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Create Computers & Internet Website

Informational technology is one if the most competitive business spheres nowadays. Therefore, if you are running an IT company and need to get a perfect IT company web design, you should make sure it will look both modern and professional.

Unfortunately, even now there are thousands of IT website design example on the web which are way far from the perfection. Such a situation seems to be quite weird because how dare they offer web design and software services to the clients while their own websites are ugly and outdated. To make sure that you won't join the losers' team, we have prepared a collection of the best IT company website design templates with a website builder and some tips on how to build a cool website related to software, communications, IT and computers.

Features of a Professional IT Company Website Design

If you want to create a truly professional IT company website design, there are several things that should be definitely considered.

Homepage Design

Make sure that you have placed the name of your company in the very top place of the page so that your visitors could see and remember it. Also, the homepage is a starting point of any website discovering and you should include the ways to the most important pages of your site for your visitors not to get lost.

Contact Us Page

Even though it is strongly advisable to have your contact details in the heading and footer section of all your website pages, it would be great to make a separate 'Contact us' page with all the details in one place. To guaranty that your client will get in touch, don't limit yourself with a sole contact form. Include your company phone number, email, and your office address with a Google Map, which can be also integrated into your IT company website design.

Products and Services

Never forget that the main aim of your website is to showcase your products and services. Some IT companies completely neglect this part of their websites, and get quite poor conversions. People want to see what they get, and if they need to spend more than 30 seconds on your website in order to find the appropriate product, they will simply leave it without any hesitation. That's why it is wise to include attractive images of your best products or services overview on your homepage and create a separate page for more details.

What Makes MotoCMS IT Website Design Templates so Special

In addition to the features mentioned above, all MotoCMS IT website design templates from this collection have some really cool advantages.

  • Responsive layout to look great on all devices and screens.
  • Lightning-fast loading speed which also greatly helps you to convert mobile visitors.
  • Multiple widgets and social media integration.
  • Easy-to-use website builder with visual editor functionality.
  • Blog functionality.
  • Advanced SEO settings
  • Beautiful galleries and much more.

The coolest thing is that you don't even have to pay until you try and see that the product is a fit for your IT website design. That is due to the fact that all templates are available for a free 14-day trial. Therefore, you can pick any of them and try it free right now.