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Blue Logos for Your Identity

Mention your favorite brand. What do you visualize as soon as you hear the company name? Most likely, it is a trademark. This image combines aesthetics and concept. It is a critical element of the corporate style, forming an identity in the same a name does. Nowadays, if you would like to achieve success, you need to try all marketing methods. Your quality product with a guarantee and reputation should have an apt name, an impressive concept, and a trademark. Then you register officially from the legal side and issue the firm.

What is Blue Logo and How to Use It

Often, people who start a business underestimate the importance of a brand and are in no hurry to create a brand presentation for their company. They postpone the development of the promo model. They start working on the creation only after establishing the number of regular customers. Such a mistaken approach can cause losses to any corporation and delay development.

Usually, entrepreneurs introduce consumers to goods with the help of independent promotional materials rather than presenting their firm to the market, which professionals develop. Specialists in the marketing field do not recommend starting this way since the importance of corporate style has a critical impact on successful development. The visual picture of the production company is formed with the help of the identity, and one of the key elements is the blue logo. In this way, the client identifies the IT agency, SEO firm, or other business in a few seconds, so finding the necessary product will be much easier.

A logotype is a graphic, font, or combined sign that facilitates the recognition of a corporation, product, or service. Initially, this term was used purely in typography. But the word went beyond professional vocabulary, and specialists began to operate it in design and commerce.

A carefully thought-out sign is the key to the successful operation of the agency. Its correct development is of great importance. It helps awareness of the essence, mission, and company purpose. A good brand style makes you believe in quality, stability, and reliability. The right image of the corporation helps the customer to think that he is choosing a better product. The potential audience subconsciously begins to trust the entrepreneur. Corporate style provides the ability to remember forms on a conscious and emotional level. Some trademarks may convey obvious information, while others are abstract.

Reasons to Use Blue Logo

Any element of corporate style is not a sales tool but affects to extent their increase. Each of them has its functions. The blue company logotype gives you the following opportunities:

  • Identification. A graphic or font symbol forms a unique picture of your corporation. It unites your product, aesthetics, mood, and concept. It constitutes the recognition of the service. You distinguish yourself from competitors in the niche.
  • Communication. If you interact with the client with the help of a brand, you convey information about the product's key features to the potential customer.
  • Formation of an attractive picture. The aesthetic model evokes positive emotions in your guest. You automatically transfer such feedback to the product. If your firm matches your niche and the design is aimed at your target audience, you get a successful brand.
  • Additional guarantees. Your reputation is the main driver for the success of your corporation. When you put a trademark on the packaging, a banner, a website, a social network, or a product, you confirm your affiliation with the brand and guarantee quality.

A well-executed template reflects the field of activity and positioning of the brand. It causes positive associations, helps to separate from competitors, is easy to remember, and adapts to any media. We provide a list of the main performance criteria based on the above indicators:

  • Associativeness. An ideal trademark is always related to the concept, for example, the blue paw print logo, the blue car logo, etc. In addition, you need to consider the associativity of the first level should not be used because it interferes with recognition among competitors. We recommend hinting at a service or product and creating a meaning that will differentiate you favorably.
  • No negative connotation. Choose colors, shapes, and fonts that are of high quality and evoke pleasant emotions. And also count on tolerance from different countries and customers.
  • Uniqueness. Only an original mock-up helps you stand out from the competition. It also provides an opportunity to register a business with a trademark officially.
  • Memorability. Combine the concept, show the product, and operate the minimum graphic components number.

Kinds of Logos from TemplateMonster

You start with the presentation format to select the most suitable trademark for your company. It is time to talk about types of blue logos. Traditional classification divides logos into graphics, text, and combined. Recently, the editors distinguished seven classes, which justify each variant better.

Abbreviations and monograms

If the corporation name consists of several words, then it is best to choose this type of sign. Just check the following examples: IBM, HP, VTB, MTS, NASA, etc. In this way, you remind yourself about the name of your corporation. You build a quality trademark if you select the right colors, textures, gradients, and letter shapes.


