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Best Collection of Top Education Website Templates for Your Projects

Get started with these feature-rich education site templates. United with supercharged functionality and classy design, this go-to solution can be the perfect introduction to your institution. Use a learning management system to ensure the best results.

Features and Characteristics of School & Edtech Templates

You can find educational website design templates super interesting with these stunning features:

  1. Mobile-friendliness. All templates in our portfolio are adapted for smartphone users. The full-page is shown on the screen no matter the device. It makes navigation convenient, and a viewer can find the information without additional resizing or scrolling.
  2. Available comments form. A possibility of communication makes the site more attractive from the visitor's point of view.
  3. Newsletter form. Keep your clients up to date with the integrated newsletter form.
  4. Multifold possibilities for customization of the design. Choose the widgets and useful elements to make your site unique.
  5. Compatibility and availability of different plugins. You can effortlessly integrate plugins for the functions you need depending on your project.
  6. Use social media integration. All of our top-quality assets come with this feature. If you are not opting for social media to market your business, you are on the wrong path. There is no more low-cost and popular marketing method on the Internet than Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Take advantage of them right now.

They simplify your working progress and enhance the end product.

Mobile-Friendly and Responsive Education Website Templates

Today's users choose mobile devices for personal and business affairs. If you think about it, it is very convenient always to keep your finger on the pulse: at the workplace, you have access to the network from a stationary computer, but at the same time, any urgent matter can be solved using a mobile device. Besides, the number of mobile users is increasing every year. According to forecasts, by 2022, 70% of the world's population (approximately 6.1 billion people) will be smartphone users. This trend must be taken into account by companies that want to have a powerful online presence. The main task of the business is to provide goods and services with the greatest efficiency and quality for the end consumer. Since the number of mobile users is increasing every year, it is necessary to improve mobile-friendly options. Ultimately, despite the costs, it will be profitable.

With our mobile-friendly and responsive assets, you can provide a great online experience to your customers. How does it work? A page with a responsive layout automatically adjusts to the platform visitor's screen size. It makes the text readable and pages easy to navigate without extra resizing and scrolling. This makes the site convenient to view both on a PC monitor, tablet, and smartphone. Ultimately, mobile sites and sites with responsive layouts are more popular. They consider the requirements and wishes of users, which means they improve the quality of customer service. In return, it makes the company more efficient and prosperous. Download our products today, and see great results tomorrow.

Who Needs to Create School & Edtech Website

Education projects are becoming increasingly popular, especially for distance education. And suppose you are planning to launch an online project related to studying. In that case, our professional education template will be the best way to achieve your goal. They are easy to use, rich in features and options, attractive in their designs, and much more! Our educational templates will suit:

  1. All kinds of educational institutions.
  2. Teachers.
  3. Students.
  4. Parents.

And everyone who is interested in science, studies, and discovery will find it handy for:

  1. Blogs.
  2. Portfolios.
  3. Photo galleries.
  4. Corporate platforms.
  5. Promo sites.
  6. Business card sites.
  7. Information portals.
  8. Online shopping, etc.

Try it today and boost your projects with ease.

How to Attract Customers to Education Website Templates

It's better to integrate these components to create a successful site with thousands of visitors. Whatever the goal of building a website, you want to get visits to your platform. Among the most important ways:

  1. Up-to-date content. If you have good content, visitors will come back. One of the most important points is that the content is constantly renewed and updated. Also, useful content brings more visitors to your platform. It assists you a lot in regard to better optimization.
  2. Add comments tab. Allow the visitors to put their comments on offered products or services. It will help you improve your project. You can also add testimonials where customers can share their personal experiences dealing with your company or organization.
  3. Regular newsletters. Make sure to send out regular mail to your clients with new deals, sales, and promotions. The idea of the newsletter is also to inform them of the latest developments, plans and just remind customers about yourself one more time.
  4. Monitor how visitors use the platform. Knowing how visitors use the site is essential, making it easier for you to target visitor requirements. The best choice is to focus on the statistics regarding the country, keywords, and sites that refer them to your platform.

Overall, we have solid experience in figuring out what attracts visitors to the site. You can get in touch with us and use our premium services to help you take your project to the next level.

How to Create a Successful Education Website

A professionally looking website is essential for modern business. The website attracts new clients, enhances sales, maximizes brand recognition, and brings a business to a new level. We prepared a simple guide that will make your experience in site creation pleasant and smooth.

  1. Create a name. A domain name is the first associated with the site. Visitors will see it in the URL bar, and it's the primary presentation of the project. Think of the short, eye-catching name reflecting the nature of your business. Avoid complicated words, abbreviations, and numbers. Check that the name is unique and not registered before.
  2. Choose a hosting. Depending on the budget, you can find free hosting or use paid-for services on a private server. In most cases, investments in quality hosting will pay off in the future because of a better user experience.
  3. When two previous steps are completed, you can start the site creation. First, you will need a website platform. Many hosting providers offer one-click platform installation, so in most cases, you don't have to worry about it. But the manual installation option should be available too. After a simple platform installation process, install the chosen template and start customization. Our templates are optimized in main parameters, but some recommendations can boost your site efficiency:
  • ensure the possibility of communication: add a contact form or contact information;
  • pay attention to the aesthetic part of the design, don't overcomplicate it;
  • provide quality content;
  • make the intuitive and simple navigation;
  • ensure a quick load of the page.

