If you're dealing with emblems, icons, 3D models, or even entire custom websites, you need a database of professional assets at your fingertips. Buying each template is too expensive, especially for startups. TemplateMonster figured out how to solve this problem and founded a MonsterONE membership!

This service works like a subscription, where you make a single payment and get unlimited access to a library of IT solutions. There are black logos, illustrations, website templates, and plugins to get your work going! You may download them for free, build unique projects and get satisfied customers. The main plus is the price of the service, which starts from 6.6 dollars! Also, there are three plans with different duration and content, from Creative for graphic developers and bloggers to an All-in-One Lifetime package for real gurus in this business. Be sure that this offer is the best option to save money and achieve tremendous success!

10 Top-notch Free Logo Design Examples

Are you looking for inspiration to build the perfect illustration, or do you want a professional emblem on a minimal budget? Luckily, TemplateMonster offers free options along with premium templates. They are suitable for launching amateur or educational projects, training in working with graphics, or incorporating them into a start-up organization. These themes have an attractive look and are ready for any changes. Want to see the most attractive ones for your brand? This video contains ten free themes for your business to sparkle with new shades. Follow the link and discover the world of masterpieces.

Black Logos FAQ

What are black logos?

These are ready-made templates for emblems and trademarks with which you quickly and easily create your professional project. They are predominantly black and are suitable for lovers of restraint, elegance, and minimalism.

Where to get free black logos?

If you want unlimited access to digital assets, including logos, join MonsterONE. The subscription provides access to hundreds of thousands of IT solutions that will become an excellent base for your future projects. No doubt that this is the most cost-effective and profitable offer.

Can I change the black logos?

Sure. The templates are fully customizable, so you easily edit all the details, including fonts and colors, with a graphical editor. Themes work with programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Word, Corel Draw, and more.

How to choose the most modern black logos?

In this matter, be guided by your preferences, the concepts of your enterprise, and design innovations. Learn the latest trends and try them on for your organization's corporate identity. Also, when choosing, do not forget about the quality of the illustration. The picture must be professional to make a positive impression on customers.