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This flooring store Shopify template kills the distance dividing you and the potential clients. We feel that this particular template is perfect for your flooring store, flooring or flooring store....
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Top Collection of Best Interior Shopify Themes

Modern customers got used to comfortable shopping and prospect-oriented services. People want everything to be ready for them, and they definitely expect you to have a professional website for business. It is a must for any niche, and you will need to take care of any project’s part to make it a go-to place. Luckily, these days, you won’t need to design a website by hand. Today’s best Shopify interior design themes provide quick and intuitive website building. You have a pack of ready-made content modules, different easy-to-tweak features, pre-made shop pages, an eCommerce package, and much more. Who can work with all of these, and how challenging would it be? Let’s figure it out.

Shopify Home Decoration Themes - Features & Characteristics

Interior design themes possess multiple prominent features, such as:

  1. Dropdown menu lets you neatly introduce multiple pages or products. It also improves sorting with categories and subcategories, adds images and animation to the menu design, and improves SEO results.
  2. Blog would also bring you better SEO. It is one of the best ways to attract new customers with individual blog posts and relevant keywords. And you could also grab the attention of foreign shoppers by making your blog translation-ready.
  3. Multilingual content is a must for any young eCommerce project. Not all modern search engines check non-native-speaking websites, and you don’t want to lose French or Korean prospects, right? With it, we also recommend you add the multi-currency feature + various payment methods.
  4. Product zoom, order tracking, complete order page - these are the must-haves for any shop.
  5. Sticky header and footer - make it comfy to navigate through the site without scrolling the whole page back once you need to reach its header or footer. You may also want to look for sticky call-to-actions and other buttons, like back-to-top buttons.
  6. Easy to find contacts with header info and a separate page + we would recommend you add a callback button, live chat, and a regular quick contact form.

Who Can Benefit From Interior Shopify Store Creation

As you might know, Shopify has remained one of the most popular platforms for online sales for years. It is popular in almost 200 countries and holds more than 1.700.000 active shops. Business owners prefer it to other platforms because of its simplicity, easy customization, and numerous creator-friendly options. Here is what you can set up with a Shopify interior design theme:

  1. Furniture online catalog.
  2. Interior & furniture website.
  3. Industrial company website.
  4. Handmade & garden furniture shop.
  5. Construction company site.
  6. Architecture gallery.
  7. Art project.
  8. Blog, etc.

It is easy to cover these topics with niche templates, but you might want to try multipurpose themes if you need more than 1 website. Just select the 5 Site Licence and build several sites with a single product. This budget-saving option is perfect for devs, designers, big companies’ owners, marketers, social media strategists, and anyone who runs websites regularly.

As the name of the paragraph promises, premium Shopify products are code-free, and you won’t need to have any exceptional experience to design your store. What else should you know to succeed? Let’s see what features are essential for your business niche.

How to Create a Successful Online Business with Shopify Home Decoration Themes

To begin with, ensure your theme has a responsive design that looks amazing on any device with any screen size. There should be no place or gadget boundaries for shoppers to visit your store if you want it to be professional-like.

We also recommend looking for Ajax functionality products. It makes the project more shopper-friendly and saves users time. With it, people could add products to a cart, wishlist, compare list, etc., without reloading the whole page. Though the feature is almost invisible for beginners, it significantly impacts the shop’s speed and functionality. What else may you want to use to create a successful project? Ask us a question if you need further assistance via live chat.

Interior Shopify Themes FAQ

What is the difference between free and premium interior design Shopify themes?

The main difference is that you are more likely to find trendy web design components and specialized features inside a premium product. Besides, premium themes also provide unique web design solutions. However, it is possible to manage a nice store with a freebie. You just need to look for free templates from proven creators. Don’t miss our gallery, as it includes tons of premium and free themes, bundles, plugins, illustrations, sounds, etc.

Do I need to add a blog to my Shopify interior design store?

Running a blog with relevant content is always good for SEO. It also brings you more clean traffic and new website visitors that could become your customers. The next reason to run a blog is to create trustworthy relations with your prospects. It gives you more possibilities to interact with the audience and increase activity with giveaways and other special offers. Another way to improve SEO with a blog is link building. Here is a quick Shopify blog checklist:
  1. Only relevant tags and keywords.
  2. Unique, up-to-date content.
  3. Successful font families combinations.
  4. Content hierarchy.
  5. eCommerce web hosting.
  6. Multi-language content.
  7. Animation effects.
  8. High-quality photography.
  9. URL optimization.
  10. Social media integration.
  11. Internal and external links.

How do I customize my Shopify interior design theme?

Modern Shopify themes are code-free. They come with a creator-friendly Shopify visual builder that works on drag & drop. It makes website-building simple and available for anyone with a built-in library of ready-made elements and features. All you need to design a new page is to select the required content, drag & drop it to the editor’s window, and change the component’s settings. You can replace elements, change their colors or sizes, and perform other actions within the builder’s window. We recommend you save favorite layouts as new templates and use them once you add another page.

Should I make my Shopify interior design business website mobile-first?

Making your shop mobile-first will be a lucrative step for any business if you want to attract a new audience. Mobile-first design starts creating the website with its mobile layout and ensures you deliver the right UX to the right screen. Most shoppers prefer entering the web from phones, making it wise to start your online promo from a mobile website. In addition, this feature also makes the store load faster and brings better SEO results. Furthermore, a mobile-first design could make Google scan your mobile pages before the desktop website is ready.

Top Collection of Shopify Interior eCommerce Themes 2024 for Your Stores

Watch a helpful video with the hottest decoration designs for your Shopify store. Get a perfect theme for designing interior & exterior companies, art solutions and individual design projects projects, and make it profitable with a responsive, SEO-friendly, and fully-fledged alluring theme layout.