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Best Mobile Content Google Slides Themes & Templates

Looking for a powerful tool for marketing your business? Presentations will help you reach customers with your message easily. They aid in reaching out to customers and getting them interested in your product or service. They also help you create a better brand experience for the customer. To make it easy for anyone to create professional pitches, mobile content Google Slides templates are here to help you.

Such a template provides a professional look and feel to a finished product. You can use it for various purposes, such as marketing materials, sales pitches, or posters.

Who Can Use Mobile Content Google Slides Templates

Smartphones and tablets are a part of our daily lives and store many mobile data types such as ringtones, games, movies, apps, etc. Therefore, these presentation samples are very helpful for:

  • digital markets,
  • mobile app stores,
  • game portals,
  • online libraries,
  • movie platforms,
  • mp3 blogs,
  • any others who sell and distribute online digital information or assets.

These demos have been designed with many features that make it easy for users to make changes when needed. The themes are also compatible with other software programs like PowerPoint, so you can easily view them on different platforms.

How to Create an Outstanding Presentation with Electronic Media Google Slides Themes

Here are some useful tips on ensuring that your keynote is engaging and informative.

  • Use a sample as a starting point.
  • Present data visually, not only textually.
  • Tell a story that includes the audience in the conversation.
  • Think about how your audience will react and what they will take away.
  • Get feedback early and often to find out what works and doesn't.
  • Don't be afraid to ask your audience questions.
  • Remember that it's not about you; it's about them.
  • Start strong, finish strong, and leave people with a good taste in their mouths.

Key Features of Electronic Media Google Slides Themes

Ready-made slideshow samples are a powerful tool to help you deliver your pitch uniquely and creatively in no time. Thus, these demos will save you time, keeping your pitch simple and effective.


  • Animated effects;
  • 16:9 aspect ratio for Full HD and 4K displays;
  • Change the color of the text & background;
  • Editable vectors and shapes;
  • Device mockups;
  • Placeholder-based;
  • Free fonts & vector icons;
  • Customizable layouts;
  • Easy-to-use design tools;
  • Free support for six months.

Your presentation, your way. Whether it's about the latest tech trends or your newest product, get a premium theme to help you get started.

Mobile Content Google Slides Templates FAQ

Do mobile content Google Slides templates come with tutorials or technical support?

With purchase, you are given access to the documentation, which includes step-by-step instructions on how to work with a sample. You are also given access to the ticket system and live chat, allowing you to get help with your tech issues.

How many projects can I create with one digital media presentation theme?

If you are considering creating up to 100 projects on one template, the best option is to buy an extended license. Purchasing a personal license allows you to use a theme only once on one non-commercial project. Meanwhile, the MonsterONE membership (subscription) will enable you to use a sample as many times as you want.

Are there extra fees when buying online content demo slideshows?

There is a handling fee. There is a $2 charge if an order is over $10. If it is under $10, it has a $1 fee.

Do information content presentation samples include images?

Pictures are provided for demo purposes only to show how a potential slideshow looks with images.

Free Trendy Fonts for Mobile Content Google Slides Themes

Check out the newest collection of free fonts for electronic devices and mobile phones stores projects. Make your Electronic Media presentations in Google Slides even more catchy and exctiting!