Corporate Dashboard Templates for Company Website

The modern world requires playing by new rules. If you are an offline company or an online store, you should have a corporate site to meet customers. It is critical to have a place where your visitors learn everything about you: contacts, address, your service or product, etc. Now it is popular to have a business site even for bloggers on social networks or YouTube. In this way, they offer their unique info product or merch. Corporate sites attract the most targeted audience because landing on the site means that your visitor is interested in you for a specific purpose. To determine how popular you are, which product is the most successful, and which segment of visitors is the most active, we suggest using an online monitoring system. For this, TemplateMonster authors have developed corporate dashboard templates.

Corporate Admin Theme Meaning

The admin theme is a specific layout for monitoring key performance indicators that apply to your site. Such technology can display data in real time. It will be helpful to any employee whose work is related to numbers, analytics, and reports. You can forget about manual metrics because you use a tool for the data presented. It shows in graphs, tables, charts, maps, and other interactive elements.

What Can You Do with Corporate Dashboard Templates?

The admin panel can include any information with data that tends to change due to some circumstances. What actions can you take if you use the interface?

  • Organizing. Common feature groups similar information - name, article, type of activity.
  • Aggregation. The initial indicators are the data display (amount, quantity, maximum). For example, how many new visitors are to the site in a certain period?
  • Sorting. It is the process of grouping information according to some principles. For example, you sort by salesperson's last name to find the employee with the most sales.
  • Filtration. It is a process in which certain information is excluded from the visual tool based on a criterion.
  • Calculated column. It is new information that is visualized according to a formula.
  • Best settings. On the screen, you see the maximum and minimum data in the group.

Dashboard Themes vs. Visual Reports

The admin panel displays the performance of your activity that some of your scripts have already calculated, compared, and concluded. The data is automatically presented beautifully in a classic report as opposed to an online admin skin.

Your admin provides continuous and continuous information about the operation and activity of your site. You can access results from any device at any time and view them in beautiful graphs.

It is very common for managers, marketers, and directors to like simple Excel reports. It is possible to synchronize your web dash between programs. But there are more modern solutions that provide impressive results. You do not need to fill in cells, columns, and periods.

As for infographics, of course, they are very similar to dashboard layouts. However, these are different tools. Information graphics only show data visually. But the monitoring technology analyzes, groups, compares, highlights, and combines them. So information graphics can be a panel element. But it does not provide any result by itself.

Corporate Admin Templates from TemplateMonster

The TemplateMonster marketplace offers many options for corporate dashboard templates. All of them are perfect for your company website. You check reports, follow up-to-date performance indicators, and count visitors, sales, and other data. We also double-check that you edit the layouts in any way you want. It is critical to keep the design clean and specify the necessary elements for monitoring. It helps to focus attention on the components that affect the strategy. Choose from a variety of dashboard skins.

Alumnius is a specific skin. Based on PHP Laravel, it not only has a beautiful design, but also full functionality. If you search for a solution that does not need to be configured and converted, then choose this option. It is ideal for an academy, university, institute, technical school, college, school, courses, and kindergarten.

It is a full-fledged panel for the administration and monitoring of the work of educational institutions. You have a profile page with detailed information about you. On the payment page, you specify the necessary attributes, the payment method, and the product user can choose. You also have a blog page and a separate category for creating posts. It is critical for SEO optimization, visitors, and telling them about today's news. Please note that you have an event calendar. It is one of the most critical functions if you provide a training service. Your visitor books a course for a specific day or marks his presence. You do have a registration form and information about the website in general.

Medboard is recommended to everyone who deals with hospitals, dentistry, the Ministry of Health, laboratories, and sales of medicines and medical equipment. The layout combines many pages that are useful for conducting accurate analytics of your site: project management, social media, add an appointment, web analytics, Morris charts, department list, doctor list, schedule list, employee list, vector maps, payment list and others On the top of the front page, you see critical statistical indicators: the number of doctors, nurses, patients, and medical staff of the institution. Below is a marked calendar, as well as appointments and new patients. The layout adds specific graphs and bar charts for checking the indicator's comparative characteristics. On the left side is the main functional panel.

PostMan is a universal design for any messaging functionality. It is clean and straightforward and does not include many unnecessary elements. The panel has a body for messages. On the left, you see sub-members, a small sidebar for a circle, a video circle, your profile, and more. You use a pop-up window to open the calendar, notes, tasks, and more on the right side.

