Business Icons Sets and Vectors to Download - SVG, PNG, AI formats

Business icons are everywhere. Their versatility and eye-catching look make them the ideal element to add to a website or document.

Apart from their visual functionality, icons can serve as an alternative way of communicating. Their peculiarity is to deliver meaning without the necessity for users to read texts. If you add an Instagram logo icon to your website, users will understand that a click on it will redirect them to your Instagram profile.

Icons are more memorable. People remember more about them as they are more impressive than numerous lines or text. Nobody finds walls of text easy to read or enjoyable. In this sense, icons serve as a break. They split the text into smaller parts and make it more exciting to read.

Icons usually come out as vectors. This makes them fully customizable and resizable without limits. In other words, anyhow you edit them, they won't lose their high resolution. Even if you're not an expert, you can use simple online free editors.

However, editing is different than creating. Designing an icon from scratch requires expertise, dedication, and money.

That's why buying ready-made icons or sets is often the best solution for many and both business and individual necessities. As they're easily editable, you can change their colors and design using tools or software.

Business icons at TemplateMonster

At TemplateMonster marketplace, you'll find numerous business icon sets. They're all designed by professional web designers, and you can freely choose the one that best suits your needs.

Despite all the icons you'll find on the website are ready to use, they are also easily customizable and resizable. If you don't find an icon to represent your brand identity, you can modify it using a specific online tool or compatible software (e.g., Adobe Illustrator).

Types of business icon vectors at TemplateMonster

Business icons can be used within the most disparate industries. They can enrich personal documents, such as resumes. Below are listed some of the most typical uses of business icons:

  • employee;
  • office;
  • buildings;
  • business operation;
  • handshake;
  • business suitcase;
  • business departments;
  • money;
  • payment discussion;
  • business strategy;
  • target;
  • career;
  • collaboration;
  • business growth;
  • online support;
  • tasks.

What are business icons used for?

Business icons can be used within the most disparate industries. However, they can enrich personal documents, such as a resume. Below are listed some of the most typical uses of business icons:

  • presentations (e.g. PowerPoint);
  • landing pages;
  • business cards;
  • Instagram highlights covers;
  • social media posts;
  • PDFs;
  • eBooks;
  • flyers;
  • Brochures.

How to edit icons

All the icons you download from TemplateMonster marketplace are editable. Icons can be edited either using an online tool or professional software. According to your level of editing experience, you may want to choose one of the following most common editors:

  • Adobe Illustrator;
  • Photoshop;
  • Iconfinder editor;
  • X-Icon Editor;
  • Iconscout.

Benefits of using business icons

Using business icons can give you several advantages. They can refer either to the user experience or practical point of view.

Below are listed some of the most relevant benefits.

Eye-catching look

Icons capture users' attention more than texts can do. This is why they make the experience more memorable. Plus, you can also use icons as breaks. In other words, you can use them to split walls of text into smaller paragraphs, making them easier and more pleasant to read.

Original design

If you decide to buy ready-made icons designed by experts who have different styles and preferences, you'll take advantage of professional and unique graphic representation. And having original designs means making a difference and distinguishing you or your brand from the others.

Global understanding

As written in the introduction, icons are representations that can visually communicate and describe an idea, concept, or object. As for numbers, also icons are universally understood by users. Thus, adding icons to your website or documents will make them accessible to people from other countries speaking different languages.

Stronger brand identity

Taking advantage of a unique design will reinforce your brand identity. Users will be able to recognize and remember it. Plus, as icons have high resolution, they'll confer professionalism to your brand.

The ones listed above are mostly advantages that benefit and enrich the user experience. However, icons can bring other practical benefits. Let's see some of the most important.

High scalability

Icons are vector-based illustrations. This means they can be reshaped or resized (zoomed in or out) without losing their high-quality looking. This is why, when an action of editing the dimension is required, you should prefer vectors rather than pixel-based (or raster) images, which would instead look blurred.

Lightweight size

You probably already know about the importance of having a fast-loading website, both from a user's and search engine's perspective. Icons are lightweight when embedded into your site; they won't slow down or ruin its performance.


Scalability allows editing icons easily without compromising their transparency. The edit can be related to the color or the overall design, and it may be essential for best fitting the icons to your brand identity or personal document design.

How to choose which icons to use

The choice of what icons to add to your website shouldn't be random. It needs to be a well-thought and studied decision. A poor choice could compromise the results you want to achieve through their use.

The suggestions listed below will help you make the right choice.

Vivid colors

Choose icons with colors that draw attention. This will make them look more appealing, and they'll make the user experience and the interaction with your website or document more memorable.


The icons you choose should be immediately able to visually communicate the message you want to deliver to the user. This is why you should pick icons with a simple design, avoiding intricate and complex styles.

Conformed to your brand identity

Design consistency should be the motto. Choosing a set of icons that don't reflect your brand identity will put in doubt your professionalism. Choose icons that fit your brand, or at least edit them later on and make them conformed.

User Friendly

Icons should be in the right size. Users must be able to click or interact with them if needed. Plus, icons shouldn't be difficult to understand.

Choose the right format

If your purpose is to edit the icons according to your preferences, you need to choose an appropriate format. For example, if you use Adobe Illustrator, then the AI format suits you the most.

How and where to convert icon formats

You can choose among different icon formats. The choice depends on what you're going to use them for. Not all editing programs accept all types of formats. That's why you may need to convert your icons.

What format do business icons have?

Business icons can have different formats. The following are some of the most common:

  • SVG;
  • PNG;
  • JPEG;
  • AI;
  • PSD;
  • EPS;
  • CMX.

How to convert SVG into PNG

Based on your needs, you may want to convert your SVG graphic into a PNG format. To achieve this purpose, you need to use one of the available online tools. The following are some of the most popular:

  • Convertio;
  • AnyConv;
  • SVGtoPNG.

How to convert PNG to ICO

Different online tools can help you convert your icons from a PNG to an ICO format. Some of the most common are:

  • Zamzar;
  • Convertio;
  • ConverICO.

Business Icons FAQ

What are business icons?

Business icons are vector-based graphical representations of actions, ideas, or objects related to the entrepreneurial or work world. Figures of employees, buildings, and money are some common examples.

What are vector graphics?

Vectors are graphics made up of lines, shapes, and curves based upon mathematical formulas. Vector images can be scaled infinitely, opposed to raster images, keeping their high-quality and professional look.

How to insert external icons to your PowerPoint presentation

Currently, it is not possible to add new icons to the Office icon library. However, you can copy and paste or upload them as an object or image.

Can I use a PNG as an icon?

Yes, you can use PNG as an icon. However, when resizing the icon (e.g., making it bigger), a loss in quality or clearness may happen. That's why it is better to choose an SVG format for icons.

Where can I download SVG icons?

Several websites allow you to download SVG icons. Here's a brief list:

  • TemplateMonster;
  • Iconfinder;
  • Flaticon;
  • Iconscout.

Best Business Icon Sets Ideas

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