30 Politics Outline Icon Set
Set of 30 Politics outline icons, Simple and clean design,perfect for websites, mobile apps, books, social media, infographics, flyer, print, banners, posters
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Futuristic Mars Headline and Logo Font
Proudly present new futuristic alphabet - the Mars.That is both clean and minimalist and elegant, yet very versatile. Ideal for contemporary, sci-fi and space designs, you can also apply this on...
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Blue Alpha Wolf Logo Template
Professional,Creative and modern logo represent blue alpha wolf The logo suitable for businesses related to app, website, startup, community, travel, fashion, agency and more- Fully Editable Logo...
Bright Sunshine Beautiful Urban Font Duo
Introducing the "Bright Sunshine" script font. New fashionable handwriting font and super cool with sexy style. And also the Capital letters set with contemporary and sophisticated accents. Bright...
Medical Services Flyer Template
Medical Services Flyer Template has been designed for medical services. It is mainly aimed at doctors, clinics, laboratories, hospitals and medical products.The layout is so versatile that it can...
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Futurism Headline and Logo Font
I am pleased to present you an excellent futuristic font "Futurism" in modern graphic style!The font supports the Latin alphabet and Cyrillic alphabet. It is recommended to use it at long intervals...
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Bubble & Monoline Graffiti Font Bundle
Bubble & Monoline Graffiti Font BundleThis Font Bundle gathers 31 eye catching graffiti-style fonts for you to use in your upcoming projects. With these unique fonts, you will certainly make your...
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Contra - Modern Sans Serif Font
Contra is a modern sans serif font with natural and casual feels. It will be perfectly used for Branding, Logo Design, Lettering, Logotype, Clothing, Poster, magazine, packaging, posters, shopping...
Sales: 2
Download this premium 25 FOOD FLAT OUTLINE PACK Icon Set published on TemplateMonster.✅ Icon files have vector, raster graphics type;✅ The product contains fully editable PNG, SVG, AI, EPS file...
Medical health care clinic logo design
Introducing our remarkable "Medical Health Care Clinic Logo Design," a seamless and versatile logo crafted to suit any company's needs. This abstract emblem embodies the essence of emergency...
Break Love | Classy Retro Font
Break Love Is An Classy Retro Font Inspired By Stylish and Vintage Character. Font Features :- Break Love OTF ( *Open Type* )- Break Love TTF ( *True Type *)- Break Love WOFF ( *Web Font* )*FAQ's...
Sales: 1
Blade Headline and Logo Font
Proudly present this bold geometric font inspired by Blade Runner movie cover. Beautiful, sleek, and cut off top to perfection, feel free to use it on futuristic, sci-fi or neo-noir...
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Dental Clinic Premium Logo Template
Logo design template for dental family business or dental practice doctor. Very simple and flexible on any place. The color is blue , but you can change it, you also can change the brand name,...
Mayfest | Elegant Serif Font Family
Mayfest Is An Elegant Display serif Inspired By Luxury and Elegant Character. Font Features :- Mayfest Regular OTF ( Open Type )- Mayfest Italic TTF ( True Type )- Mayfest Bold TTF ( Open Type )-...
Alro Bauhaus Headline Font
Looking for the perfect rounded font for all your minimalist design concepts? Then grab this font with an elegant bauhaus style.The font includes upper and lowercase letters with clean, rounded...
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House Contractor Or Real Estate Logo
Description :House Contractor Logo , very good for your business, its alvailable for retail,real estate or other business logo template in general. It also can be a logo for your house flipping...
Joyfish | Lovely Serif Font
Joyfish Is An Lovely Serif Font Inspired By Luxury and Feminine Character. Font Features :- Joyfish OTF ( *Open Type* )- Joyfish TTF ( *True Type *)- Joyfish WOFF ( *Web Font* )*FAQ's :*Where are...
Borgeny | Modern Classy Serif Font
Borgeny Is An Modern Classy Serif Font Inspired By Modern Serif TypefaceFont Features :- Borgeny OTF ( Open Type )- Borgeny TTF ( True Type )- Borgeny WOFF ( Web Font )FAQ's :Where are the TTF's?...
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Hexagonal Technology Logo Template
Professional,Creative and modern logo represent technology hexagon.The logo suitable for businesses related to app, website, startup, community, travel, fashion, agency and more- Fully Editable...
Psychology Logo Design Template
Professional template for your company. template in a vector format, fully editable with no loss of quality.Files Included logo Template : — ai cs — eps 10 — cdr 11 — txt Help File (Font...
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Camping shield secure tent logo design
Introducing the ultimate camping shield secure tent logo design, perfect for any camping gear or campsite. The seamless emblem can be used by businesses, or for personal use, as a symbol
Cat Lab Logo Design Template
CAT LAB logo design, modern and simple design with orange fresh and fun gradient color. This logo is suitable for tech or cat scientist, doctor, cat game, and cat apps. Easy to edit and...

