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Top Features of the Best WordPress themes

We are sure that you are able to find templates for any kind of business if you go with our bestsellers. All of them are professional, modern, fresh, and attractive. The look of your future website surprises your visitors, and the functionality is a big advantage. Here is a listing of the top features of the best WordPress themes:

  1. Responsive design. It's important to give the clients the possibility to see your website from any device. They are able to use laptops, mobile phones, tablets, computers, and the look will be adjusted to the screen resolution.
  2. Cross-browser. It means the property of the website to display and function identically in all commonly used browsers. You get the absence of incorrect work, layout errors, and the ability to display material with the same degree of readability.
  3. Page builder. Ensure that we have any kind of visual editor. They are Elementor Builder, WP Page Bakery, Gutenberg, Visual Composer, MotoPress Editor, KingComposer, Breeze Builder, Cherry Framework 3, 4, 5. All of them have different features, but they make your work with the theme easier and faster.
  4. User-friendly. We don't do complicated designs that lead to problems with navigation. Your visitors can quickly check all the information that they are interested in. Please, check the Live Demo of the chosen designs to convince oneself that it's easy to find what you are looking for.
  5. Fully editable. The best WordPress themes are changeable. It means that it is possible to edit every section and part of the design. They are text, images, colors, logo, header, footers, and other blocks.
  6. Multipurpose. Lots of bestsellers have many skins inside. For example, Monstroid2 is a multipurpose one with more than 300 pre-designed pages. You get the possibility to use all of them for your project.

What do you receive along with the top WordPress themes?

There are some important things that you should know before purchasing the product. Please, check this listing of the features that you get when you buy the best WordPress themes:

  • Design. Ensure that you receive the same look as in the demo. We provide all the sections, text, colors that you see in the live demo. You need to check the description if the images are included.
  • Functionality. If you see Booking, Log in and User Registration Forms, Contact or Search Forms, NewsLetter Subscription, Audio or Video Players, Multi-Language Support, you receive all of these features. You don't need to pay the extra fee; they are included in the price. If you require any additional functionality we have a developers team that can integrate and configure plugins.
  • Technical Support. We provide 24/5 assistance for the best WordPress themes. Live chat is working 24/7. You are able to join it anytime, and our support agents will assist you with any questions that you have. It's also possible to create a ticket and receive assistance via email.
  • Extended features. If you feel that the offered functionality doesn't meet your needs, you may use WordPress plugins to extend it. It's feasible to add Multi-Vendor functionality, plugins for SEO, Multi-Language pack, Paid Membership, modules for Protection, Speed Booster plugin, and more.
  • Pre-sales assistance. If you have any doubts or misunderstandings, please, join the live chat. Our pre-sales agents assist you with any questions to clarify things for you. They find the product to meet your needs, give more detailed information about its features, and offer recommended services to launch the website.
  • One-time fee. Template price is a one-time fee, with all taxes included. We provide lifetime usage licenses. There are no usage time limitations or additional charges. You are permitted to use it as long as you need.

How can you filter the best WordPress themes?

We have more than 2 500 of the most popular items. We understand that it might be difficult to find the needed one, so we have created filters. Here are some tips on how to use them correctly:

  1. Topics. We have such topics as Business and Services, Fashion and Beauty, Sports, Outdoors and Travels, Design and Photography, Cars and Motorcycles, Medical, Food and Restaurant, Education and Books, and more. Please, select one of them to narrow your search.
  2. Tags. Here are the most used tags: business, services, company, responsive, agency, portfolio, gallery, premium, design. You may use this filter to find the template faster.
  3. WordPress Builder. For example, if you prefer to work with Elementor, you may select it from the list, and you will see only the examples that are built with Elementor.
  4. Color. It's useful to apply this filter if you have a ready logo or color/style preferences. If you are interested in a light style with white or yellow colors, you may filter it.
  5. Rating. You see that there is a certain number of stars next to each item. It means that people that already purchased the item have rated it and commented. If you trust other people's opinions, this filter becomes useful for you.
  6. Price. We don't have one price for all the templates. There are cheaper items or more expensive ones. The price depends on many factors: functionality, author, design, page builder, etc. If you don't want to spend a lot of money, it's possible to set a price limit.
  7. Last time updated. In some cases, it is important to have a fresh and updated theme to be sure that it works properly. You can filter it by Last Week, Last Month, or Last Year.

What is the editing process of the most popular WordPress themes?

First of all, you need to have hosting to make your website alive. Please, check Recommended Hosting by our company. We have tested all the best WordPress themes with the offered hosting providers, and we guarantee proper work. With Bluehost, you get a 63% discount for a three years plan, free domain name or domain name redirection (if you already have one), 24/7 technical support, unlimited storage, backups, email accounts, high-speed results, and more. You are able to go with your own hosting provider, but every template has its requirements. Please, check them in the details to be sure that they work well.

The next step is installing to hosting. Be sure that we give all the tutorials and documentation on installing it.

When everything is done with hosting, you start editing. You receive a WordPress admin panel to work with. It's the most popular platform, which is known for easy editing. If you start your business, it's the best recommendation for you. Further changes process depends on the page builder. Please, check a short video on how Elementor works.

At the next stage, it's essential to attract more clients. SEO Optimization is the best way to do that. It is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of traffic by increasing the visibility or a web page to users of a web search engine. You can also add some marketing tools to have more visitors.

Please, check more services that may boost your website. They are Protection from Spammers and Hackers, Logo Design, Social Media Brand Building, Email Campaign Design, and more.

Which kind of support do we provide?

