Best WordPress Dental Themes For Great Success

Are you a college providing dentistry courses? Why not advertise them via a professional website? Maybe you're a dental clinic wanting to provide information about services you offer to your current customers and grow your patient base? We have everything you're looking for to create a website with our professional, quality assured Dental Clinic WordPress Themes. Your template will come packed with styling and features that are totally up-to-date and fully customizable.

WordPress Dental Themes

Fully responsive Dentistry WordPress Templates with cross-browser compatibility ensure that your website can be viewed on any device (from phone to PC), from any browser that your customer chooses. Add to this great features like dropdown menus and back-to-top buttons (increasing the easy navigation and user-friendly nature), and you've got yourself the basics of a great site.

Use the Google Maps feature to help your customers find your location with ease. Take advantage of the gallery feature to show photos of your facilities or even cosmetic dentistry before and after photos. Ensure you benefit from word-of-mouth marketing by allowing people to share your images on their social media networks via our social options widget.

Take full control over your website's look and color scheme, tailoring it to match your existing brand identity or using it to create a new one. For example, suppose you're concerned with ranking first on top search engines. In that case, you'll benefit from the ability to optimize titles and page metadata with your search engine-friendly WordPress website design.

We have considered all your needs. You benefit from access to our free, lifetime support service, available when you need it with all purchases. Choose one of our Dentist WordPress Themes or our wider selection of medical WordPress themes and begin your journey to a great web presence for your business.

Dentist WordPress Dental Themes for Healthcare-related Projects

Consider our WordPress dental clinic theme suitable for any medical projects, including:

  • Diagnosis and rehabilitation centers;
  • Nursery services;
  • Massages and cosmetic procedures.
  • Plastic surgery.
  • Medical treatments.
  • Dentistry;
  • Pharmacology;
  • Health insurance, etc.

Key Features of Dental WordPress Themes

Once you decide to become a member of our community, you can enjoy multiple functionalities. To name but a few:

  • Power Page Builder. With the help of this feature, you can update pages and posts without any special coding knowledge.
  • Method of Drag and Drop. Select a required element and locate it in the place you need.
  • SEO algorithms enhance your project's visibility in search engine results, including popular Google. Get the top search engine rankings with our optimized web assets.
  • Thanks to the social network integration, you can advertise your clinic via Facebook, Instagram, and other famous social networks.
  • Add Background video. With a video showing in the background, your platform will look more professional.
  • Effect of Ajax. It allows web pages to be refreshed asynchronously by assigning data to a web server.
  • Add the Online chat. Let your clients interact with your c colleagues or other customers in a live chat.
  • Mobile-Friendliness. More and more people shop, study and communicate using their portable devices. That is why the number of these device users is firmly growing. Products we suggest you pay attention to are designed to be easily operated with minimal actions like resizing. Mobile-friendly design assures a pleasant experience for mobile users. It results in sales increase and bigger revenue.
  • The lazy load effect delays the image that is not needed for a moment. It emerges next when the guest scrolls down.
  • The MegaMenu feature. It is an expandable menu where various alternatives are displayed in a two-dimensional dropdown mode.

Additional Features To Pay Attention To

Digital assets we present on the TemplateMonster marketplace have so much to offer. Other handy features include:

  • With the help of the right to left language support, you can easily localize your project for native speakers. It is because visitors to your website can read about your services in their mother tongue.
  • Add a forum. On forums, customers can discuss issues that interest them and get solutions from your representatives or other enrolled patients,
  • Benefit the Quickstart Package, which includes all the essential elements, like modules and other configurations. This way, you don't have to modify or configure the theme manually.
  • Blog integration. With a regularly updated blog, you can inform shoppers about successfully performed or future projects and other important announcements.
  • Google Maps integration. Let your consumers find the company's location using a popular service of Google Maps. Integrate it into your platform today since most users regularly review companies' addresses or other people's feedback before buying a service.

Why SEO is a Must When Choosing Dental WordPress Themes?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of optimizing websites for search engines, or a set of techniques aimed at organically increasing your site's traffic, as well as improving the quality of the platform itself. SEO does not consist of building an internet site tailored to search engines but primarily to please users and their needs. People on search engines look for information or answers to questions that interest them. On the other hand, anyone who has a website wants it to be visited. SEO connects the two. Your website must have relevant, detailed, and useful content to be shown in the search engine. It will increase the page traffic and then the popularity or relevance on search engines.

Lastly, it is important to know that SEO is not a one-time process, and once you do it, you are at peace. The most famous search engine, Google, is constantly updating its SEO guidelines. For example, it has recently been decided that non-responsive pages will be "punished" by a worse position on the search engine. So anyone who wants to stay on the first page of a search engine has to download our fully responsive and SEO-optimized web assets.

Why is Mobile-Friendly Layout Essential For Your Business?

Years ago, when smartphones appeared, it was typical to enter websites that were not customized. And even the user, assuming that the problem exists (because it was quite common), could try to navigate (with frustration) if the content interested him. Today it is not. The first thing the user will do from his mobile device is to enter. Then, if the network is poorly structured, he will leave it because there are many other well-enabled ones.

With our mobile-friendly themes, you will reach a larger audience, improving your positioning and visitor traffic. Besides, the loading speed will be super fast. Remember, users, are impatient. If there is a failure to load the website, the first impression is that something is wrong. Usually, all websites are harder to load quickly. And why is loading speed so important? Because it has been proven that 53% of users leave the network if after 3 seconds it has not yet loaded. Let's not even talk about sites that take 6 or even 8 seconds, where most traffic is practically lost. Retain every single visitor with our premium-quality assets.

