Brand Guidelines Template
About the ProductBrand Bee / Brand Guidelines TemplateNeed to create a brand guideline document for your client?Our Brand Guidelines template allows you to simply add your logo, images and edit...
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Blue - Brand Guidelines Template
Blue Brand Guidelines Templates are stupid and easy to use. All you need to do is open the file, Change the logo and colors representing the brand you’re working for, then save the Template as a...
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Brand Proposal Presentation Template.
This Brand Proposal Presentation Template contains 21 useful slides for business plans and processes such as company introduction, market analysis, products and services, competitive strategy
Sale Projection PowerPoint template
Sales Projection Powerpoint TemplateNow you can show the results of your sales in a unique presentation that will highlight text, graphics and images. This design is well balanced between colors,...
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Big Pitch PowerPoint template
Big Pitch Powerpoint Template is definitely the perfect one you need. This presentation template provide you will all unique slides and designs to show your projects.Some features included: —...
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