Racoon - Low Poly 3D Model
Low Poly Racoon606 Faces / 1,192 Triangles eachIncludes the next files in OBJ, FBX, DAE, GLB and BLEND (Native): — — The Base Mesh (546 faces): A quad face based in static pose and mapper...
Kangaroo 3D Model

Kangaroo 3D Model by studioochi

Includes the next files in OBJ, FBX, DAE and 3DS — The Base Mesh: A quad face based in static pose and mapper texture. — The Pack: A pack with 7 poses (Rest Pose + 6 different). — UV Layout:...
Sales: 1
Grizzly Bear 3D Model
Includes the next files in OBJ, FBX, DAE, 3DS and BLEND (Native): — The Base Mesh: A quad face based in static pose and mapper texture. — The Sketchfab Scene: The scene as shown in our...
Black Bug 3D Low Poly Model
Created by : Blender 2019 No Texture No Rig Black Bug 3D Model Modeled with Blender & rendered with Keyshot 8 Good model for your realistic visualisation.You can use in zbrush and blender or other...

5 Best Best 3D Computer Graphics of Animals Objects 2024

Template Name Downloads Price
3D Animated Animals Vol. 3 0 $31
Grizzly Bear 3D Model 0 $13
Kangaroo 3D Model 1 $13
3D Animated Animals Vol. 4 0 $31
Chess Horse Lowpoly 3D model 0 $11

Premium Animals 3D Graphics Collection

Welcome to TemplateMonster's animals 3D graphics library! The collection includes visually stunning and highly realistic imagery that can be used in a variety of projects, such as advertising campaigns, entertainment media, and educational materials. This collection includes the best images of wild beasts like lions, tigers, and bears—oh my! Domestic pets such as cats, dogs, chickens, and others are also welcome.

All of these animal-related designs are artistically rendered with extreme precision and accuracy. As a result, you can bring your visuals to life without sacrificing quality or detail. Want to run a wildlife conservation ad campaign or simply add decorative elements to your page layouts? These high-quality images will instantly captivate viewers when viewed in any form factor available. From print advertisements to interactive web environments. Explore this incredible gallery today!

Why Choose a Pre-Made 3D Pet Design?

The pre-made three-dimensional designs available from TemplateMonster's authors have numerous advantages:

  • These creations are the work of talented artists with extensive experience in various fields.
  • Stunningly accurate images of nature scenes or animal habitats are an exciting way to convey your message.
  • All the designs you could ever want are here, from the most realistic to the most abstract.
  • All products are also extremely affordable, so there is something to suit any budget.
  • Furthermore, all of these images are easily customizable with software such as Blender or Maya.

All of these factors combine to make these pre-made assets an excellent choice for quickly creating visually appealing projects.

Who Will Benefit from Animal Items in 3-D

With professionally designed 3-D models of raccoons, pigs, and horses, your visuals will instantly stand out from those created using traditional methods!

Your stunning digital artwork will look incredible in any setting, from action game scenes to VR and AR. They not only look great, but they also provide easy access because all files are ready to use upon purchase.

So go ahead and get your hands on one today. Take advantage of this one-of-a-kind opportunity now available exclusively at TemplateMonster—even if it's just out of curiosity—and become a part of this amazing world, where anything is possible!

Features of Three-Dimensional Aquatic, Avian, Mammalian, Reptilian, and Insect Species

The marketplace has a wide variety of high-quality graphics depicting mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, and insects in incredible detail. Discover the fascinating features of these realistic 3D images:

  • Low Poly: This option indicates a lower polygon count to create simpler representations. Low-poly textures, in particular, provide virtual scenes with basic detail for mobile gaming.
  • High Poly: This feature is distinguished by greater detail, providing superior quality for close-ups or larger scenes. Intricate details in high-poly creations enhance the realism of rendered images.
  • Animation: This feature allows characters to move and animate in real time, resulting in more realistic visuals. Such animated characters bring storytelling applications and video games to life.
  • Rigging: This option is in charge of creating pre-made characters that are set up for animation control. Rigged models provide the precise animation capabilities required for realistic motion sequences in films, commercials, or online videos.

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Q&As for Animals 3D Graphics

What are the common uses of animals 3D graphics?

They have grown in popularity in recent years, with applications ranging from animation and film production to architecture and game design.

Is there anything extra I get when I buy animals 3D graphics?

When you purchase one of our high-quality templates, you will receive detailed instructions. The documentation includes suggestions for how to best customize colors, textures, and other effects.

Is it simple to create lifelike animals 3D graphics?

Of course! Our collections include ready-made scenes that are ideal for beginners while also giving advanced users plenty of options for customizing high-quality renders.

Why are the prices on the product page and the checkout page different?

Because when you place an order, a handling fee is added to the total. Orders under $10 are charged $1, while orders over $10 are charged $2.