Importance of a Responsive Layout for WordPress Dentist Theme

The key is in a quality user experience. Our responsive items result:

  • Quick page opening.
  • Customizing the page to the screen of the device used.
  • High visibility.
  • Easy navigation, etc.

All of these advantages perhaps will turn your visitors into loyal customers.

Moreover, a responsive website is easy to manage because you won't have two different sites, including mobile or computers. No need to use various sites and advertise separately for each. It will be easier for you to track and manage your marketing campaign, analyze the results, and make sure your customers are satisfied. Using one version of the website compatible with all devices, you will save time and money and follow the technology industry trends.

Regardless of which device the user uses for the search, computer, tablet, or smartphone, one remains the same. All users want an uninterrupted internet surfing experience. Through responsive web design assets we present, you offer that experience to them on your site.

Free VS Premium-Quality WordPress Clinic Dental Theme

There are many free products you can easily find on the web. But usually, they lack originality and quality. Most often, they don't have proper licensing either. Without any technical assistance available, you end up looking for another free product. It results in a waste of time and effort. Why risk? Consider our items. They have all you need, including:

  1. official licensing;
  2. they are well tested;
  3. coming with top-quality;
  4. have many customization alternatives;
  5. are regularly updated;
  6. include expert tech support, etc.

How To Attract More Customers With the Help of Dental WordPress Themes?

It is important to keep in mind that nowadays, one of the most progressive and effective ways to attract customers is advertising on the Internet. It is often less costly compared to physical advertising. A properly customized theme will perfectly draw attention to your products or services and allow you to find new customers. The site should contain all the main information about the company's services and goods, working hours, and other essential elements. Other ways to improve your online resource include:

  • Design. The first thing that people pay attention to is the design of the site. Everything must be taken into account. Font size, how easy it is to read, font color, and background on which the text is placed. After all, if you choose the wrong colors, your eyes get tired quickly. Who wants to stay on such a site for a long time?
  • Pay attention to usability. Having a site is useless if regular users will not be able to use the functions of your site (place orders, write comments, etc.) Ask a relative or friend to try to do an action on your site. If they have difficulty working with it, you need to improve its usability.
  • Make it useful. If you want your platform to draw new customers, make sure that it contains useful information for users. If users will recommend your company to their friends, then your popularity is not far off.

Other Important Things to Consider

There are many pieces of advice we can give you. If you follow them, you will succeed. Other tips include:

  • Keep the site up to date. Update the site as often as possible, check for broken links, remove outdated news and offers. When a user comes to your platform and sees that you still have the same information, they will be disappointed. But when the data is updated regularly, and there is always something new that you can read, listen to, or watch, people will come to you again and again.
  • Add a blog. You should not ignore the latest news in your niche just because you are a retailer. Inform your users about the latest news or start a blog for updates.
  • Manage your reputation by responding to comments from your users/customers. Use criticism to make the site better.
  • Be original and interesting. Sometimes a site may not fully comply with SEO principles and be popular. The reason - the site is interesting. Interesting, original content is one of the best ways to bring in new clients.
  • Images. High-quality images will make your website more attractive. Use them on each page. Show photos of the people you work with. Pictures that replace each other are great for keeping your website fresh and interesting. Nowadays, almost everyone can take great photos without any special tools - just thanks to a smartphone. It's inexpensive and easy. Do it today, and you will increase your chances of having more visitors.

Functionalities Boost with WordPress Plugins

Any WordPress beginner may have a natural question - why not include multiple functions in the theme from the start avoiding the need to install and configure additional modules? Yes, it might be more convenient in terms of time spent searching and installing it. But in many other ways, it would lead to completely unacceptable results. After all, with the help of a plugin, the platform gets only the necessary functions for the user.

In addition, the ability to supplement the program with easy-to-connect and disconnect plugins allows you to improve its performance. And suppose you are not satisfied with the work of any function (or it does not exist at all). In that case, you can eliminate the shortcoming without contacting the manufacturer of the theme. Consider some of our best selling plugins designed for WordPress:

Responsive Dental Clinic Theme Video Tutorial

BeClinic is a responsive medical WordPress theme with a clean design and advanced functionality

Dentistry WordPress Themes FAQ

How to handle Dentistry WordPress theme customization?

There are multiple ways to customize WordPress themes. To the biggest degree, this depends on the functionality that any specific theme stores under the hood. If your theme includes a drag-and-drop builder, then go ahead and customize it in the visual mode. If you follow the traditional scenario, open your WordPress dashboard and navigate Appearance > Themes > Customize.

Why should I update my Stomatologist WordPress theme?

The top reason to update your WordPress site is secure. WordPress updates are essential to secure your website and plugins to avoid unwanted attacks.

Where can I buy Dental Office WordPress themes?

TemplateMonster offers numerous WordPress themes for all micro-niches, letting you choose from 2000+ ready-made solutions for multiple purposes.

What are premium Odontology WordPress themes?

Premium WordPress themes are fully-fledged web designs that feature sets of customization options included in the themes' download packs.

Can you combine Dentistry Services WordPress themes?

Combining the entire WordPress themes or some of their elements is one of the major characteristics of Monstroid2. The theme contains a Magic Button, which provides you with access to all modules, widgets, pages, layout elements, and skins found in all child themes from the pack.

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