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Computer Repair Website Builder Templates

Electronics and mobile repair services websites require special attention to the design and website functionality. Nowadays, computer repair websites are more than just a brochure of a company providing such services. It has transformed into a great lead generation machine together with the growing demand for the electronics repair services. That's why, looking for a perfect computer repair website builder you should not only pick the coolest design but think about its technical optimization and advanced features.

That's why here we are showcasing the best computer repair website builder templates which have all the necessary design and marketing featured for a successful business promotion. Pick any of them and read the recommendations below.

How to Build a Professional Computer Repair Website

As far as we have mentioned above, an electronics website design should not only be attractive outside but also create an effective leads-to-sales funnel. Therefore, hereafter we will discuss what you can do to transform it into a truly successful online project.

SEO Optimization

If you want to convert leads into clients you should first think where to get all those leads. The wisest way to do it is to follow the basic rules of website SEO optimization. Discover and pick several highly-demanded keywords related to the services you provide and make sure to use them on your website pages. The most important thing is to use 1 main keyword for one page. For instance, if one of your specials is mobile phones repair, create a special page for it. The title of the page will include the keyword "mobile phones repair in …(your city)". Moreover, if you use that same keyword several times within the text of the page and mention it in the image alts, that can greatly affect your rankings and make Google love your website.

Considering that you are definitely going to implement some SEO, make sure that your computer repair website builder has all the necessary SEO settings, just like MotoCMS does.

Clear Services Overview Page

Some companies create stunning homepages but completely forget about the main reason why people came to their website. Sure thing that people want to know some basic information about your business history and vision. However, you should not go too far with it. Make sure to lead your visitors directly to the services page and provide all the information they might need in one place. That can be:

  • repair time;
  • devices you are working with;
  • The cost of the service you provide.

If that is done properly, it won't take long to get the orders and transform first-time curious visitor into your loyal clients.

Contact Us Page

If you have a pre-sales team and can convince the users to use your services - do that as much as you can. Include live chat with a callback opportunity in your computer repair website builder design, use a contact form and place your phone number together with the corporate email on the most visible parts of your website. Footer and header work great for that goal. Though, your contact information also deserves to be placed on a separate page together with the Google map. Thus, the clients will be able to not just get in touch with you, but also to find the way to your office.

Summing up

We hope that this information was somehow useful and will help you to start creating your website with a computer repair website builder. The last great news we have for you is that you don't have to pay for any of these templates right from the start. Pick yours, try it free for 2 weeks, and pay only if you like the result and the overall process. Hurry up to start your website right now and good like with the clients!