3D Illustration of Dentist
3D illustration designs with a dentist theme which is very suitable for those of you who want to create designs related to dentists, dentistry, dentistry, medical, tooth, care and health
Human Eyeball Pack Low-poly 3D model
Human Eyeball Pack 3d model with PBR maps 4 colors: Blue, Brown, High Quality Blue, Illustration Blue Eye Use this model for any purpose. It is suitable for video and static visualization.
Sales: 1
3D Human Skull - Low Poly 3D model
Human Skull is a high quality and Low poly model Realistic detailed and anatomically correct but slightly simplified representation.photo real 3d model that will enhance detail and realism to any...
Mech Fighter 3D Model model Game Ready
Mech Fighter Robot 3D Model this 3D model is ready for your game. This model is a low polygon, which will allow for fast rendering times. This model comes with UVs, textures, and a game-ready file....
Cyber Mosquito Bug Low Poly 3d Model
3D model of Lightning bug- Resolution of textures: 4096x4096- Originally created with 3ds Max 2018 - Textured created with Substance Painter - Unit system is set to centimeter.- Riged and flying...
Spacey - Space 3D Icon Set
Spacey is suitable for the Space and Science niche. Editable and ready to use for your requirements. Make your product or project even more visually appealing by using spacey 3D icons.
Dice X High Poly 3D model
This Blue Dice X dice is a high end, photorealistic 3D model, that is created to help you add the realism to your project.The model is suitable for any visual production - broadcast, high-res film...
Sci-fi Revolver High Poly 3d Model
3D model of High Poly Sci-fi Revolver PBR- High Resolution of textures- Originally created with 3ds Max 2018 - Textured created with Substance Painter - Texture Set: Diffuse, Base Color, IOR,...
Medical Pill Low-poly 3D model
3D Design Medical Pill model is ready to use. You can use the model in all your rendering projects, movie projects or game projects. File formats included: fbx, obj, blend, stl, dae Render quality:...
Sun cream spray Low-poly 3D model
Sun cream spray 3d modeling work. Low Polygon and High Quality Textures. Textures Include Files : Blend/Fbx/Obj/Dae/ Stl Render : Marmoset Toolbag 4 / 1920x1080 Subdivision Ready. Thanks for...
First Aid Cabinet Low-poly 3D model
3D First aid cabinet modelThe model is completely ready for use visualization in any 3d software and game engines (Unreal 4 , Unity3d). Not Uv Mapped, not have textures. The lid can be opened and...
Medicine Bottle Low-poly 3D model
Medicine Bottle 3d model. Game ready low poly asset. 1K and 2K Textures and Materials inside files. Render quality: HD File formats included: fbx-obj-blend-dae-stl It is ready to be used in all...
Compass High Poly 3D Model
Antique Compass 3d modeL with PBR maps 1k , 2K and 4K Textures Include. Use this model for any purpose. It is suitable for video and static visualization.

5 Best Best 3D Computer Graphics of Science Objects 2024

Template Name Downloads Price
Digitally - Device & Work 3D Items 1 $35
Dice X High Poly 3D model 0 $20
Sci-Fi Future Mask 3d Model 0 $99
Spacey - Space 3D Icon Set 0 $35
3D Illustration of Dentist 0 $22

Excellent Science 3D Graphics

Technologies, special equipment, robotics, and technical progress are additional niches that become exciting in designs from this collection. Constant development allows TemplateMonster to open new product categories for early businesses and activities. Today we are happy to present you with a unique selection - science 3D graphics. They are excellent in their way. After all, the technical business area is trendy in the modern world. Learn more about the item's specifics and how to use it correctly from this material. Then, order the best 3D elements on TemplateMonster.

Advantages Of Science 3D Graphics

Three-dimensional pictures people invented a long time ago. Now they are increasingly used to create video materials, including films. However, online game developers and private businesses are far from the entire list of clients.

We note the main product advantages:

  • High quality. This point helps you to show the movie or cartoon's final version on the big screen without losing image quality.
  • A format variety. We expand the customers circle with the help of this method. Web developers have already realized that entirely various businesses often buy their creations. Consequently, movie specialists use different file formats to create a movie or game. So, web developers provide the same object you bought in different versions so buyers can choose.
  • High Poly and Low Poly. Buyers draw unnecessary attention to the characters, placing a detailed object in the background. On the contrary, if you use an incompletely drawn object as the main character, you make it the second part object in the project. Consider this point when choosing goods on the TemplateMonster.
  • Ease of management. You can immediately add a purchased character or equipment to the plot of your game. However, there is an option to edit the appearance. At the same time, you won't need to learn new programs. The editor of three-dimensional pictures you have known for a long time is enough. ZBrush, 3DS Max, SketchUp, Unity, Unreal, Blender, Cinema 4D / C4D, or Maya are suitable options. Read about compatibility in the description.
  • Ready to print. We have selected a collection of goods that buyers can print by the link. Then, with their help, people create voluminous physical models to show them to the potential audience.

Watch the preview and read the description for more detailed and vital information.

How To Choose Science 3D Graphics

First, find out how the finished item looks from all sides. To do this, you must see all the previews from the web developer. Find them on the product page.

Secondly, be sure to determine whether you have the needed format and whether the design is compatible with your editor. This information is necessary. So, read the characteristics.

Third, learn all the designs. Most likely, you need more elements for your project. See the complete list at the link. Then, apply filters to reduce the selection to the most required.

Fourthly, determine whether the required print format is in the layout options. After, find special technical equipment to produce a figure.

Fifth, remember you may change the object's appearance. By slightly editing the design, you achieve ideality and uniqueness. Therefore, searching for a character or object corresponding to too narrow search parameters is unnecessary. After all, you may always correct the details.

Video To Select A Perfect Fonts For The Project

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Science 3D Graphics FAQ

How to get a discount?

TemplateMonster offers a vast assortment of various products at discounts. First, go to the special section and select the current category. Remember, promotional offers are often updated. That's why there are constantly new products at a discount on the market. Also, if you want to buy many elements, please, read about MonsterOne. It allows you to download without limits. Then, discover the prices and conditions by the link.

Who needs science 3D graphics?

Companies creating computer games, films, cartoons, scientific projects, marketers, advertisers, and mass event organizers demand such items.

Is there support for paid science 3D graphics?

Yes, you'll receive a service. The web developer company qualitatively provides it.

How to order a design you like?

You need to choose a license and add items to the basket. Please check the correctness and conditions of Personal and Commercial licenses before ordering. It influences the number of uses and reselling of a finished movie or game. Be sure to enter the correct email to receive your new purchase.