Best Novi Builder HTML Website Templates

Every business owner wants his product to sell better. To stimulate sales, many marketing managers and company directors study as many questions as possible about their company. Some even try to actively participate in the process of creating a site. Setting up a site with Novi builder and its-based products seems completely simple. You need to try the functionality, test it and try to make some settings yourself with the help of the instructions. So, we created a separate collection of HTML website templates with Novi Builder. Below we'll talk about the product in more detail. And you, the reader, study and try our goods right today!

Advantages Of HTML Website Templates

Everyone needs such items. After all, it's expensive and long to create a new design. Our themes can be purchased, installed, and configured in days. You get the desired unique appearance for the site, as well as other valuable improvements:

  • Responsive pages. Each section quickly adjusts to the size and parameters of the user's gadget. At the same time, the appearance retains its logic, sequence of information, and beauty.
  • SEO-friendly. All firms want to get to the top of the search results. However, only some succeed in this. And some companies have gone toward this goal for quite a long time. The web developers have made some improvements so that you get your place in the ranking faster.
  • Big slider. This element is equally important for sellers of services and goods. Thanks to beautiful scrolling slides, you draw attention to your production technologies, advertise discounted goods, and beautifully present your new collection.
  • Parallax fixed background. Now the pages are even more modern.
  • High-quality large instruction. There are all popular settings in the documentation. You may learn how to make them step by step and try to adjust the layout yourself.
  • MegaMenu. You can customize this element however you like. MegaMenu is very flexible after all.
  • News subscription. This tool allows you to collect a base of loyal customers for email distribution. By the way, we have cool email themes that make the newsletter unforgettable.
  • Contact form.

You'll find more details by reading the description of our layouts. Each product may differ in a set of characteristics. However, all items have one thing in common - they don't require coding knowledge to edit the site's appearance. We'll talk about this below.

Advantages Of Novi Builder HTML Website Templates

This selection of designs is unique because it has a built-in page builder. So what is its unique feature and attractiveness?

Firstly, you may edit the appearance of pages without editing the code. Drag and drop components in the sections, delete, add new ones, and duplicate or customize them. Thus, you get a unique appearance for your project.

Secondly, with the help of our goods, create a media library with videos, photos, and other visual content. Then, use them in different sections of your layout.

Thirdly, editing the content is more straightforward. Choose fonts, colors, and even gradients, as well as align, move, and adjust tests and pictures.

Who Needs HTML Novi Builder Website Templates

Among the buyers of items on TemplateMonster, we often meet such businesses:

  • Online stores.
  • Manufacturers of furniture and decor items.
  • Construction companies.
  • Auto parts.
  • Pet stores.
  • Medical institutions.
  • Courses and advanced training.
  • Non-commercial structures.
  • IT-companies.
  • Marketing and advertising agencies.
  • Restaurants, cafes, and food delivery.
  • Sports goods.

These and other companies want their firm to stand out from the competition. We also recommend visiting our section with hosting services, plugins, and designs for presentations to pick up other essential tools for company development.

Novi Builder HTML Website Templates FAQ

How to choose Novi builder HTML website templates?

First, we advise you to watch the demo. In the layout preview, you see the design in its entirety. Remember that the images and texts are here for demonstration purposes. You'll upload your new content in their place. Secondly, be sure to read the description. There you find valuable functions and also learn about compatibility with your site.

How to see more site designs?

Please follow the link, and you'll find all the proposed themes. So, filter and form your list of designs according to the parameters you need.

How to configure Novi builder HTML website templates?

Please use the instructions from the web developer to make settings and edit the appearance of the design correctly. There you find detailed manuals and step-by-step instructions on how to edit this or that element.

Is there support for paid themes?

Yes, our buyers receive a service. It's free for six months from the moment of payment.