Car Tuning OpenCart Template
Car Parts OpenCart Template was developed following the latest web standards. The page structure is based on static blocks, which allows you to move elements easily e.g. product categories,...
Sales: 173
Support: 4.1/5
Wheels and Tyres OpenCart Template
Every conscientious driver takes good care of his car tyres. Because tyres not only make the car appearance more expensive and the driving more comfortable, but they can save the life of the driver...
Sales: 189
Support: 4.1/5
Wheels & Tyres OpenCart Template
Are you looking for a solid and professional OpenCart template to sell wheels and tyres online? Do you want this template to be beautiful and have a fully-fledged functionality needed for a...
Sales: 25
Support: 4.1/5
Automobile Tires OpenCart Template
Owners of tire stores need an outstanding web image in order to take the lead over their competitors. And the theme you see here can serve as an efficient tool to reach this goal. Due to its...
Sales: 26
Support: 4.1/5
Auto Fixing OpenCart Template
This neat eCommerce car repair shop template may become a great online representation of a car service business. Pay attention to a search box - it is situated at one level with the menu which is...
Sales: 21
Support: 4.1/5
Car Tuning Modern OpenCart Template
This fully responsive Car Tuning Modern OpenCart Theme will help you to create a noticeable website for your car tuning business. This is a simple, fast, and good-looking solution for your future...
Sales: 1
Support: 4.1/5
Car Audio  Video OpenCart Template
Car Sound OpenCart Template is a professionally crafted ready-made design that will help you get your automotive and repair business online quickly and easily. The theme comes loaded with an array...
Sales: 26
Support: 4.1/5

Best Cars OpenCart Themes for Your Online Store

If you want to make money on car sales or car rental, you definitely have to go online these days! This way, more and more people will be able to access your auto catalog and make their choice fast! To set up a solid online business, you'll need a professional-looking website. There is no need to be a programmer to build a nice web page; just use auto OpenCart themes!

There are a perfect solution for online stores, which offers a ready-made script for launching online sales. Immediately after installing the engine, you get a working store with examples of products. All you have to do is add products and descriptions replace the template. The shopping cart does not require any additional configuration unless you want to change the parameters of its work.

Buying a car is one of the most expensive purchases most individuals make next to buying a home. Nowadays, with the high cost of gasoline, the MPG ratings are extremely important, and many shoppers are interested in Hybrid/Electric models to save on gas. A car website must be able to direct customers to vehicle types and brands effortlessly.

Any OpenCart car template from this collection allows customers to carefully consider every minuscule feature. The only thing we cannot provide is the new car smell and the ability to kick the tires. OpenCart car templates give customers the information to make confident decisions. Test drive one of our templates and see how our designs always go the extra mile with style and innovation.

Choose the bestaAutomobiles OpenCart themes and pave the way to your success!

The Features You Get with Automobile & Car Shop OpenCart Themes

Every product has its advantages. Here is what our automotive OpenCart themes offer:

Clean HTML5 and JavaScript

Our code is written by professional authors who have years of experience under their belt. We also rigorously check every product placed on our marketplace. This way, we can be sure that the code in our templates is efficient and error-free. Clean code guarantees fast loading times for your website and easy access for further modifications.


We know how important mobile users are for modern websites. Therefore, we have taken care of mobile optimization for you. All of our themes are ready for viewing from mobile devices. They will scale and change UI according to the user's screen resolution and operating systems.


Search engine optimization is paramount for making a successful webpage. Most of our templates are ready to be optimized for search engines. All back-end forms are prepared for you to fill out. Keep in mind that you still need to write good content to rank high — our templates are not a magical solution but a helpful guide.


Many of our templates utilize the Bootstrap framework. It's a compilation of numerous templates for forms, typography, buttons, etc. You can easily interchange them to personalize your website quickly.


Some templates offer counters utilizing the Ajax system. It allows you to show dynamically updated information, meaning that the displayed info will change according to settings without refreshing the page. It's a small touch that makes the difference for customers.


Retina displays are the latest rage as they can show images in much greater detail with richer colors. Sometimes, great user experience lies in the tiniest details, and having nice-looking photos can be all it takes to sell your product.

Thanks to them, your portal looks nice, shows high quality, and attracts an audience.

Who Can Use Cars OpenCart Themes?

Our templates are usually very flexible and can be used for more than one niche. That being said, they are better for some topics than others. Here is a small list of businesses that can benefit greatly from using our automotive OpenCart themes:

Car dealerships

With these templates, you can showcase your latest models, schedule test drives, sell vehicles online, or even accept pre-orders for future highly-anticipated models.

Vehicle repair services

A car is a rather big investment and tossing it away when it's broken is not an option for most people. Moreover, some people find sentimental value in their cars. You can use your website to show the direst damages that you managed to repair to ensure the customers of your professionalism.

Auto parts

Every car needs spare parts from time to time. Create an online store, set up delivery via popular services, and watch as people do most of the work for you.

Audio systems for cars

Auto enthusiasts love powerful sound systems. The more subwoofers fit in the car — the better. Good thing there are stores like yours that specialize in those things. Set up an online shop, schedule installations with your professionals, or deliver the necessary parts using popular services.

This is not a definitive list. You can use these themes without any modifications for these businesses, but you can also find applications for them if you sell or provide services for motorcycles, tools, etc.

The target audience of OpenCart recommends HTTP — small and medium business owners who want to launch online sales without large financial investments. Since the engine is open-source, many free add-ons are available for it, expanding the basic functionality. If you want to promote a business related to cars — whether selling auto parts auto, providing services for cars, etc. — that OpenCart auto parts theme is made just for you.

eCommerce Website Creation with Automobile & Car Shop OpenCart Templates: Tips and Tricks

Let's proceed with the specific steps that will bring your OpenCart vehicle filter website closer to launch:

  1. First, you should select a product that fully satisfies you in appearance, functionality, as well as in price. 
  2. After you purchase/download the theme, start customizing it. Change the background, images, text, fonts, add vibrant videos, space for a blog, reviews, and portfolio. All of these things are appealing to the consumer and increase their engagement.
  3. Now we can move to host. Choose the right company, find the rate you can afford, and acquire it. Now, your portal content is safely stored and uninterruptedly fed into the network.
  4. It remains to select a domain name. You also look for a provider, decide on a free, suitable name and buy it.

After these tasks, you can launch your website with confidence!

Cars OpenCart Themes FAQ

What hosting should I select for cars OpenCart templates?

Mostly recommended applications for — Bluehost — a reputable, reliable, offering quite powerful, but inexpensive packages, rates for its services. Hostpapa is one of the most outstanding transnational hosts, thanks to which you will not have to worry about your data security, storage reliability.

Are cars OpenCart templates free or premium?

There are different options. The paid product is better than free from the standpoint of additional functionality service. There are regular updates, all available plugins' customization, opportunity to quickly and easily make changes to the project by the requester (e.g., modify color). But freeware is not inferior in quality, although it has fewer advantages.

What should I do if there are problems with cars OpenCart templates?

There are several options: find the solution in the documentation included with each product, search for the answer online, or contact our support team. The latter option is available to those who purchased a premium product, so don't hesitate to reach out — our experts are sure to help you!

Are cars OpenCart templates responsive?

Yes, all the provided solutions are fully adaptive, which means they adjust to different display types while maintaining their attractive appearance.

Best eCommerce Design Trends for Cars OpenCart Store Themes

Want to build a perfect online shop with Automobile & Car Shop OpenCart themes? Watch the video with trendy tips and use them for car dealers, driving schools, washing and repair centers, car selling centers projects. Stay up-to-date with TemplateMonster!