Romantic Memories - Stock Music
- Romantic and sentimental track. Beautiful and graceful melodies will evoke feelings of nostalgia, romance, and affection.- Made for sweet nostalgic moments like wedding montages, dreamy moments,...
Positive Rock Guitar Memories
Mood of vacations and rest near the sea on the beach or pool with friends. Good memories of summer time and careless holidays. Be Happy energetic, upbeat, uplifting, inspirational rock, giving to...
Inspiring Cinematic "Stormbreaker"
Very powerful, inspiring and motivational cinematic piece with hybrid orchestra, deep piano, choir, risers and subs creates a specially atmosphere and sound for your projects. This advanced music...
Dark Ambient Mystic Time Stock Music
This track is a deep dive into a mysterious realm where time intertwines with mysticism. With its cinematic velvet piano, it evokes enchantment and the enigma of time.
New Product
Dramatic Epicness Stock Music
Powerful and Heavy with thunderous drums, driving strings, and inspiring piano part in beginning. Has a very strong “Hollywood” and “larger than life” sound. For film, trailers, and...
Adventure Trailer "Empire of the Sun"
A powerful, inspiring cinematic epic rock with ethnic colors, featuring powerful drums, cinematic strings and brass, solo duduk, solo viola, pads, distorted sunth, risers and wind effects. Music of...
Romantic Music "Ocean Breeze"
A calm, ethereal and hopeful ambient music with soft piano, cinematic legato and staccatto strings, solo flute, solo violin, bells, harp, percussion, gentle pads, sound fx and textures. Perfect fot...
If not for Christmas - Stock Music
It's the most wonderful time of the year. And this song is the perfect fit for it! This royalty free track has an inspirational and at the same time romantic vibe. It features a beautiful melody...
Cinematic Trailer "Ultimate Countdown"
An inspiring, marvelous cinematic trailer with different parts and moods - fantastic ambient and action parts! Includes cinematic piano, plucks, synths, pads, action strings, legato strings,...
Action Sport Extreme Rock
This is Extreme & Actions Rock music with Extremal Sport mood and Action Power. In this Sports Action I used: rock bass, rock guitar, dynamic drums, power melody and other.
Epic Trailer "Glorious Battle"
An inspiring, powerful and atmospheric royalty free epic piece with deep piano, epic drums, cinematic strings and brass, pads and some effects, best for cinema trailers and teasers, youtube videos,...
Discovery Nature "Miracles of Love"
A beautiful and inspiring cinematic track with orchestra, female choir, cinematic piano, epic drums, percussion, cymbals and some fx, ideal for landscapes, love stories, inspirational videos,...

Download the Best Cinematic Stock Music Templates

Making it simpler for filmmakers, content creators, and video producers to generate high-quality film compositions, cinematic stock music has transformed audio and film production. Whether you're aiming for an epic and heroic tone or a suspenseful and tense one, you'll find the appropriate musical accompaniment for your scenario in one of these templates. Above all, pre-made film scoring saves time and money by avoiding the need to hire a composer or spend hours searching for the right soundtrack. As an added bonus, the templates are fully editable. This means users can adapt them to each individual project.

The Advantages of Ready-Made Cinematic Soundtracks

  • High-quality audio production: The quality of these demos is not inferior, and in some cases, it is even higher than that of high-budget projects. This is due to the fact that their authors are not time-limited and can use almost any tool (composers, performers, orchestras, etc.) to create a complete musical image. This guarantees excellent quality and the absence of technical flaws in your final product.
  • Time-saver: By using pre-recorded scoring, producers, directors, and editors quickly access a variety of sound elements, saving valuable time in their post-production workflow.
  • Unification: As a rule, the sound of library works is unified, i.e., it has a commercially proven form and style of presentation for use in a particular production. Examples: tense moments in a thriller, a romantic melody in a melodrama, and an aggressive track in an action movie.
  • Large selection of styles and moods: Royalty-free libraries contain tracks that have a common theme/style/performance as well as variations in performance/arrangement/composition.
  • Affordable pricing options: Prices range from $5 to several hundred dollars per track, depending on where and how it will be used. The type of license also affects the price (see the product page). As a bonus, many soundtracks are included in a subscription service, giving you access to hundreds of alternatives at a low fixed cost.

All in all, when it comes to adding professional-quality soundtracks to your film or trailer productions as fast and easily as possible, these templates are your best bet. Filmmakers and video editors rely on them because they are high-quality, licensed, adaptable, and reasonably priced.

Types of Pre-Recorded Film Tracks

TemplateMonster offers hundreds of high-quality stock music samples to accompany your visual creations. They come in MP3 or/and WAV format and vary in their ability to lend gravitas, pathos, or drama to a given scenario. The most popular forms of cinematographic royalty-free audio and their defining qualities are as follows:

  • Epic. This type is characterized by grand, sweeping sounds and powerful instrumentation. It is suitable for epic battles, heroic moments, or other large-scale events. Epic cinematic stock music typically features a full orchestra, including brass, strings, and percussion, and may also include choir vocals.
  • Dramatic. This form typically creates tension and emotion. It usually accompanies emotional moments, such as a character's realization or a climactic scene. Dramatic cinematic stock music can range from slow and contemplative to fast and intense and feature instruments such as piano, strings, or vocals.
  • Suspenseful. This is the type used to create a sense of unease or tension. It is usually characteristic of horror because it often features eerie sound effects and a slow build-up of tension. Strings, wind instruments, or percussion are used for this purpose.
  • Crime. Cinematic crime stock music adds danger and intrigue to a scene. It is therefore very relevant for crime movies and detective stories. It is characterized by a fast rhythm and intense instruments such as brass and percussion.
  • Light. This type of melody provides a more relaxed or upbeat atmosphere, which is usually characteristic of happy or lighthearted scenes. Light soundtracks may feature bright and cheerful instrumentation, such as an acoustic guitar, piano, or ukulele. They can also include vocals or whistling to create a catchy melody.

Licensing and Terms

Soundtracks are royalty-free and licensed for specific uses. There are four audio licenses available:

  • Standard—allows an audio project for direct playback or synchronization with audio-visual or audio-only works.
  • Broadcast (1 Mln)—permits the same rights, along with broadcasting to an audience of up to 1 million people.
  • Mass Reproduction—allows an endless number of copies of a single audio product to be made, along with synchronization and communication to the public.
  • Top 15 Stock Footages of Natural Scenery: Video

    The combination of engaging imagery and carefully selected musical accompaniment creates a powerful emotional impact. The video features breathtaking footage that TemplateMonster videographers have captured. From luxurious green forests and serene beaches to majestic mountains and vibrant sunsets, you'll find B-rolls that will come alive with your chosen soundtrack. It's time to create a sense of awe and wonder that resonates with viewers!

    Cinematic Stock Music FAQ

    Do cinematic stock music templates include vocals?

    For example, some templates include vocal samples, backing vocals, or lead vocals. Use the sidebar on the left to filter products. Remember to listen to the audio track before downloading!

    How do I choose the right tempo for my cinematic project?

    It depends on the genre of the movie. For example, a minor scale and slow tempo convey sadness. Such a piece of music can be characterized as one that conveys grief and sadness. A major scale and fast tempo usually convey emotions of joy and are characterized by an optimistic and cheerful nature.

    How do I select the best cinematic stock music for my film?

    Consider the tempo, vocals, and instrumentation of the track and ensure that they align with your production tone and pacing. Also, we recommend reading the licensing agreement to ensure you have the appropriate rights.

    Are there any extra fees?

    Orders under $10 are charged a $1 processing fee, while purchases above $10 are charged $2. This warning pops up during checkout.