This option is suitable for those entrepreneurs who have a short name. A short and clear title will be a perfect visual representation of your brand and will be resonant. Since the trademark focuses on the title then pay attention to the typography. Select or draw fonts that convey the company's essence and the nature of the business. For example, clean, bright, elegant letters with luxury elements suit a clothing store.

Graphic signs

This design has only a graphic element. This visual picture comes to mind when you hear the name of a corporation: Apple, Twitter, or Android. They are so iconic that one can only envy their recognition. And you attach deep meaning to such a symbol. In this way, you evoke the necessary emotions in the audience. It is difficult to promote a new non-unique business using such kind of sign. If you are sure of the triumph of your idea, then feel free to choose this type of visualization.


This type has abstract geometric shapes. They combine the company's concepts and ideas into one image. You convey what your business stands for.


It is the perfect opportunity to create a character that represents your corporation. This option is suitable for companies working with children or families. In this way, you simulate direct contact with a visitor or customer.

Text and graphic elements

It is the most popular and win-win option for brands. You show the name of the corporation, as well as add an associative picture. Such a combination deciphers your purpose in the best way.


In such an image, the font will fit into the illustration. You use this for coats of arms, universities, government agencies, etc. The main disadvantage of this type is high detail, which prevents the scaling of the finished result.

How Components Affect Logo Design

Designers include shapes, colors, and fonts as components of a logo. Each of them affects the effectiveness of the firm and plays a role.


Before you select the main shape of the design, you should determine the purpose of your business and feel the mood you want to convey with it. The most popular shapes are the square, circle, and oval. Specialists operate a rectangle as well. If the company has a long name, you enter it in a circle. It will have a harmonious appearance of the emblem. The oval is currently in trend. If you occupy a fashion niche, then pay attention to this. Adding orbits or curved lines will add a sense of movement to your layout. We advise you to avoid complex polygonal and obscure shapes. It complicates the process of memorization and recognition.


Firms have already exhausted most letter designs for their styles. Therefore, the best solution would be to develop this component from scratch. When you have chosen this, you should revise the possibility of high-quality printing and scaling. It should look good both on all versions and on banners, packaging, business cards, etc. Many users identify companies with a specific font.


What does the blue company logo mean in the psychology of design? From the point of view of emotions, it is safety, freedom, calmness, trust, freshness, logic, and conservatism. If we talk about negative traits, it means closedness and unattractiveness.

Companies whose goods cannot be touched but should be trusted operate this color. It is perfect for online services, payment systems, digital agencies, banks, etc. Some shades evoke a feeling of freshness, for example, the Nivea brand. You find blue in advertisements for water, cigarettes, toothpaste, health goods, tourism, etc.

Its importance in marketing:

  • has a calming effect;
  • preferred for men;
  • not recommended for operating in the food industry.

How to Create Blue Logo

You have two ways to get the perfect logo. You create it yourself, hire a designer or buy a ready-made version from the TemplateMonster library.

If you choose the first way, we recommend following the following steps.

1. Define your niche and firm identity.

Remember the history of your formation and which product you chose for your business. It helps define the foundation of the illustration.

2. Find inspiration for developing a trademark.

Choose the best images related to your business. Select the most influential and popular corporations. Analyze why such logos are recognizable and what components are represented there.

3. Select the type of trademark.

The basic concept of small illustration development depends on this stage. Analyze your name, which components will be appropriate, which colors match your corporate style, and which font you choose. You want to include a character to make your idea more interactive. It depends on the niche you are in, as well as other factors.

4. Familiarize yourself with the psychology of form, color, and type in marketing.

It helps you determine which components to operate for your picture. They shape the aesthetics and mood of the company. Your potential client will subconsciously sense what you are conveying through visual tools.

5. Create a mood board

Now is the time to draw a beginning for the first sketches

Select all the components you like the most: fonts, colors, and shapes. Combine them. Analyze which of them looks the most successful.

6. Develop a logo

Pay attention to the following tips from us:

  • if the letters overlap each other, then use different colors or textures;
  • if the text looks compressed, then add a space;
  • if you have a detailed final result, then add space or remove the least influential components;
  • make sure your illustration fits inside the circle. It is necessary for icons in social networks.

