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Simple modern emblem logo
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Figma Logo Templates from TemplateMonster for Your Business Project

Every modern business has elements of identification. This is necessary to be different from competitors in the same niche. If you have a store, service center, or agency, you consider the name, slogan, brand colors, concept, and logo. Nowadays, it is not enough to have quality goods. Modern marketing demands more for business success. Therefore, you should think over all the details in advance. You can hire designers or turn to stock. The TemplateMonster marketplace has trademark templates wide range you customize to suit your needs.

Figma Logotype Templates Meaning

When an entrepreneur is faced with creating a business from scratch for the first time, he thinks that he can master all the spectrums on his own. He knows that he needs a name and a logo but does not understand the meaning and functions of these components. For some, it's a lovely picture with symbols and letters. It has a deeper meaning. A beginner believes that designing the layout of such a picture is an easy task, so he tries to create it himself. But this is a wrong decision, which we do not recommend to follow. Graphic design theory has many things that professionals understand. Therefore, it is better to choose a ready-made element in TemplateMonster and customize it to make it unique. Or you hire a designer to develop a layout from scratch, but this option is more expensive.

A Figma logo template is a trademark that people associate with your brand. It is not an abstract set of symbols and words or a pretty picture. It reproduces concepts, aesthetics, mood, product, and service.

Figma Software and Its Features

This is an online editor designed to work with any type of graphics. With its help, you develop Figma vector illustrations, presentations, and prototypes of sites and applications. The program is popular among SMM managers, marketers, developers, and designers. You leave comments on the layout online. You do it through the browser version or the program you install on your computer. The software does not require special knowledge, as it has a clear interface that is easy to use.

The program has many features:

  • Labels and grid. To create a layout, you will need the Design section, which is located in the panel on the right. Then you should go to the Layout grid tab. Here you determine which color and size of parts you need. You work with several layouts at once.
  • View prototypes. You preview how your layout will look on different devices. To do this, you should select the Prototype function. In the Device section, choose a necessary gadget with an extension. This service allows you to change the horizontal position to a vertical one. Click Share to view.
  • Work with images. You can take the illustration from any gadget: computer, phone or download it from the Internet. You apply effects, use animation, or change part of the parameters. All functions are available in the free version of the software.
  • Work with components. You operate any element for different projects. Figma has a library for this. You check all the edits in the Assets section.
  • Colors and styles. You give the same characteristics to several objects at once. It's convenient and fast! Also, develop your unique shade.

Reasons to Use Figma Logotype Templates

Branding plays a critical role in the successful formation of your business strategy. It has many tasks and functions, and high-quality software will help you quickly navigate the customization of the illustration.

Following are some of the features we highlight:

  • Actual: This is responsible for the visual communication between the customer and the firm. This is reflected in the appearance of signs, banners, etc.
  • Expressive: it focuses visitors' attention on the purpose and tasks of the organization.
  • Referential: This conveys basic information about the organization, product, and service.
  • Impressive: it affects the emotional component of the consumer. The trademark must remain in memory.
  • Poetic: This affects the artistic perception of the customer.
  • Metalinguistic: This focuses the visitor's attention on the symbolism of the illustration.

Tasks of a product:

  • Association: A small trademark is the first visual factor that affects the user. It plays a critical role in shaping the opinion of your brand. It should evoke the correct association with you.
  • Legal ownership: This is the legal ownership of the company, just like the product. You can complain to the court if someone copied your business component.
  • Customer trust: the presence of a trademark means that you provide guarantees for the quality of your product and have specific formulas you work with.
  • Aesthetics: This element brings together the mood, concept, colors, product, and other indicators of your company.
  • Promotion: You operate this component on the packaging, banners, billboards, gadgets, videos, social media, websites, etc.

Kinds of Figma Logo Templates

A trademark is a symbol of your business. Your customers and competitors identify you by this element. Its development is a complex task, which is better to entrust it to specialists or purchase a ready-made version in the drains, for example, TemplateMonster. You should familiarize yourself with the types of trademarks to determine what design you want to get as a result. Traditionally, seven types are distinguished.

Abbreviations and monograms

This option is suitable for firms with a name consisting of several words or, on the contrary. You combine phrases into an abbreviation or specify the first letter. In this case, you should pay attention to the style of the text component.

The word

If you named the company in one word, then use the chance to remember your name and aesthetics. Such a logo will be successful if you design the font according to the mood of your company, choose unusual and clear shapes, and also use brand colors.


This story will be successful for unique firms in their niche or already have an accumulated audience that is delighted with your concept. There is only one graphic element that symbolizes and hints at your corporation. But this sign may not directly represent your product.


This format is similar to the previous one, but the designer forms it using transparent geometric shapes. Such labels condense the business idea, look, product, and service into one image. Customers can perceive it easily if the forms resemble approximately what you do or evoke the appropriate association.


This is the most enjoyable format of the trademark. You choose a character who will act as a representative of your company. He can be included in an advertising campaign, maintain a page on social networks, make applications for gadgets with his face, etc. This is the most interactive kind of logos and the idea in general.


This option is the most win-win, as you add your company name and an associative image.


This type is perfect for universities, coats of arms, and other public institutions. Vid combines illustration and text into a single whole. The disadvantage of this option is the detail of the components, which can affect the quality during scaling.

How to Create Figma Logo Templates Video

If you have chosen the path of developing a brand, our TemplateMonster team is always happy to help you. We've created a video tutorial with tips on how to design a logo from scratch. So that you do not encounter frequent errors, we recommend that you review this manual. Follow the link and enjoy watching.

Figma Logo Templates FAQ

How to choose logo design in Figma?

When selecting an illustration for your product, service, or concept, opt for a design that is easily identifiable and not overly complicated. A poorly designed trademark can negatively impact a client's initial perception of your company, so don't compromise on quality. It's advisable to choose a logo in vector format as it maintains its quality when scaled for use on packaging, banners, billboards, and other materials. Additionally, personalize the final design to ensure it stands out and reflects your brand's distinctiveness.

How to make a logo in Figma for your project?

  • Register on the website of the design editor and create an empty Frame with parameters of 1440x1024.
  • Define your niche and think about how you will combine the brand concept, product, and aesthetics.
  • Write the name of your company and select the font.
  • Create a sign using simple shapes: squares, circles, and polygons. If you wish, then try more complex tools, for example, a pen.
  • Choose the colors you use for your business. Align the sign relative to the inscription. If necessary, change the font so that it emphasizes the main illustration.
  • Place the finished result in the middle of the screen and leave extra space on all sides. Deselect all objects. In the right Design column, expand the Export item. Click the Export button and save your logo in PNG format.

Where can you use Figma logo templates?

You operate the illustration for websites, social media, advertising, promo, video, avatar, packaging, billboard, product, banner, games, interactive applications, print, etc.

How to get Figma logo templates from MonsterONE?

First, register on the site. Browse the collection, use the appropriate filters, and find the best item for your firm. Add it to your cart. Go to the checkout page. Fill in your billing information and account details. Select a payment method: PayPal, Stripe, or card. Pay for the product. After verification, you can download the product. You should go to your account and open the Downloads tab. There you will see a link.