Analytics Prestashop Modules Essential for E-Commerce Success

Analysis of user behavior on the pages can tell you a lot about the online store and your product. For example, you may find out how popular your necklace or sneakers are even with the help of your wishlist. After all, this indicates that the client is interested in purchasing a specific model. We offer these and other tools for successful business management. Enhance your website's functionality with analytics PrestaShop modules. With its help, you can collect up-to-date data about visitors and potential audiences and conclude the need to update the assortment. Shop at TemplateMonster.

Advantages Of PrestaShop

There are many reasons why this content management system is so popular. First, even though the number of users is much lower than in WordPress or Magento, your CMS is quite functional. It is easy to use; the control panel is quite understandable for a beginner. In addition, the web developer market now offers many additional items to diversify the online store and make it more functional.

However, like any other CMS, it has its features and disadvantages. So let's consider each of them and choose a quick and effective solution:

  • Only suitable for small projects. Yes, the engine is less powerful. It cannot handle tasks and a large assortment of goods. In the event that you decide to use this content management system, plan on a limited number of goods. If you want to download more, delete the old and unnecessary ones. Why offer the visitor something that does not interest him? To understand the client's interest, install the Wishlist module for data analysis.
  • Simple design. For large brands, the appearance may look unprofessional due to its brevity. However, you can fix it very quickly, thanks to ready-made designs. Visit our page and select the style you like.

These two features are simple to correct. But first, you must analyze the situation and buy the right items to improve the site.

Who Needs Analytics PrestaShop Modules

Every owner of an online store will benefit from our products. With their help, you may even change your business strategy and decide which products to offer. However, most buyers are marketers and owners of online stores.

By collecting analytical data over time, you not only add conveniences needed by the client for shopping but also improve service and increase sales.

Also note that, despite its name, the group of items on this page is not only necessary for obtaining specific data. They enhance the functionality of sections. For example, people can create wishlists and, based on them, select a model for a dress or jacket. As a result, the level of satisfaction increases. You get more loyal customers, who eventually return to the site for new purchases.

How To Use Analytics PrestaShop Modules

You will be able to complete everything in two stages:

  • installation,
  • editing.

The first stage consists of the following actions:

  • Download the purchased and emailed item.
  • Next, go to the "Modules and Services" in the administrator panel.
  • Find and click the "Load" button.
  • Select the downloaded archive with a new element on the laptop.
  • You see a message about the successful installation of the software you installed.
  • In the message window about successful installation, click on the "Setup" button.

Please refer to the instructions for further editing. One of the advantages of buying TemplateMonster is a detailed manual with step-by-step actions. There, the web developer explains each step of the editing process in as much detail as possible. Remember that by buying our items, you get many options and settings to adapt the appearance of the newly added block to the site's overall design.

Helpful Video For Website Owners

You'll find a lot more useful tips, reviews, and manuals on how to improve and modernize your site on our YouTube channel.

Analytics Prestashop Modules FAQ

How to choose analytics PrestaShop modules?

You can choose an element you like by looking at the demo. This demonstration will show how the feature looks on the page. Also, in the demo, web developers demonstrate the main strengths and advantages. After all, the preview also acts as a short presentation. Finally, please ensure that the product is compatible with your CMS version.

How do I order analytics PrestaShop modules?

First, select a product and add it to the cart. Following the checkout process, you will need to specify your email address, and you will receive an email with a download link right after the payment.

How do I download analytics PrestaShop modules?

Open the email you received from TemplateMonster and find the download link there. Alternatively, you can log into your TemplateMonster account and download your product there.

Why are your premium products better than free ones?

Firstly, they are easier to use. Secondly, web developers support their software and constantly update it. Thirdly, you receive detailed editing instructions adapted to a specific product. Fourth, there are even visual differences. Finally, the new elements look more stylish and modern.