Programs for Blue Logo Design

In today's technological world, you design an illustration on a computer, tablet, or phone. There are no obstacles to your imagination and convenience. The most popular among professional designers is creating a design on a PC. We offer to shave the most popular software for Windows and Mac.

AAA logo

It is a clear and easy tool that is suitable for a beginner. You get a collection of templates for each component and can combine them. You don't need to have special knowledge to draw a corporate image. You have ready-made material that you adapt to your needs. You export such emblems in various formats: gif, png, bmp, jpg, vector eps, svg, or pdf.

Adobe Photoshop

It is the most popular program among designers and photographers. It is suitable for more advanced specialists who easily navigate the interface of similar Adobe applications. Here you will not find ready-made templates. You create all components from scratch. You manage the process from start to finish. Please note that the software works with raster graphics. It is a problem for scaling the final result.

Adobe Illustrator

It is a vector editor for professionals. Here you design characters, animations, web pages, diagrams, etc. Illustrator is the ideal tool for professional graphic designers, developers of interactive projects, and specialists in the field of video production.

Adobe InDesign

This software helps to create any polygraphic material: booklets, forms, postcards, brochures, magazines, books, etc. Here you finalize the typeface trademark. And all Adobe programs are easily imported and exported between them. We recommend starting with Adobe Illustrator and using this software to refine details.

Corel DRAW

This program is suitable for beginners and professionals. You create various vector images, which the program automatically describes with mathematical formulas. When you draw an object, you specify coordinates, color, texture, and shapes. The main advantage of the software is the creation of layers from scratch, the conversion of raster images into vector images, the possibility of tracing, and working with contours and patterns.

Blue Logos from TemplateMonster

If you have no time or experience to develop a trademark for your business, pay attention to the blue logo from TemplateMonster. The team provides an opportunity to navigate the search for the necessary item for you. In the panel on the left, you select a filter.

TemplateMonster Marketplace provides different types of trademarks: abstract, graphic, emblem, text, combination, word, etc. Check out the bestselling Nature Women Logo Template. This item is ideal for companies related to cosmetology, spa procedures, make-up, cosmetics store, medical center, technology agencies, etc. It is an example of a combined version of the trademark. You will be able to mark a graphic element, name, and also add slogan. It has a beautiful vector mock-up that combines shades and gradients of blue. Its quality allows printing on any surface of any size. You edit it according to your needs and operate different file formats: AI, EPS, PSD, PNG, JPEG, etc.

Blue Logo Video

To find or develop a trendy brand, you look at hundreds of successful examples and conclude. It is called visual awareness training. We recommend watching the video that we prepared on this topic.

Blue Logo Frequent Questions

Where can you use blue logo?

Such trademarks are prevalent among companies engaged in online services: SEO marketing, web studios for site development, operating systems, gadgets, electronics stores, extensions, plugins, applications, SMM agencies, etc. It is a purity, water, and sterility symbol, so you often meet them in medicine, cosmetology, water products, filters, water parks, terra agencies, medical equipment, pharmacies, meds, etc. But it is also a universal color that will suit different corporate styles that want to emphasize their reputation, seriousness, and masculinity.

How to choose blue logo?

  • Clearly define the niche and concept you are working with. If you provide a product or service, you consider how you represent it in the illustration.
  • Choose the most suitable type of logo: text, graphic, or combined.
  • Choose fonts, colors, and shapes you like the most.
  • Analyze the various software with which you customize the object.
  • Check which extensions are relevant to your application.
  • Make a few sketches of how you see the result.
  • Go to the TemplateMonster website. With the help of filters, choose a topic, software, tag, popularity, cost, etc.

Why do you need to choose blue logo from TemplateMonster?

You get high-quality support before the purchase in our LiveChat. All items are easy to customize as you get organized mock-up layers in your document. You can also count on our support and help in developing.

How to get a blue logo from TemplateMonster?

Have you decided to cooperate with TemplateMonster? Good idea and the right choice! First, register on the site. Browse the collection, operate the appropriate filters, and find the best item for your firm. Add it to your cart. Go to the checkout page. Fill in your billing information and account details. Select a payment method: PayPal, Stripe, or card. Pay for the product. After verification, you can download the product. You should go to your account and open the Downloads tab. There you see a link. Operate it!