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2 Best News Portal Magento Themes 2021

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Magazine Store Magento Theme 18 $179
Glossy Magazines Magento Theme 15 $179

News Portal Magento Themes

Do you want to create a news website for international news? Do you want a local news website for your community? How can we help?

We have a range of up to date, beautiful News Portal Magento Themes. Our templates are designed by expert developers and are able to be tailored to your business and personal needs. We have considered the tools you'll need for a great website and have created our magazine Magento themes with your needs in mind.

Premium Magento Themes for News

Your News Magento Template is full of the features you'll require to create a unique website that suits your needs.

Fully responsive and cross-browser compatible, your users will have the same great user experience on any device or browser. You save money and effort by needing only one website. All users go to the same site, enhancing your SEO. The search engine friendly nature of your theme allows you to optimize page metadata and titles and generate sitemaps to help you rank your website at the top of Google.

Your template comes with drop-down menus and back to top buttons ensuring that your finished website is easy to navigate for your users. You have control over the look of your site so that you can change colors to suit your personal preferences.

Great features are not all you get when you buy a theme from us. We provide, free with your purchase, 24/7-lifetime support, so wherever you are, we're open when you need us.

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