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Multifly – Multipurpose Shopify Theme with Sections

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The choice of the most optimal ready-made solution for your future web store gets so much easier with multipurpose templates.

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We have already seen the release of WordPress theme suited for multiple purposes. Now, it's high time to put our hands on one of the hottest Shopify templates featuring the most advanced functionality under the hood. A brand-new eCommerce theme that you can download from is called Multifly Multipurpose Shopify Theme.

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3 Homepage Layouts

Multifly is a multipurpose eCommerce theme that can be used for at least 3 out-of-the-box niches. The availability of 3 pre-designed homepage layouts simplifies the task manifolds. Thus, Multifly is loaded with fashion, fishing and building material demos, which are included in the download package at no cost.

The personalization of pre-designed layouts gets simpler due to the integration of sections.


Following the Cardone template, this is another Shopify release with sections functionality. The latter is added to a more streamlined and hassle-free process of the modification of the theme's layout. Building a unique and authentic homepage has never been that easy. As you download the theme, you attain access to the collection of 15 sections, which will make it way easier to add galleries, slideshows, testimonials, posts, custom content, blog articles, social media feeds, etc. to the front page of your website.

All sections are fully-configurable, allowing you to modify their structure in a way that matches your personal or business needs perfectly.

Customizable Footer

Multifly Shopify theme provides advanced customization options of the footer section. As you choose the respective element in the theme's dashboard, you will be able to upload the footer with:

  • a link list to help or customers navigate around the web store;
  • a contacts block;
  • a personal account block;
  • a newsletter subscription form;
  • a block with social links;
  • and a new footer content block, where you can display 6 menu items maximum.

Customizable Header

The header of the template can be made as informative and usable as you wish. In addition to uploading it with a custom logo and the company name, you can decide whether to enable/disable the following options:

  • live search;
  • shopping cart;
  • multi-currency support;
  • multi-language support.

The theme also comes with a MegaMenu widget. This is a fully-configurable element, featuring 6 items, each of which includes a host of configuration options in the corresponding sub-sections. This is a fully-customizable element, which can reveal categories, subcategories, and posts. There are tons of ready-made options to choose from, letting you enhance your site's UX and SEO easily.

You can set the MegaMenu to remain fixed to the top of the page, thus providing the web users with quick access to any category of your web store.

Catalog Page

As users navigate to a page representing a product catalog page, they will be impressed by a simple yet usable layout structure. Enhanced with the whitespace, it keeps the audience focused on the essentials only. Usable filters make it possible to narrow down the selection of items displayed on the page as per a specific property. There are also options to decide on the number of items to be shown per page, as well as their order.

Product Page

You can make the product page as informative as you wish. The template supports all the major post formats, letting you accompany product descriptions with image galleries, videos, and social media options.

Working Forms

In addition to the possibility to add a newsletter subscription form to the footer of your site, there is a separate pre-designed page integrated with a working contact form,  making it possible for online customizers to get in touch with the company reps on the site.

What's more...

Multifly Multipurpose Shopify Theme runs on a fully responsive framework, which is intended to adjust every single piece of content displayed on the page to all screen sizes automatically. The theme is built with valid, semantic code. The layout will also perform flawlessly in any web browser. Sets of Google web fonts and layered PSD files will become accessible on the theme's download.

In the case of any queries as per the installation/customization of the Multifly Multipurpose Shopify Theme, you can refer to the detailed documentation or ask a team of qualifies customer support reps for free assistance 24/7.

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That's pretty much it. Go ahead and see how the theme works and feels on the live demo.

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