24 Zoo Templates and Themes

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Zoo Templates and Themes

Writing about zoo animals and news surrounding these zoos need to be attractive as they are informative.

The design on these Zoo Templates and Themes will definitely work well with all your write-ups and videos about zoo exhibits.

Not all website designs are catered towards animal lovers, but these Zoo Templates and Themes definitely are. Not only were they made with color schemes that will appear to an animal lover, the templates come with lots of high quality stock photos that you can use to enhance the design. Best of all, you can just pick any one of these readymade templates and install them by following the basic instructions.

Apart from the easy to read text with Google fonts, you'll also be able to add your own set of high quality photos and put them up in different types of galleries. Audio and video integration will allow you to post videos of zoo animal activity and lots of other related content. All this content can be managed through the user-friendly Admin Panel, allowing you to update your website's content as you wish.

Crossbrowser compatibility means users can use their favorite browser in going through your website while the overall responsive design will guarantee that everything appears as they should regardless of the platform. Top that with navigation features and users will find browsing through your website a breeze.

Make your zoo news worth looking forward to with these templates!