Weeducate Education and E-Learning are other representative monitoring skins for Nurseries, Kindergarten, Playschool, Daycare, Nanny services, Schools, technical schools, colleges, institutes, universities, and other educational institutions. This layout is easy to use. You share messages in the chat or with the help of an electronic scroll. You have tasks and reminders. So you can invite participants. On the main page, you see how many students your institution has, how many courses, and how much income it generates. Below is a block with the best students and a bar chart as your institution's ranking indicator. On the left is a user panel with the main functionality: a list of professors, courses, students, staff, payments, and departments, as well as elements for editing the dashboard.

Vivo is a multi-purpose monitoring panel that you can use for any corporate site. It has many components that you can use and make something unique. The design is modern and clean.

The header contains a search form, a bell with messages, and your profile. Below you always see total sales, products, customers, and Revenue. Then you get to know the interactive animated chart-graph. You hover over an indicator and find out the exact details.

Admira is another multi-purpose skin that has a design for any functionality. You use it for information sites or an online store. It has an undemanding and comprehensible layout with a minimal number of components. So it allows you to focus on the main details. Also, you have blocks with totals, a chart, and a table of users. The right sidebar provides functionality for editing and managing the layout.

Principles and Mistakes of Working with Corporate Dashboard Templates

If you need to create an admin theme fast, you follow the first rules and avoid mistakes.

We recommend following these guidelines to ensure your dashboard is successful and provides reliable and accurate metrics.

  • Leave the main thing on the first page. In this case, you always see it first.
  • Distribute comparative data in graph charts. So it is easy to perceive visually.
  • Keep settings simple.

It is necessary to avoid panel overload. And all indicators were in front of your eyes.

  • To evaluate the data results from a different angle of vision, we suggest setting up the same indicators in different ways: a diagram and a graph.
  • Get rid of unnecessary elements so as not to distract attention from important things.

What mistakes do we encounter with our customers who create a dashboard?

  • Incorrect visualization of indicators.

A pie chart is not suitable for measuring time data.

  • If the metrics or graphs are created incomprehensibly for you or your manager, it is impossible to understand the statistical results correctly.

Who Can Use Corporate Admin Templates from TemplateMonster

The TemplateMonster marketplace offers corporate dashboard templates for various types of activities. We suggest using our filter by topic.

  1. Business & Services skins for your website. So you use them for the service center, agencies, companies, etc. They have the most functionality.
  2. Hospitals, medical care, labs, pharmaceuticals, drug sales, medical equipment, and more medical template audiences. The functionality offers the necessary design for the niche of doctors and pharmacies.
  3. Computers & Internet - if your business life relates to technology, then this is your option. Programmers, technicians, developers, providers, electronics, and IT services stores use such skins.
  4. Design & Photography - if you have creative abilities and work in design, we suggest this topic for you. Such layouts are suitable for graphic designers, artists, galleries, portfolios, or stock photography services.
  5. Education & Books - we suggest our dashboards if you have a site for kindergarten, school, college, university, and courses. They are convenient for students, professors, teachers, and principals.
  6. Society & People - it is critical to keep statistics and have the most recent data if you are dealing with social work. Such skins will be helpful to sociologists, psychologists, ecologists, biologists, and others.
  7. Food & Restaurant - if your business is related to food, then choose this collection. Use the layout for restaurants, cafes, bakeries, delicatessens, supermarkets, etc.

How to Use and Edit Corporate Dashboard Templates

We invite you to use our video tutorials and the TemplateMonster channel. You find out how to install and configure the admin theme at this video.

Corporate Dashboard Templates FAQ

What are corporate dashboard templates?

It is an informative panel for monitoring site performance indicators; you customize it to suit your needs. Modern technology provides an opportunity to receive statistical data most reliably and quickly.

What are the reasons to use corporate dashboard templates?

The dashboard template provides insights into the business's success by helping you identify what works well and what doesn't, showing you the information in a beautifully digestible format. As a result, you can optimize the workflow and make informed decisions about how to grow your business.

How can I use corporate dashboard templates?

You can edit the panel using HTML, CSS, JS, and jQuery. There are also ready-made themes that have a control panel for customization. But you can always convert the skin to CMS.

How can I get the corporate admin template from TemplateMonster?

You need to register with us on the site. Then choose the template that you like the most. Fill in the billing details and make the payment with a convenient method. Get the download link in your account.