Italian Food Moto CMS 3 Template
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Sales: 19
Chef MotoCMS Website Template
Planning to launch a website to showcase your services online and need a chef website builder? But since you don't have the time and specific skills, you can't make your dreams come true?You have...
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Ice Cream Moto CMS 3 Template
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5 Best Food and Restaurant MotoCMS Templates with Website Builder 2023

Template Name Downloads Price
Dairy Farm Moto CMS 3 Template 8 $144
Bakery Premium Moto CMS 3 Template 13 $144
Online Wine Club Moto CMS 3 Template 21 $144
Spectrum Business Moto CMS 3 Template 229 $144
Pink Donut - Cupcake Bakery Moto CMS 3 Template 4 $144

Restaurant Website Builder Templates

In 2018, googling up a place to eat is a common practice. So, you need a sound, engaging and high-converting website that not a single online guest can resist. How you do craft one from the get-go without beating your brain out? You can simply rely on the top-notch Restaurant Website Builder and the awesome ready-made themes crafted for it!

What Are The Draws Of Restaurant Website Builder?

It's not a secret that there are multiple ways to build a website from the ground up. For example, you may just hire out a web-designer and order a custom design for $500 or more. Others prefer doing it all themselves and get a lame site unless they use the right tools. Restaurant website builder is among the hottest and most-wanted restaurant website design tools, as even a complete newbie can build a staggering website with it.

Do you wonder what the Food Website Builder's features that make this editor a masterkey to the web presence that converts are? Let's see:

  • First of all, Restaurant Website Builder is a stand-alone website creation tool, which lets you adjust and customize every website block and element in visual mode.
  • Within the Builder, visual editing is polished to perfection and really simple. Clicking any block, you can resize it, drag it to any position you find appropriate. Moreover, you can type in or paste your content adjusting the display settings on the right. Customizing imagery and background is also a non-issue with the right panel full of options and settings for the given page or block.
  • On top of this, the Food Website Builder allows you to control a number of website settings. For instance, you can adjust SEO-settings, enable Analytics tracking, set up a MailChimp newsletter, enable Disqus and more.
  • Restaurant Website Builder is powered for rookies and with their comfort in mind. Once you first open a certain builder's section, an interactive guide will open up and show you what you can do in the given section. What's more, next to each setting in the Builder you'll see a 'question mark' tooltip. Whenever you feel at a loss what this or that setting means, just hower the tooltip next to it.
  • Last but not least, Restaurant Website Builder is cloud-hosted. Once you opt for a template with Builder on board, it takes just one click to open the builder. No installation hassle, no headache.

What Are The Assets of Food Website Builder Themes?

How can you get your hands on working with the most user-oriented restaurant website builder on the web? The answer is simple, you've just got to opt for a restaurant website theme for starters. To simplify your choice, the whole set of templates for the Builder is divided into a number of topic-related categories, e.g. Cafe MotoCMS 3.0 Templates, Asian Restaurant MotoCMS 3 Templates, Coffee Shop MotoCMS 3 Templates, etc. No doubt, all the templates with builder further propel the editor's greatness and ensure that you end up with the restaurant website, the design and UI of which nudge your competition aside.

Covering the features of Restaurant Website Builder templates, we've got to name a few of the most awesome ones. Undoubtedly, the food & restaurant themes boast of invincible responsiveness and are a treat even for Retina screens. Moreover, all the coding of them is optimized for SEO and security. On top of this, each template harbors its unique set of add-ons and widgets that boost the UI and UX of your store and turn your site guests into returning customers.

These features are just the tip of the iceberg. You can discover more by choosing any template with builder and trying it out for 14 days free of charge. Customize your website during the free trial and see your dream website coming live. If you love the process and the result, you won't lose it all once you make the purchase. That's ideal to build a food-related website that rocks!