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werner l. August 03, 2016
A friend asked me 2 weeks ago if I could set up a website for him and he wanted to use a CMS-System to be able... Read more
David T. July 26, 2016
Excellent product and top-rate, dedicated customer support. The design features and GUI are very well done and... Read more
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A friend asked me 2 weeks ago if I could set up a website for him and he wanted to use a CMS-System to be able to edit the content himself. I do have experience with websites but based on HTML and I used Front Page and later on Expression Web. To find out what he was talking about, I asked Dr. Google and so I checked out various sites about CMS. MotoCMS tooked my highest attention for what they promised... So I decided to try out the demo. Since I`m full with projects I did'nt plan to check the product out in a concentrated manner but after downloading and installing I just wanted to have a fast glance to get an idea about what matters me most: Userfriendly, self-explaining and freedom in what YOU want to put on your website and not be pressed into some nice looking templates... Well, now, 1 week later I refurbished my website in approx. 20 hours. Now, after this period of learning to handle the system I could do the same job within 5 hours! I'm a geniuos to learn so quick? Not at all! But the smooth user interface and the nice results one get inmediately convinced me! Well, I had my troubles in little (but important) details and could'nt find the answers in the F&Q therefore I tried out the (allways visible) chat-button and the operator explained me everything including screenshots with the solution (!!!) within 5 Minutes... What more can a user expect? I own no a nice tool for creating a website with whatever content the client want and the best is, that it is superfast to realize! It was probably my best investment this year to purchase this tool and the fantastic templates... Thanks!
Excellent product and top-rate, dedicated customer support. The design features and GUI are very well done and the design experience is very well supported.
There are thousands of different websites, but I chose Spectrum due to its novelty and the large pack of features. In addition, you get a website builder that has all needed tools for seo, social media and website modernization.
I did everything within 4 hours. Filled in the whole website with text and images, did some magic and puff… It’s done! Actually, you don’t have to be a magician... just an inspired businessman with a little portion of ambition. If you need to save your time and money, get this website!
I extremely recommend you to have a look at Spectum’s child pages. This is a pretty good bonus in comparison with any other standard Moto CMS template. Also, the number of these child themes will only increase. Use this opportunity…
Spectrum is a very nice product for building businesses. There are lots of pages inside this template, including awesome child themes that require only minimal customization. You don't have to spend hours on sitting and editing your home page. That's why I like it!
I was sceptical about this product. I have never heard about Moto CMS. Then I tried a demo and it made my day. I realized that I can be in charge of my business website and customize it like I want right in browser.
First I wanted to buy another MotoCMS website, but when I saw Spectrum, I thought like “this is it!” I realised that it is one of the best MotoCMS templates on the current day. It has everything this company offers and even more.
I love my website that I made with Spectrum. I have everything I need: cool design, simple editor, blog and SEO… Aside from my company promotion, I try myself as a blogger from time to time. Blog management is so easy with the admin panel.
Admin panel is surprisingly useful. I used it for the first time and I've made a few websites for my customers using Spectrum. You know what? They were doomed on success. I'm an experienced web designer and know the ropes, but original design amazed me so much that I decided to change almost nothing in it! Don't tell anyone about that. ;)
I used a child page for consulting business for my website. I receive positive feedback from my clients and get new ones from social networks. It's good for my business.
I was looking for a multi-page business website that could have a high conversion rate. And my position was even more complicated due to my schedule that didn't let me spent much time on building it. Then I met MotoCMS and I realized that I was completely wrong. I customized my Spectrum easily and now it's ticking as a clock so to say.
I’ve been working with Moto CMS throughout a couple of years, but to be honest, the Moto CMS templates don’t meet requirements of some of my clients due to the lack of pages. In most cases my clients need large websites with 10 pages minimum. I am glad that the company solved this problem. With Spectrum I can create awesome multi-page websites, use my favorite CMS and satisfy my customers.
Got this one with a promotional price. Really flexible and well thought out, a great addition to our library. It offers great functionality and it's mobile-friendly. The Admin Panel is also very powerful. It really is suitable for any any business and you can implement it in a snap.. And at the price, you really can't go wrong..
It’s a cross functional website to crank out more different websites. I like the functionality. It’s so rich that you have no need in installing any additional soft. Very flexible and practical solution for those who have a lot of work 24/7.
This website doesn’t limit your possibilities. I mean, if you suddenly decide to close up one business and start another, you can actually do this. You can redesign it and get a brand new website for a different business. Cool!
The number of included pages is really huge. I don't know what I'm supposed to do with them, but at least I know that I can freely use them in future. Eagerly waiting for new child themes! The restaurant one demonstrates amazing results. Great template for business!
I like everything about Spectrum’s design. This website's styling contains really cool background images that look genuine for such a business company as mine. Text fonts are perfect too, their size, color etc. Now I wonder what experience a designer should have to create this beauty.


Moto CMS Version: 3.1.2
Moto CMS Widgets: Menu, Google Maps, Media library, Presets Builder
Additional Features: Google Web Fonts, Social Options, Background Options, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Iframe, Global Website Settings
Additional Info: Well Documented
Animation: HTML plus JS, Lazy Load effect
Coding: CSS 3, HTML 5, JQuery, LESS, AngularJS, Sass
Features: Admin Panel, Bootstrap, Optimized Source Code, Premium, Responsive, Visual Editor
Functionality: Blog
Gallery Script: Carousel, Slider, Grid
Language support: English, Russian, Deutsch
Layout: Flexible
Media: Video Integration, Video Player, Media Library File Manager
Web Forms: Contact Form
Sources Available
Sources Not Included.
Hosting Requirements
  • Zend Guard Loader
  • with MySQL database support
  • PHP 5.4.04 or 5.5.09+; 5.6+

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Your questions will be handled promptly by our support team.

Stock Photos Included

You get 7-15 hi-res stock photos & images for free life-time usage.

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You will be completely happy with our products and services.


Questions & Answers

Latest Update
Changelog: Spectrum Version 2.0 (April 27, 2017):

  • Spectrum Multipurpose Theme was updated with new content blocks for MotoCMS Website Builder. After the update, the admin panel from MotoCMS contains 100+ pre-built layout elements.

Spectrum Version 1.3.0 (November 03, 2016):

  • We've added to Spectrum two new system pages with original design: Password Protected and Under Construction. Use the Password Protected mode to secure your template with a unique password. Activate the Under Construction mode to inform your audience when editing your website.
  • After the update Spectrum will have 6 different home pages: general, restaurant, consulting, photographer, financial and one new page - industrial.

Spectrum Version 1.2.0 (August 15, 2016):

  • Do you know how to play with building blocks? Then building a website with Spectrum will be just an easy game for you. Because we've updated the most extended template from MotoCMS with block constructor.
  • Use a wide range of made-up blocks - built-in sections filled up content to assemble your website in the simplified admin panel with more ease.
  • Build your website home page with more than 60 blocks, including 15 General blocks, 12 Headers, 6 Footers, 4 Call to Actions, 3 Galleries etc.
  • And wait for the completely new themes to come, made with all 5 Spectrum's home pages in near future.

Spectrum Version 1.1.0 (July 22, 2016):

  • We've added 2 more additional home pages to Spectrum, rising its multi-functionality to a new level. You can build any website using just one extended template from MotoCMS.
  • After the update Spectrum will have 5 different home pages: general, restaurant, consulting and 2 new pages: photographer and financial

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