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3 Best WordPress Security Plugins 2023

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Best WordPress Security Plugins

Every year it becomes more and more challenging to keep sites secure due to the development of technology at an unprecedented rate. Hackers are constantly developing their skills and finding new and more sophisticated methods to achieve their goals. Each site must be protected because, in most cases, hacker attacks do not have "specific" goals and look for web resources having certain weaknesses.

Now every brand or company that values its reputation should create only websites that guarantee 100% protection of customer data. In addition to data theft, you should also consider that you can lose your business due to traffic loss, site slowdown, or disappearance from search engine results due to malware initiating your web environment.

However, with the development of the concepts of hacker attacks, methods of preventing, detecting, and disposing of them are also becoming much better. For example, most well-secured web projects actively use web application firewalls, SSL certificates, different scanners, and extensions. Another good way to protect yourself is to choose an inherently safe content management system to power your web pages. WordPress is one of them. Constant platform updates and add-ons that help to upgrade your site are keys to quality protection.

TemplateMonster offers a collection of the best WordPress security plugins that help hundreds of websites provide a high degree of cyber security for themselves and their audience.

What is Security Plugins, and How They Work

A plugin, in general, is a piece of software or code that "extends" the functionality of a website and complements it with new features. They allow you to avoid manual coding and improve your web resources with minimal effort. You can apply add-ons to provide users with a pleasant online surfing experience, enhance site speed and design or secure your data. The purpose of this page is to let you know how web protection extensions work. So, WordPress security plugins can be useful for:

  • Password auditing procedure;
  • Protection against hacking and hacker attacks;
  • Blocking users from certain countries and regions;
  • Scanning for malware;
  • Protecting user accounts with two-factor authentication;
  • Maintaining a secure process for online payments and data storage;
  • Monitoring of traffic and actions taking place on your web resource;
  • Maintaining access to your site;
  • Checking SSL certificates;
  • Spam filtering;
  • Cloud backup;
  • Detection of 404 errors and more.

The principle of working with plugins is quite simple. After installation, you get additional virtual instruments that you can access from the WordPress admin panel. Good extensions have an intuitive menu that does not require the skills of an IT specialist to control the technology. Security plugins for WordPress are a must-have if you want to avoid being hacked, keep your data safe, keep your site's performance correct and give your customers absolute peace of mind.

Making Your WordPress Website Secure

Although WordPress is the most popular content management system, this also means that hackers are taking a lot of interest in the platform. In addition, the more sites have a common foundation, the more universal the hacking methods are. Over 4.3% of sites powered by WordPress have been hacked in 2021, according to statistics (Sucuri). So you definitely need to protect your data with third-party software and non-trivial methods. Here is a step-by-step instruction on protecting your web project from XSS and DoS attacks, phishing, database injections, etc. You should consider these methods before you select a quality WordPress security plugin.

  1. Choose strong passwords for the admin panel, hosting account, database, etc.
  2. Avoid the "admin" name, opting for a unique, more complex plugin.
  3. Protect your data with two-factor authentication.
  4. Limit login attempts. The hosting provider sometimes delivers this feature, but you can replace it with a dedicated plugin.
  5. Choose a reliable hosting company that monitors suspicious activity, protects against the most common attack types, and keeps the overall system reasonably secure from constantly upgrading hacking methods.
  6. It's important to update the CMS version on time because developers are working hard to keep the platform secure. Also, ensure your extensions are compatible with the latest version of WordPress.
  7. Make sure SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is enabled and controls the encryption of the connection between visitors and your web resource.
  8. A web application firewall is vital to block malicious traffic and software.
  9. Make sure your data is backed up. Remember that you can't 100% protect your site from hacking, so make sure you'll be able to restore what's been lost.
  10. Regularly scan the system for vulnerabilities and suspicious activity to prevent various incidents.
  11. Install good WordPress security plugins that automate most of the required steps.

How to Choose the Best Extension to Protect Your Data

As you know, WordPress is the most popular CMS that powers more than 43% of all existing active websites. Obviously, demand creates supply, so the number of add-ons for the system tends to grow infinitely. The marketplace has put together a few tips to help narrow your options for good extensions for data protection and other security-related processes.

Check Hosting Features

Most trusted and credible providers include typical safety features such as the ability to restore data, backup storage, malware scanning, firewalls, and so on in the list of essential characteristics. Decide if the proposed functionality is enough for you, and if not, proceed to the next step.

Imagine Your Perfect Security Environment

Although hosting or CMS can solve some protection issues, you still can't automate some processes. At this stage, you must decide what exactly you need, what tasks your ideal add-on should solve, and so on. It is also vital to understand whether you plan to install an all-in-one package or multiple single-feature WordPress security plugins. In a nutshell, develop a concept for your future security system and learn more about how everything works by reading a couple of articles or watching videos on YouTube.

