8 Entertainment Virtuemart Templates for Joomla Stores

Launch Your Online Store with Ready-to-Use Virtuemart Templates for Entertainment Agency Websites

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Radio Control VirtueMart Template
This RC toys VirtueMart template is the right choice for entertainment websites. Its full-screen header is flavored with polygons adding a lively touch to the page. Round image shapes are used to display previews of product categories, while tabs divide the inventory into new arrivals, popular items and bestsellers. Each of these blocks has a red background that captures customers' attention instantly. Blog post previews are shown with large images, descriptions and publication dates in red frames. Spiced up with a parallax background, the blog section feels quite dynamic. Furthermore, the template utilizes a lazy load technique to optimize the process of page loading on your site.
Sales: 4
Creepy Masks VirtueMart Template
Design a professional online store fast and easy with the help of this top-quality halloween costumes VirtueMart theme. It was built in accordance with the latest IT requirements and offers a clean and minimal layout that allows visitors to focus on the offered content. A sticky mega menu ensures advanced navigation it offers the webmasters to organize the content into the logical categories. Besides a powerful functionality, the theme offers an attractive and stylish look with a fully responsive design.
Sales: 5
Toys Shop VirtueMart Template
Whether you target moms, dads, young kids or pro gamers, this Toy Store VirtueMart Template will appeal to any audience. Made in clean and minimalist style, the layout draws users' attention to your offerings. Banners were organized in a tile-based structure, which looks creative yet functional. Designed in bold, eye-catching hues, the latter will trigger your site visitors' curiosity and motivate them to click a banner and learn more about your offerings. Featured products were organized in grids. Each item is supplied with short description, pricing details and a badge, which helps with decision-making. Thanks to the cloud zoom feature buyers will be able to take a closer look at each product, whereas the commenting system allows them to share their feedback right on your site. The package was loaded with plenty of other smart tools. Welcome to the technical details section to learn more.
Sales: 6
Party Items VirtueMart Template
What a holiday without festive atmosphere which is made of tiny details like invitation cards, party favors, supplies, home decorations? All these items are to be found in online stores with party products. If you're the owner of the one or the developer of its site, consider this clean design that will make a lot for products promotion. Visitors will enjoy its welldone layout that offers an easy search of products, intuitive navigation, and a pleasant on the eye contemporary look. In your turn, you'll like an easy customization thanks to a wellcoded structure of the theme. Try this welcoming design to uplift the shop sales.
Sales: 2
All-Purpose Inflatables VirtueMart Template
Not only kids are obsessed with inflatables, there are plenty of adults who get extremely excited about seeing them. So, why not give people a chance to feel the childish joy or simply spend more time having fun with their children? This awesome theme would greatly help you with this. Its bright color scheme is the first thing that captures attention. Every minor element of this design from a vivid slider and the catchy banners to a multicolored navigation menu and social media buttons contributes to boosting viewers' mood greatly. Picking this theme, you will let users feel the excitement of browsing through your site, instigating your business, and choosing among a rich variety of inflatables to any taste and budget.
Sales: 10
Spectacular Fireworks VirtueMart Template
This social and SEO friendly VirtueMart template is designed to advertize fireworks, but can also be applied to any online store due to its comfortable shopping options. An Ajax search allows viewing search results once a query is submitted, and there's no need to wait for the page to reload. By means of an Ajax cart, customers can quickly look through the products they've chosen and change their number optionally. In terms of design, the theme looks quite catchy with its harmonious interchange of dark and light content blocks. Prices, call to action buttons, and sale tags are marked with the most motivational color in marketing psychology, i.e. red, while yellow is used to draw attention to new products.
Sales: 4
RC Toys VirtueMart Template
Remote control toys dont only provide hours of fun for kids, but can also develop their dexterity and imagination. Entertaining and educational opportunities of these items make them perfect gifts for any occasion, whether its Christmas or birthday. If you want to advertize remote control toys on your website so that no visitor leaves it without a purchase, dont hesitate to use this theme. Against the background of its palette combining navy and aqua colors, any company will look like a reliable manufacturer of durable products. Itll motivate solicitous parents to make an order specifically on your platform, as theyll believe there are no flaws in mechanisms of the promoted toys to hamper their childrens play. Giving preference to this theme, youll assure adults of the possibility to bring unforgettable pleasure to their kids due to the advertized items.
Sales: 1
Masquerade Mask VirtueMart Template
This template proves that a masquerade mask store can be clean and even minimalist. Such specific design will single you out among other similar online shops. Actually, the designer uses minimum colors and places all masks over a simple, white background. That's why nothing distracts buyers' attention from the beauty of the offered items. Images in the slider are larger than in the content area and work like a hook for users' attention. They are supplied with descriptions, prices and 'Shop now' buttons. If you go down to the bottom of the page, you'll find several custom blocks here. You can post any additional information or links at this space. Choose only the best available on the web and your business will thrive.

5 Best Entertainment Virtuemart Templates for Joomla Stores 2022

Template Name Downloads Price
Party Items VirtueMart Template 2 $139
Toys Shop VirtueMart Template 6 $139
Radio Control VirtueMart Template 4 $139
Creepy Masks VirtueMart Template 5 $139
All-Purpose Inflatables VirtueMart Template 10 $139

Entertainment VirtueMart Templates

If you want to open up an online shop and your business falls under entertainment, you must be aware that a great looking website is one of the prerequisites of success. Since entertainment can cover a lot of diverse niches, each one different from the other, it's hard to find a theme that will click with your business.

We created plenty of Entertainment VirtueMart Templates that will represent your products in the best light and that will make sure your visitors will remember you.

Best Premium Entertainment VirtueMart Templates

Each theme has large beautiful pictures and minimalistic approach. That means the layout is focusing on visuals and highlighting product features. After all, that's why customers came to your website in the first place - and you will not disappoint them. Social share options are on every product page so they can advertise your website further. Describe the items, add reviews if you want, add more pictures in the gallery, just convince your customers the item is what they need.

As far as website functionalities go, and what's underneath the hood - VirtueMart is Joomla based e-commerce solution intended for the ultimate online store running. VirtueMart supports advanced breadcrumbs and Ajax search. Some themes even support parallax, and other premium functionalities, so make sure to browse and preview a live demo in order to find the one that perfectly fits you.

All themes are easy to maintain and you can manage content with just a few clicks. Also they are well documented so you won't have any problems setting them up. But if you do need assistance, we offer 24/7 free support.

The perfect theme is right here, make sure to preview them and choose the right one!