The first kind of support that you obtain is pre-sales assistance. You see, we have a live chat with professionals. We provide fast and understandable help for every client. You may join a chat anytime because we work 24/7. Pre-sales agents will assist you with any questions related to the products that we provide. They find the right template for you, explain how it works and what you need, and present additional services to launch a website for you.

The next one is billing. You pay for the product but don't get it because it won't be confirmed yet. It's a standard process. In this case, our billing agents send you instructions on how to confirm your personality in a fast way.

And the most important is after-purchase support. Every premium template comes with free technical assistance that you can receive at any time. Just join the chat or leave a ticket, and our specialists will contact you.

One more kind of help is paid services. If you meet any issues with installation, plugins configuration, or adding your content, don't worry. We have a big team of developers that are always ready to offer services for editing.

Free vs Premium Most Popular WordPress Themes

There are some differences between free and premium templates. Obviously, when you start your business, you find ways on how to economize your money. Free themes would be a good option for you. Please, check all the features of paid and free items:

  1. Premium items have better functionality. They often include different plugins such as booking, contact form, registration and login, Membership, charity, and more. Free templates are just designs, and you need to pay more money in the future to extend functionality. It means that gratis products are good to use if you require just an informative website.
  2. Free templates don't have such variety as Premium ones. We give more than 2 500 premium products with different categories. They differ in colors, designs, features, styles, builders, and so on. There are only about 60 gratis designs, and we are not sure that you will find the one that you are looking for.
  3. One more difference is technical support. As you know, we provide professional assistance for nothing for every paid template. If you go with a free one, you will need to pay for support from our team.
  4. We provide a guarantee and money back for the purchased items. You can be sure that you obtain a good quality product and our team takes responsibility for its work. Unfortunately, we are not able to guarantee that for free items.

It’s good to go with Free products if you are new in a business. It would be a good option to test how it works and be more confident in the future.

For 1 Site License vs For 5 Site License

With 1 Site License, you or your client can use an item on one site as a final product. You obtain the possibility to install the template to one domain name. If you want to transfer it to another one, it's also feasible. For example, you install the product to a temporary domain, edit everything, and transfer it to the main domain after it's done. Note that it's forbidden to resell the most popular WordPress themes as they are. You might change the theme, add new content and sell it as a ready project.

For 5 Site License means that you might use the item for five websites. The theme can be installed on five different domains for projects belonging to either you or your client. The total price includes the item price and all applicable taxes.

If you go with For 1 Site License and you want to get a Developer's one, don't worry. It is possible to upgrade your license for an extra fee. Please, join our live chat, and our specialists will assist you with this question.

There is also one more option if you are interested in creating more than five projects. MonsterONE Membership means you get unlimited access to the best WordPress, HTML, e-Commerce (Shopify, Magento, Prestashop, Opencart), Powerpoint, Plugins. You get access to numerous products with unlimited downloads. There are two options: yearly and lifetime. You pay once and get everything for nothing.

You might also check the Buyout License. It guarantees that you are the last person to buy this template from us. After this kind of purchase, it is permanently removed from our sales directory and is never available to other customers again.

Additional Services for the Best WordPress Themes

Note that we provide good services for creating and improving your project. They start from installation and finish with marking tools. Please, check the often used offers:

  • Installation and SetUp. Installation means installing a product and compatible platform on your hosting server and making sure it runs properly. As a result, within just one business day, since you provide your hosting credentials, you will get a brand new site that is identical to the live demo. You will also receive admin panel access details to log in to the backend and start working with your new site and add your content to it.
  • Classic Website Customization Service. We will replace all images and texts with yours with this service on up to 5 pages and ten posts. Moreover, logo changing, adding a map, contact form activation, and installation are all included. If you don't have ready content at the moment, we can start from installation, basic setup and then add images, content, and all details. You will have your personal tech manager, who contacts you about project details.
  • Must-Have Plugins. They are highly useful and often-requested features to make editing and managing your website easier. Plugins included might optimize your website and improve the performance with SEO, Google Analytics, Advanced editor, Image Optimizer, and more.

Feel free to check the full listing of the services on the Shopping Cart page.

Related Video to the Best WordPress Themes

Please, check this video to see that building a successful project has never been so fast and easy. Go with our bestsellers to improve the performance of your business.

Best WordPress Themes FAQ

Can I resell the best WordPress themes?

It's not possible due to our policy. You may download the most popular theme, edit it and sell it as a ready project to your client.

What is your refund policy?

There are certain cases when you get your money back. The first one is non-delivery of the product. If you meet any issues with mailing you can be sure that the refund policy works for you. The next one is major defects. After payment you receive an item. If you see that it’s not workable or there are a lot of bugs you get your money back. And the last case is an item not as described. You must provide clear evidence proving that the purchased product is not as it is described on the description page.

Who should I contact to get technical support for my best WordPress theme?

Please, join the live chat. You need to enter your name and email. After that, select After-Purchase Help, enter an order ID, and you will be redirected to the technical support agent.

Do you provide any additional services?

Sure, our team can install the template for you, add your content, design a logo, provide SEO optimization, protect you from hackers, and more. Please, check the Service page to find the best option for your needs.

How will I receive the bestselling WordPress template after payment?

You receive an email with a download link. The theme comes in a ZIP format. There will be your order in the "My account section" as well.

Can I change the domain name with 1 Site license?

Yes, you might install the template to a temporary domain. After you are done with all the editing, moving the website to the main domain will be possible.

How can I obtain a discount on the best WordPress theme?

You may leave a review for the purchased item and get a discount. It's also possible to join a live chat. Our pre-sales agents do their best to give you a good price.