Curvy Fashion VirtueMart Template
There is a general misconception that plus-size women are not attractive and have low self-esteem. It's time to break this stereotype and help ladies who are larger than a size 12 look hot. This...
Sales: 12
Support: 3/5
Egoist VirtueMart Template
The store has no single excess decorative detail, which shows that the products are more important than the layout. Subtle geometrical pattern in the background makes design blocks stand out...
Support: 3/5

5 Best Fashion Store Virtuemart Templates for Joomla Stores 2024

Template Name Downloads Price
Fashion Store VirtueMart Template 6 $145
Fashion Store VirtueMart Template 15 $145
Curvy Fashion VirtueMart Template 12 $145
Fashion Store VirtueMart Template 8 $145
Egoist VirtueMart Template 0 $145

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