Best Collection of Home & Family Landing Page Templates

A landing page is a powerful marketing tool, the purpose of which is to present a product or service and induce the visitor to take a certain action. Due to their laconic, well-thought-out structure, landing pages are ideal for increasing the engagement and concentration of a potential client on the content. Smoothly changing blocks, pop-up windows, highlighted objects, catchy UI elements - all this in combination becomes a powerful "weapon" for achieving serious business goals. Each template from our collection includes all the necessary elements and blocks for your content. They can be removed, edited, or even added as needed. Due to the extreme popularity of landing pages on the web, you can find dozens of video tutorials on how to use the full potential of these types of sites. TemplateMonster offers you complete turnkey solutions combined with 24/7 technical support so that even a beginner can feel confident starting to build a website based on Home & Family landing page templates.

Features You Get with Household Landing Page Templates

  • Responsive layout combined with cross-browser compatibility will ensure a smooth site performance under any conditions. Your web page will look great on PCs, smartphones, and tablets, no matter what browser people use to view your content.
  • Various blocks and UI elements will allow you to realize all your plans for the website and download different types of content. Add images, text, contact forms, product comparisons, or testimonials from satisfied customers, and enjoy your professional-looking website!
  • SEO-friendliness guarantees your website a high ranking in the search engines with the right optimization approach. Master the art of promotion on your own or hire SEO specialists. Each landing page from our collection is an ideal base for further successful promotion.
  • Social media integration is another cool must-have feature for a site with limited content. Now people will be able to quickly find you on other platforms to find out more information about your services or products.
  • Contact forms and online chat are an important part of the page, and the main goal is to attract new customers and build trust with them. Most of our templates have several built-in ways to connect with the audience, and of course, you can always install additional software without much effort.

Who Can Use Home & Family Landing Page Templates

A landing page is the best layout option for an online resource if you want to create a project related to:

  • Sale of goods;
  • Services advertising;
  • A page for application or subscription;
  • Promotion of an event, online course, webinar, lecture, etc.;
  • Ticket selling;
  • Corporate page of a company or organization;
  • Part of a marketing project.

How to Use Household Single Page Website Templates

Using a landing page may seem easy enough compared to a multi-page website because your content space is limited. This means you need less time creating engaging posts, searching for images, and thinking out a strategy. However, this is a misconception. A landing page is a specific type of web resource that requires understanding certain concepts. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of our templates:

  • Use calls to action. The most effective buttons are "download," "buy" or "subscribe," or simply built-in.
  • Add testimonials from customers. A powerful way to influence your audience is to convince them that others are satisfied with the service.
  • Counters are an effective marketing ploy. Demonstrate the amount of time remaining until the end of a sale or the number of items in stock.
  • Present your products in a non-trivial way. Use 3D models, unusual photo sessions, motion graphics, videos, collaborations with bloggers, etc. Everyone is tired of boring monochromatic photos, so this is the best way to stand out.
  • Use comparisons. Before/after photos and comparisons with products and services from your competitors is a great marketing manipulation that is guaranteed to work with most people.

Home & Family Landing Page Templates FAQ

Where can I find more information on interacting with Home & Family landing page templates?

Please check our MonsterPost blog or YouTube channel, where we regularly post new content to tell you more about our products.

Are there any extra costs included in the Home & Family landing page templates purchase?

You may be offered additional services while adding an item to the cart. However, we do not charge any additional funds other than the cost of the theme.

How can I extract files of Home & Family landing page templates?

Each product you download from our site comes in a Zip format. This archive contains all of the files it took to create the template Joomla construction. You'll need to use archive software to extract the files, e.g., open-source one from or license software from

How can I preview the admin panel for Home & Family landing page templates?

We currently do not provide access to control panels of 3rd party software creators. And although in our demo versions you can see only the design itself, you can always use search engines or YouTube to preview the admin panel and see how everything works.

How to Create a Household Landing Page That Converts - Tips by TemplateMonster

Watch a helpful video with the hottest trends & tips for family-supportive landing page creation. Build a converting Home & Family landing page with our guide. It's perfect for home care goods shops, parenting schools one-page websites.