Medboard React Js Medical Admin Dashboard Template

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Medboard React Js Medical Admin Dashboard

Medboard, a React JS Medical Dashboard template that is built with everyone in mind. Package Include 45+ React JS5 pages that can help you customize how your Medical Dashboard will look, and you can adjust its design based on your needs. It has a clean, unique, and out of the box design that will make you want to work on your dashboard. With over a 1000 elements and components, not even the sky is the limit with Medboard. With user-friendly features developed to allow admins to easily achieve the design they are looking for, with no previous experience required and all located in an easy-to-find menu.

Medboard React Js Medical Admin Dashboard Pages Info

  • Home (/src/components/pages/Home)
  • Animation (/src/components/pages/Animation)
  • Widgets (/src/components/pages/appointment/Widgets)
  • Add Appointment (/src/components/pages/appointment/Addappointment)
  • Appointment List (/src/components/pages/appointment/Appointmentlist)
  • Chat (/src/components/pages/apps/Chat)
  • Email (/src/components/pages/apps/Email)
  • Todolist (/src/components/pages/apps/Todolist)
  • Add Bed (/src/components/pages/bed-manager/Addbed)
  • Add Bed (/src/components/pages/bed-manager/Bedlist)
  • ChartJS (/src/components/pages/charts/Chartjs)
  • Google Charts (/src/components/pages/charts/Googlecharts)
  • Patient Management (/src/components/pages/dashboard/Clientmanagement)
  • Department Management (/src/components/pages/dashboard/Projectmanagement)
  • Social Media Management (/src/components/pages/dashboard/Socialmedia)
  • Web Analytics (/src/components/pages/dashboard/Webanalytics)
  • Add Department (/src/components/pages/department/Adddepartment)
  • Department List (/src/components/pages/department/Departmentlist)
  • Add Doctor (/src/components/pages/doctor/Adddoctor)
  • Doctor List (/src/components/pages/doctor/Doctorlist)
  • Add Schedule (/src/components/pages/doctor-schedule/Addschedule)
  • Schedule List (/src/components/pages/doctor-schedule/Schedulelist)
  • Form Elements (/src/components/pages/form/Formelements)
  • Form Layouts (/src/components/pages/form/Formlayouts)
  • Form Validation (/src/components/pages/form/Formvalidation)
  • Form Wizard (/src/components/pages/form/Formwizard)
  • Add Employee (/src/components/pages/human-resource/Addemployee)
  • Add Nurse (/src/components/pages/human-resource/Addnurse)
  • Add Pharmacist (/src/components/pages/human-resource/Addpharmacist)
  • Add Representative (/src/components/pages/human-resource/Addrepresentative)
  • Employee List (/src/components/pages/human-resource/Employeelist)
  • Nurse List (/src/components/pages/human-resource/Nurselist)
  • Pharmacist List (/src/components/pages/human-resource/Pharmacistlist)
  • Representative List (/src/components/pages/human-resource/Representativelist)
  • Flaticons (/src/components/pages/icons/Flaticons)
  • Fontawesome (/src/components/pages/icons/Fontawesome)
  • Materialize (/src/components/pages/icons/Materialize)
  • Google Maps (/src/components/pages/maps/Googlemaps)
  • Vector Maps (/src/components/pages/maps/Vectormaps)
  • Add Notice (/src/components/pages/notice/Addnotice)
  • Notice List (/src/components/pages/notice/Noticelist)
  • Add Patient (/src/components/pages/patient/Addpatient)
  • Patient List (/src/components/pages/patient/Patientlist)
  • Add Payment (/src/components/pages/payment/Addpayment)
  • Payment Invoice (/src/components/pages/payment/Paymentinvoice)
  • Payment List (/src/components/pages/payment/Paymentlist)
  • Sweet Alerts (/src/components/pages/popups/Sweetalerts)
  • Toast (/src/components/pages/popups/Toast)
  • Coming Soon (/src/components/pages/prebuilt-pages/Comingsoon)
  • Default Login (/src/components/pages/prebuilt-pages/Defaultlogin)
  • Default Register (/src/components/pages/prebuilt-pages/Defaultregister)
  • Error (/src/components/pages/prebuilt-pages/Error)
  • FAQ's (/src/components/pages/prebuilt-pages/Faq)
  • Invoice (/src/components/pages/prebuilt-pages/Invoice)
  • Lockscreen (/src/components/pages/prebuilt-pages/Lockscreen)
  • Modal Login (/src/components/pages/prebuilt-pages/Modallogin)
  • ModalrRegister (/src/components/pages/prebuilt-pages/Modalregister)
  • Portfolio (/src/components/pages/prebuilt-pages/Portfolio)
  • User Profile (/src/components/pages/prebuilt-pages/Userprofile)
  • Doctor Report (/src/components/pages/reports/Doctorreport)
  • Patient Report (/src/components/pages/reports/Patientreport)
  • Total Report (/src/components/pages/reports/Totalreport)
  • Basic Tables (/src/components/pages/tables/Basictables)
  • Data Tables (/src/components/pages/tables/Datatables)
  • Accordions (/src/components/pages/uibasic/Accordions)
  • Alerts (/src/components/pages/uibasic/Alerts)
  • Badges (/src/components/pages/uibasic/Badges)
  • Breadcrumbs (/src/components/pages/uibasic/Breadcrumbs)
  • Buttons (/src/components/pages/uibasic/Buttons)
  • Cards (/src/components/pages/uibasic/Cards)
  • Pagination (/src/components/pages/uibasic/Pagination)
  • Preloaders (/src/components/pages/uibasic/Preloaders)
  • Progressbars (/src/components/pages/uibasic/Progressbars)
  • Tabs (/src/components/pages/uibasic/Tabs)
  • Typography (/src/components/pages/uibasic/Typography)
  • Cropper (/src/components/pages/uiadvance/Cropper)
  • Draggables (/src/components/pages/uiadvance/Draggables)
  • Modals (/src/components/pages/uiadvance/Modals)
  • Rangeslider (/src/components/pages/uiadvance/Rangeslider)
  • Rating (/src/components/pages/uiadvance/Rating)
  • Sliders (/src/components/pages/uiadvance/Sliders)
  • Tour (/src/components/pages/uiadvance/Tour)

Medboard React Js Medical Admin Dashboard Template Features:

  • Built on React 18.1
  • Attractive Homepage
  • Responsive in Any Device
  • Retina Ready
  • Creative and Beautiful Layout
  • Fast, Lightweight & Powerful
  • Smooth Transition Effects
  • ES6+
  • Clean And Professional Coding
  • Creative and Modern Design
  • Bootstrap (v4.5.3)
  • Simple Client-side Routing (page based)
  • Google Font and Icon Used
  • Integrated With IcoFont and FlatIcon
  • Easily Customizable
  • Well Commented Code
  • Detailed Documentation

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