Define the Plugin Type

Reduce your options by specifying the category of program you need. Several types of add-ons focus on prevention, detection, utilizing issues, and general maintenance and support. The first type helps prevent attacks and generally operates like a firewall. The second type is for regular scanning and punctual detection of viruses, hacking attempts, and other troubles. The third type is a kind of virtual tool for automatic problem-solving. In addition, there are audit tools to monitor traffic and control the processes on the site, users, and the actions of other administrators.

Choosing the Right WordPress Security Plugins

When you've got your requirements and goals figured out, it's time to pick software. Here you should take into account such nuances as:

  • Frequency of updates;
  • Ratings and reviews from customers;
  • Reliability of the marketplace/developers;
  • CMS compatibility;
  • Features included;
  • Developers' support.

You shouldn't neglect website security. This is the reason why you should definitely buy from reliable developers who provide support for their customers, sell only high-quality products and ensure that they meet current market standards. Also, WordPress security plugins, compared to their competitors, show the highest ratings on the market.

Best Security Plugins for WordPress - Specifics

Each add-on has a unique set of characteristics depending on the specifics of its operation. In particular, items from the collection will help you with:

  • Data protection with an auto-generated or custom password. Such a feature allows you to delegate management capabilities and protects you from disclosing certain information. You are also free to exclude certain pages from password protection and apply login to only certain site sections. To find out more, download the premium Smart Protect Plugin.
  • Keeping track of all transactions happening through the site is made easier with the gateway add-on. This provides you with an interface to view general statistics of gateways (for example, by last month, last year, or even a custom date). Besides, the administrator has access to view transaction data by order status (for example, processing, canceled, complete, refunded, etc.). After downloading and installing the Woocommerce Payment Gateways Reporting System, the admin panel interface expands with new menu items that are also customizable).
  • Social WP extension is crucial to make customers' user experience comfortable and help them save time, which is extremely important in the 21st century. Allow clients to create accounts using the data of existing social network pages instead of registering a new profile from scratch. A simple login system requires a username and password from any social network convenient for the user. In particular, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, Linkedin, Github, Yandex, Mailchimp, and more integrations are available. The system is 100% secure. In this way, you can ensure the security of site visitors' passwords and logins.

How to Install and Activate WordPress Security Plugins

After becoming familiar with the admin panel, every platform user should learn how to install an "application" for WordPress. This is an essential skill that will come in handy far beyond security issues. So here are the simple instructions:

  1. First, note that you can install the add-on in two ways. In the first case, you choose the products from the platform library, and in the second case, you upload the files.
  2. So, go to the "Plugins" section in the admin area. Select the "Add New" subcategory. At the top, you can see and click on the "Upload" button.
  3. Select the previously uploaded files from TemplateMonster from your computer and upload them to the system. Then click on "Install now" once the platform has downloaded the files.
  4. After successful installation, you will see a message informing you that feature activation is available. Click on the "Activate" button and start working with the new features!

Premium vs Free Security Plugins for WordPress

Security is not something you can save money on. Good security software doesn't come for free, because sometimes even the most expensive systems are bypassed by hackers. The indicator of the reliability of a company that collects consumer data or stores important information on the network is well-thought-out multi-stage protection that includes the installation of premium WordPress security plugins. Why premium? Let's discuss a few advantages of paid products over free ones:

  1. Paid content developers are more motivated to get quality results since this determines further success and sales rates. So the quality of the code, the number of advanced features, and compliance with current trends directly depend on the price of the final product.
  2. Each premium item is guaranteed. As for the WordPress security plugins from the TemplateMonster library, their prices include 24/7 technical support for six months. This means that you can contact experienced managers via online chat, and they will do their best and make every effort to provide a thorough consultation and solve the problem in the future. The marketplace also returns money if the product does not meet the declared characteristics or has a damaged code, which is extremely rare.

Other Useful Extensions to Improve Your Website

If you feel your site is missing anything or need additional tools to handle all the management processes, remember that WP has extensions for every purpose and need. The marketplace recommends checking out collections that hundreds of customers are already actively using to upgrade their projects' functionality:

  • User Interface Collection - the widest category that allows you to complement pages with exciting dynamic and clickable objects. Packages from the list will help you create a cool mockup, charts, charts, price and team lists, booking interfaces, sliders, countdowns, services showcases, and connect social media.
  • Marketing collection - here you can find solutions for creating affiliate programs and memberships, booking interfaces, live calls and chats, counters and statistics, email campaigns, social login, product/post rating system, and more. Most of the products on the list are great at boosting sales and increasing business profits.
  • The SEO collection is where you'll find additional tools to increase the ranking of your pages in search engine results. It's a great option because SEO is a free promotion method that can keep your site at the top for months or even years until paid advertising stops working as soon as you limit your investment.
  • The development collection is a good list to check out if you want to get an idea of what else could be improved. Here you will find products for different purposes, including eCommerce features, blog post layouts, booking interface, speed optimization, content editor, reCaptcha, and even quickstart packages for building a competitive web resource.

