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Library HTML Website Templates and Themes

A public library doesn't have to be something complicated, with a convoluted structure that only the librarian can understand. Even more, a digital library has to implement a simple system that allows anyone to understand it without too much effort. Our collection of Digital Library Website Templates and Themes comes with the perfect solution: simple designs, visually attractive and easy to browse through.

Digital Library Website Templates

Books have always been associated with a high level of knowledge and wisdom, but the time for dusty shelves and complete silence has passed. Our world is revolving around new technologies and our phones have the capacity to store thousands of books in their internal memory. This is why a digital library makes more sense to us and generations to come. The only problem that remains is allowing people to know about this amazing resource and simplifying the process of accessing it.

The most important feature of a digital library is content organization. Users and visitors must feel comfortable to browse through thousands of digital books, looking for the ones they need. This is why our designs are built around a grid structure, using a system of categories that allows for perfect organization and order.

The browsing experience is enhanced due to the main menu, the primal item that offers users the possibility to navigate easily and naturally through this immense online resource. To ease up the user's burden, all our designs are 100% responsive and support cross-browser compatibility. This allows the site to be accessed from any type of device and web platform without registering any compatibility conflicts.

All our themes are well documented and we also offer 24/7 free support for every purchase.

Browse our wide collection today and choose the best library management website template for your video library!

5 Best Library Website Templates 2019

Template Name Price Sales Collections
Intense Multipurpose Website Template $75 2579 1480
Brave Theme - Multipurpose HTML Website Template $75 227 282
Monstroid2 Multipurpose Website Template $75 516 708
University Responsive Website Template $75 260 236
Library Responsive Website Template $69 20