CorelDraw Graphics - Download PSD, AI, EPS Designs and Templates

Apart from the package of editing services powered by Adobe Creative, many other programs can let you create high-quality graphics.

And CorelDraw is one of them.

CorelDraw offers a wide range of tools for vector graphics, layouts, photo editing, and typography.

Thus, it helps web and graphics designers create and edit images with a professional result.

However, as it happens when using Adobe, CorelDraw software requests expertise.

This indicates its use can be tricky for inexperienced people, and the results won’t probably meet the expectations.

For this reason, buying ready-made graphics can be the right solution that will allow you to save time and money.

CorelDraw Graphics at TemplateMonster

At TemplateMonster, you can find a wide range of graphics realized using CorelDraw software.

The artworks are related to different categories and topics. For faster research results, you need some other filters like the color, price range, last time update, and rating.

The graphics that you’ll find on the website are made by professional designers and are completely editable.

This implies you can buy and then edit them depending on your preferences or needs.

Advantages of using CorelDraw graphics

CorelDraw graphics are popular because of their benefits.

Especially when used for digital products or introduced into your website, they present numerous advantages.

Let’s see some of the most relevant.

Easily editable

Graphics realized in CorelDraw are highly customizable. This means you can choose to edit them easily. The editing can regard the color, shape, size, text additions, and design.


Vector graphics are known for having a lightweight size; if introduced into your website, they won’t affect its speed and overall performance.

No quality loss

CorelDraw allows creating high-resolution graphics. The quality endures even when and if you decide to reshape or resize the image. You can make it bigger or smaller, ensuring consistency in refinement.

CorelDraw Graphics Ideas

Need inspiration? Watch this video and discover the best Corel Graphics ideas.

CorelDraw Graphics Questions and Answers

What is CorelDraw?

CorelDraw is a program for editing or creating vector graphics.

These graphics consist of different objects, and their style, color, and design can be edited separately.

This software is used primarily for business purposes. Specifically, you can encounter a broad use of it within the marketing and advertising panoramas.

It is utilized a lot for creating business cards, brochures, newsletters, banners, and so on.

What are CorelDraw graphics used for?

CorelDraw graphics can meet different needs. Their use can fit different formats and types of products.

You can either use them for business or personal purposes.

Here’s a list of ideas:

What is the difference between CorelDraw and Photoshop?

The main difference between CorelDraw and Photoshop is that the first one is used to create and edit vector graphics, whereas the second one is mostly used to edit pixel-based images.

So, you may want to prefer one to the other based on your necessities.

For example, if you need to edit or create a logo (which is better to be created as a vector), CorelDraw could be more recommended.

The reason behind this choice is that the logo can be resized or manipulated without losing its original resolution and overall quality. On the opposite, raster images can’t be reshaped without experiencing a loss in quality.

What file formats does CorelDraw support?

CorelDraw allows the import and export of different types of files and formats. Here’s a list of the supported formats:

  • AI;
  • PSD;
  • PDF;
  • JPG;
  • PNG;
  • SVG;
  • DWG;
  • DXF;
  • EPS;
  • TIFF;
  • HEIF.

How to edit CDR files without CorelDraw

If you’ve found a graphic that meets your needs and demand, but it’s a CDR format, and you don’t have CorelDraw, then you can edit it using other available programs.

One of the most common software that allows you to do that is Inkscape. It is a free vector graphics creation and editing program which runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

In the alternative, you can convert the CDR file into another format (e.g., PDF) and then open it using another compatible software.