Handmade Jewelry OpenCart Template
Handmade Jewelry OpenCart Template is a ready-made design that is intended not only for jewelry stores but also for fashion, beauty, accessories, wedding, gifts , and many other e-Commerce...
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Jewelry Showcase OpenCart Template
Here is an elegant, thought-out template tailored for stores of jewelry, antiques, beauty items, etc. Its layout is composed of blocks with full-width background images, which can add more interest...
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Best Jewelry OpenCart Themes for Your Online Store

What do people feel when buying an engagement ring? That they hold a symbol of enduring love in their hands. Each jeweler understands this and values the time needed to make this vital choice. Realizing its significant role in their customers’ lives, they try to do their best to present their items in the most favorable light. But what can be better than creating an online platform to give your clients the chance to purchase your goods comfortably and take their time? Are you ready to learn more about them? Then, action! Besides, with professional OpenCart jewelry themes from TemplateMonster, launching a perfect e-store has never been easier.

The Features You Get with Jewelry Design Shop OpenCart Themes

We understand how important it is to focus on every feature. That is why each of our templates uses the latest web technologies to render even the tiniest details perfectly. You will show how a flawless diamond enhances its shine and natural beauty. Beyond that, our interactive photo gallery allows customers to zoom in and out effortlessly. So you can demonstrate all your ornaments in HD quality and recapture your atmosphere. As well, our assets boast a bunch of must-have functionalities:

  • Responsive layout, making your jewelry mockups look excellent on any screen resolution regardless of the device you use for their display;

  • Multipurpose design, with it you can compose numerous projects and customize it according to your needs and preferences;

  • Bootstrap framework, including multiple tools for creating web pages and applications straightforwardly;

  • Ajax effect, the purpose of which is to make sources update asynchronously by assigning specific data to a web server;

  • SEO optimization, allowing your platform to top the Google search results, drive more qualified traffic, and increase conversions;

  • Right to left language support, with which you may take your portal or e-store to a new level and make it international;

  • Mobile adaptation, assuring a pleasant experience for mobile users and helping build credibility with customers and influencers in almost any industry;

  • Blog integration, with which you may inform users about successfully performed projects, plans, developments, and other significant moments.

  • Quickstart package that contains all the must-have components, modules, and other configurations for modifying your asset manually;

  • jQuery, the purpose of which is to simplify the use of JavaScript on your website and bring the necessary functionality to the pages you create;

  • Dropdown menu, which is a great navigation tool displaying various options and alternatives in a two-dimensional dropdown mode;

  • eCommerce module, with which you will turn your portal into a modern e-shop with a high-quality round-the-clock service;

  • Flexible admin panel, contributing to fast and easy navigation and giving you control over even the tiniest details;

  • Retina-ready design, responsible for producing high-resolution images, vivid and bright colors, and the highest quality of graphics;

  • Parallax scrolling technique, in which the site background moves slower than the front plan, allowing your clients to take an active role in their interaction with your platform;

  • Google Maps integration that may direct your customers to your company location and help them to share the reviews on your products and services;

  • Modern technologies like HTML5, Sliced PSD, HTML Plus JS, and far more;

  • Launching a platform for selling goods and services online, you should take care of everything that contributes to its modern feel and look. Showcase your project to the audience and build excitement for it.

Who Can Use Jewelry OpenCart Themes?

The basic set of OpenCart features is enough for both a small online store and a large business, including administration. In the admin panel, you can track orders and customers, manage several online stores at once, generate sales reports, synchronize the site with your Google Analytics account, connect business programs, and backup the entire resource. If the basic set of features is not enough, OpenCart allows you to install all sorts of plugins. They can expand the functionality of the store by adding, for example, online communication with customers, comparison of product characteristics, lists of similar offers, SMS notifications, and much more.

eCommerce Website Creation with Jewelry Design Shop OpenCart Templates: Tips and Tricks

OpenCart is a free system. You can already download it to your computer or install it on hosting, and then start working on the project. However, the creation of the site itself will require some costs. First, you need to find hosting. It is not recommended to save a lot here, since a dubious platform can greatly harm the subsequent promotion of the site in search engines. Nevertheless, the monthly cost of hosting does not exceed $10, which is tolerable even for a limited budget. Registering a domain name will also require investments. But here the prices are more loyal. In this case, it is desirable to pay for the domain several years in advance. Thus, you can increase the authority of the site in the eyes of algorithms, which will give an advantage in search results. You will also have to pay separately for unique themes for website design, as well as for some plugins. Nevertheless, these are optional items of expenditure, so you can do without them to save your budget.

Jewelry OpenCart Themes FAQ

Are there any extra charges for OpenCart jewelry themes besides their shop price?

​Our templates involve no hidden costs. Completing an order, you will not face any other charges required. However, we offer top-quality premium services for our clients. They come at an extra cost and can prove helpful to every user.

Are there any time limits for using an OpenCart jewelry theme?

If you download an asset from us, they will be available for you without any time restrictions. Purchasing a ready-made from our marketplace, you become its owner and can use it for a lifetime period.

What are premium OpenCart jewelry themes?

Premium templates are fully-fledged designs for your terrific online projects. In contrast to OpenCart jewelry themes free download, premium assets come with all the needed licenses and are unique. They include unlimited customization options, 6-month support from experienced specialists, and only top-quality files.

Are OpenCart jewelry themes SEO-optimized?

Yes. Our items come with powerful SEO enhancements. This must-have functionality contributes to increasing your source traffic and attracting new customers. Thus, you may improve the visibility of your website and reach the highest Google rankings.

Best eCommerce Design Trends for Jewelry OpenCart Store Themes

Want to build a perfect online shop with Jewelry Design Shop OpenCart themes? Watch the video with trendy tips and use them for jewelers, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and amulet shops projects. Stay up-to-date with TemplateMonster!