Toys Store ZenCart Template
This template was specifically developed for toy stores. It looks so welcoming and playful. The author uses bright, juicy color scheme, which is the right solution for this particular case. Rainbow...
Sales: 30
Support: 3.1/5
Diving Gear ZenCart Template
To make underwater activities safer and more comfortable, divers should equip themselves with special gear before plunging. To incline them towards buying from you, here's an awesome theme to...
Sales: 1
Support: 3.1/5
Dive & Discover ZenCart Template
Blue and white color scheme looks very dreamy and encourages divers for underwater adventures. Slider images show fully equipped diving enthusiasts. Banners are placed on top and in the bottom of...
Sales: 4
Support: 3.1/5
Craft Supplies ZenCart Template
With main emphasis put on products and services, Sew will be the perfect solution for building hobbies crafts online shop. The designer made this theme clean and minimalist in order for nothing to...
Support: 3.1/5
Toys Store ZenCart Template
This toys store has everything to become adorable either for children or for grown ups. Its color scheme is bright and playful, yet easy for the eyes due to enough white space that helps to keep...
Support: 3.1/5

Fantastic Blue Zen Cart Templates For Your Website

Color is one of the most powerful advertising, PR, and marketing tools. You can change people's moods, cause certain sensations, and even start trusting with its help. Use blue Zen Cart templates to set a person up for positive thinking and create an atmosphere of peace. Some professions have many clients with a heightened sense of anxiety or in difficult situations. This point is when certain shades come to your aid. Also, this variant is quite stylish. Therefore, it's perfect for promoting a fashion brand and creating a positive image. Buy wonderful layouts from this collection on our marketplace and be satisfied!

Who Needs Blue Zen Cart Templates

Let's list those who need to buy one of the offered products on this page. Among the customers are:

  • All companies that use this CMS require a new appearance. Consider other compatible options with WordPress, Magento, Shopify, or PrestaShop.
  • Businesses wishing to create an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility also need a mockup from the collection above. Among the representatives of such companies are pharmacies, medical facilities, psychologists, banks, insurance companies, nutritional supplements, vitamins, children's accessories, pet stores, and others.
  • Men's goods. Several color schemes are perfect for motorcycle accessories, clothing, shoes, camping, sports, fishing, etc. White, black, green, and purple are combinable with the collection above.

Be sure our layouts are of unsurpassed quality. If you decide to change the color scheme, follow the link to see all the proposals from web developers.

Advantages Of Blue Zen Cart Templates

Cool, stylish, and the most fashionable design is guaranteed to all TemplateMonster buyers. However, it's nice to know that the authors of the goods also took care of other vital things for online business. Among the fantastic features, find the following:

  • Online Store/Shop. Getting all the essential components for trading - is the primary goal. After all, most of our customers are stores that sell goods. That's why the authors added all the functionality, including the order form checkout, multilingualism, and currency selection.
  • Admin Panel. If you receive a new order, you may easily register and track it in an intuitive dashboard.
  • Sliced PSD. Do you know the basics of a graphic editor? There is excellent news. Our marketplace includes products that can be editable in Illustrator, Photoshop, or CorelDraw. It's only necessary to enter this feature in the options and determine in which format the author sends his design.
  • Responsive. Reach all audiences without exception! The feature helps your sections look great on any device, regardless of type and size.
  • Mega Menu. The block is handy. After all, it attracts attention and helps to find important information for the user. Separately, there is an option to upload a picture instead of text.
  • Online chat. Communication with the company assistant helps to establish and stimulate sales.
  • Dropdown Menu. This block is the second most popular variant with its customization options.
  • Multipurpose. Do you have a narrow-profile business? You need a universal design that suits everyone!

You'll see more features if you read the product description. We wish you a pleasant search and a productive purchase!

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Blue Zen Cart Templates FAQ

How to choose blue Zen Cart templates?

Select a suitable appearance first. After all, in ninety percent of cases, people come to TemplateMonster precisely for the new design! The second step is to find the description and read the specifications. You may get a lot of benefits. Find out what exactly! At the end of studying the information, make a decision and order!

How to order a theme?

Perform a few simple actions - add the product to the cart, specify your email in the order form, pay, and receive an e-letter within a few minutes!

How to configure blue Zen Cart templates?

Edit the appearance by following the instructions in the manual. The authors will send you the documentation immediately after purchase. Also, contact our specialists for help via the link and order the service.

How to get a discount on TemplateMonster products?

Just follow the link to our unique section with regular sales. We prepare new items every week. Therefore, periodically update the page in search of excellent graphics and content! We also advise you to consider the option from MonsterONE via the link. This monthly tariff gives unlimited downloading of the assortment.