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This is a presentation for english language Lessons

Instructions for use

In order to use this template, you must credit to author and templatemonster.com in your final presentation and include links to both websites.

You are allowed to:

- Modify this template.

- Use it for both personal and commercial projects.

You are not allowed to:

- Sublicense, sell or rent any of slides Content (or a modified version of it).

- Offer Slide templates (or modified versions of Slide templates) for download.

- Acquire the copyright of Slide


You can add and edit some infographics to your presentation to present your data in a visual way.

Choose your favourite infographic and insert it in your presentation using Ctrl C + Ctrl V or Cmd C + Cmd V in Mac.

Select one of the parts and ungroup it by right-clicking and choosing “Ungroup”.

Change the color by clicking on the paint bucket.

Then resize the element by clicking and dragging one of the square-shaped points of its bounding box (the cursor should look like a double-headed arrow). Remember to hold Shift while dragging to keep the proportions.

Group the elements again by selecting them, right-clicking and choosing “Group”.

Repeat the steps above with the other parts and when you’re done editing, copy the end result and paste it into your presentation.

Remember to choose the “Keep source formatting” option so that it keeps the design. For more info, please visit tempalatemonster.com

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PowerPoint 2003 or 2007 (better) PowerPoint 2003 or 2007 (better)
Powerpoint 2007 (recommended) or Powerpoint 2003