In addition, the marketplace recommends visiting product pages related to translation, navigation, analytics, product management, advertising, and accessibility.

The Beneficial Way to Purchase Best WordPress Security Plugins

In 2019, the marketplace noticed that more and more customers were becoming regulars. Since TemplateMonster appreciates its audience, it did its best to create a great subscription service. MonsterONE is a profitable investment due to the ideal ratio of the package price and the quantity/quality of the features included in it. In particular, by becoming a subscription member, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • You are free to choose between two plans depending on your needs and the purpose of purchasing digital goods. The team created two packages, namely Annual and Lifetime.
  • A low-priced subscription gives you access to unlimited downloads of all website templates, audio/video assets, plugins, eCommerce themes, 3D models, and more. You no longer need to buy each design you are interested in separately because you can download literally as many as you want. This simplifies the selection process and allows you to test numerous options before making a final decision.
  • The MonsterONE library is regularly updated. It is true that not all items are included in the subscription. Over 260,000 items have already been made available to members during the service's existence. Please note that almost all designs, extensions, and graphics are premium, saving you money.
  • The packages also offer 1-year or lifetime technical support, which allows you to quickly get out of difficult situations associated with common problems. You can use advanced support and get high-quality assistance and solutions for more complex requests.

So, a subscription is good for:

  • Developers create end-products for clients who need frequent downloads of ready-made themes, plugins, and assets.
  • Average users who love a wide selection and want to see each design in action.
  • People who manage their finances rationally.

Best Services to Maintain Your Website

In addition to plugins, there is another way to develop and improve your web projects, namely various services. Since the marketplace is committed to its customers being satisfied with the results of their projects, its team has developed many cool services to help you realize bold ideas and enhance technical skills. Here is a small list of the most requested packages that will bring your web project closer to perfection:

  • Installation - a package for those who do not want to waste precious time and want to go to work with content immediately. Useful for those who buy ready-made templates or add-ons.
  • Must-have WordPress plugins are the starting point for all CMS fans. You will be able to install and activate extensions that are sure to be useful and won't be useless. Actually, the Image optimizer, Advanced site editor, Google Analytics, and SEO optimization add-on will not be superfluous and will facilitate many of the processes you are sure to encounter at all stages of project management.
  • SSL Certificate Creation - an important step in making the site more secure is the creation of an SSL certificate. Besides providing first-class encryption, it also makes the site mobile-friendly and allows you to validate your domain easily.
  • Content Writing - Obviously, a good site without quality content is doomed to fail. Marketplace professionals are always ready to help you create cool, relevant content that is niche-focused and meets the requirements of search engine algorithms so that it will provide you with additional organic traffic.
  • Malware remover - Analysts and IT experts help you deal with security issues if something goes wrong. First, they carry out malware cleanup, test performance, improve the overall security rate, and so on. If there are any problems with blocking in browsers and search engines, experts are ready to help with recovery as well.

WordPress Portfolio Website Examples

Did you know that TemplateMonster helps make websites safer and more beautiful? Get inspired by cool ideas from developers with experience in web design by checking out the official marketplace channel. The video at the link shows exciting examples of website portfolios that will turn your audience's head and never leave them indifferent.

WordPress Security Plugins Q&A

Can I install multiple WordPress security plugins on my site?

Yes, in fact, CMS enables the installation of numerous extensions. However, it is crucial to be aware that some of them may have poor compatibility or become antagonistic to each other. Also, by activating too much additional software, you slow down the site. To prevent hackers, the marketplace recommends checking compatibility and connecting must-haves.

Why are WordPress security plugins crucial for a website's smooth operation?

Until you take good security measures, the site can stop at any time due to hacking or data theft. Secondly, in order to increase the site's ranking, and increase the credibility of your brand and the trust of your customers, some aspects of security must be considered.

Can I sell WordPress security plugins via TemplateMonster?

You can join the author community of the marketplace and enjoy the flow of sales thanks to 2 million monthly marketplace visitors. All you need is the ability to create a quality product that meets market standards. To become an author, please read the details on this page and register your first author's account.

Do you provide any other digital products besides WordPress security plugins?

The marketplace library contains products to help you create professional-looking feature-rich websites. You can find collections of ready-made designs for WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, Joomla, PrestaShop, HTML5, and more. In addition, you are free to download graphics, 3D models, audio/video assets, and purchase presentation templates.