When the site is ready, test it to make sure that everything works fine. Now your site is ready for publishing!

Why is SEO a Must for Education Website Templates

E-marketing is one of the most important activities for any type of company today. SEO is one of the best methods, which has a huge impact on the growth of companies and the increase of customers. SEO leads to better visibility of online resources in Google or Yandex. The higher a platform's rank in SERS, the more visitors will visit the platform.

Besides, SEO Builds customer's trust and credibility. Top SEO places your site on the first page of search results. This builds trust and credibility, which is what all companies compete for. Good user experience. Almost everyone wants better visibility. Still, few people understand that a comfortable customer's online experience is a huge part of success.


  1. Increase website traffic by further optimizing local SEO. With the increased use of mobile phones, local search has become an essential part of the project's bright future. Local SEO optimizes your digital features in specific areas, so potential clients can find you fast and easily. 
  2. The effect of SEO on revenue. One of the most important advantages of online shopping is that customers research the entire online market before buying and comparing products and services. Search engines rank your business higher if you get many satisfied buyers.
  3. SEO Long-Term Strategy. It may not have a huge impact on your platform from the start.

All the steps taken in this direction will have a huge impact on your project over a relatively long period.

Education Website Templates FAQ

What are educational website templates?

The website template refers to a pre-made web page that can be used for creating a website. Users who work with this template can apply their own text content, images, and other media. Web templates are usually based on HTML or CSS code and allow setting up the site without hiring professional developers.

What makes educational website templates stand out?

When using a website template for building a website, you can choose from hundreds or even thousands of pre-designed site skeletons that can be adjusted to your liking. The other benefits that make web templates win the competition include ease of setup and adjustment.

How to create educational website templates and earn money?

Before creating an educational website, first, determine in what niche you are an expert. From there, you need to think about an approach that will help you stand out among the competitors. In terms of finally entering the market, there are many ways to build up your website. Purchase a domain name and find a reliable hosting provider. Once done, move to set up a website using a ready-made solution, like an HTML website template. Following the instructions and using the built-in customization tools comprising eCommerce page templates, you will be able to establish a fully-fledged website to sell the courses online and make money.

What to choose free or premium education theme WordPress?

There are many disadvantages of using education HTML templates, such as:

  1. A lack of tech assistance. Free templates usually come with little or no support at all.
  2. Limited functionality. The free templates don't offer many alternatives or additional features, such as creating buttons, landing pages, etc.
  3. No legal licensing. The templates are distributed without guarantees and licensing.
  4. Common design. Many websites and blogs use free web products, so your platform won't have an original design. There are also only a few customization possibilities regarding the visuals.

Premium templates are unique in contrast to all of the above. There are many advantages they offer. To name but a few:

  1. Our templates have many customization options, such as the drag'n'drop method, shortcodes, various layouts, unlimited color options, etc. These wide customization choices will enable you to modify your projects as you like.
  2. Premium items also come with regular updates and professional tech support. You get ready-made full of handy features. For example, they are responsive to all devices, have optimized design and a mobile-friendly layout.
  3. Original and unique skins. Expect and get a higher level of quality.

Stand out from the crowd with our professional web assets.

Best Extensions for Your Edtech Website Templates

How much can you make selling educational courses online?

It may bring you different amounts of income since it depends on multiple factors. Some of them include the price of the courses, the size of the niche you are in, and how large the audience you have. Many course creators make $1000-5000 per month, whereas numerous online course teachers can earn $10-50k per month.

Edtech website templates have a range of useful plugins that make them outstanding. Plugins or extensions are handy tools for any web project. By installing one or more plugins on your website, you benefit from new features.

They include:

  • customization of the design of your platform;
  • SEO optimization (creation of an XML sitemap, configuration of content, acceleration of page loading, etc.);
  • improving the overall performance of your website; compressing images added to the media library, etc. 

Plugins can greatly improve your website's performance. That is why we offer you to consider some like:

  1. Mockups Creator. It is a powerful WordPress Plugin that enables you to generate multiple mockups from a custom template and spreadsheet data. The created documents can be sent to your customers using your email account used in your WordPress website. Besides, it has many other benefits. One of them is its versatility.
  2. Appointment Booking WordPress Plugin. This Plugin simplifies booking, whether it's one or multiple persons and locations. You can easily manage your reservations with a straightforward online booking form and an easy-to-use one-page booking Wizard for customers. With this extension, you may:

distribute different obligations to one or several employees;

  • set pricing;
  • combine numerous categorized platforms;
  • sell additional services depending on a location or particular request.
  1. Next Campaign WordPress plugin to solve a multipurpose email campaign problem, we provide you this best Plugin. You can collect the visitors' emails, manage multiple contacts and notify customers of all the updates in your organization or company. Download it today and stop wasting your time and efforts. Here you can find many more WordPress plugins suitable for various projects.

Don't miss your chance by obtaining educational website templates.

Hottest Web Design Trends for Education Website Templates to Use in 2023

Check a helpful video about the most relevant design trends and use them in your education website for the best results. Vivid colors, minimalism, fancy typography are the features that suit any knowledge, new information project.