Dynamic Flash Photo Gallery 2.0

with a full-fledged CMS inside

A new creative way to share your images online!

We have all been waiting for this moment, the moment when you don’t need any additional software to create and manage a splendid photo gallery, upload and edit the images, modify different layout elements and content. With the launch of Dynamic Flash Photo Gallery 2.0 even the most daring ideas become possible!

Our Flash photo galleries are based on the powerful Flash content management system – Moto CMS, which expands their potential far beyond competitors’ possibilities. DFG 2.0 allows users to maintain online Flash galleries and portfolios without investing much time and efforts. Simple navigation, friendly WYSIWYG environment with familiar drag-and-drop interface, the built-in professional Image Editor brings a really easy and comfortable workflow experience to users. A wide range of integrated tools and modules enables to build an attractive, interactive and eye-catching Flash website to share your photos or artworks in the most creative way.

Tell YOUR story with a custom-made Photo Gallery!

DFG 2.0 Feature Highlights:

Fully customizable design

Rich customization options


You are in full control of your Flash gallery; it’s your own customizable experience where the final result depends on you. Due to the intuitive navigation and smart usability working with your website will turn into a pleasant pastime.

Due to the built-in Moto CMS you can create the unlimited number of pages, easily add, edit or delete images, add or update the description/caption of the images, add as many categories as you like and allocate images to categories and much more.

A simple yet effective tool - WYSIWYG editor - allows users to update their image galleries literally on-the-fly, improving the workflow and saving a lot of time. It is designed to be an extremely easy to use, making it a feasible solution for users without any technical expertise

Professional Image Editor

The ability to create splendid slideshow

Rich Media Library and Preload option

Our Flash Photo galleries 2.0 are equipped with an advanced Image Editor, which enables users to edit images directly in the control panel on a live website. From basic image retouching to complex effects, the Image Editor delivers the key editing features with simplicity and accessibility of a web-based application.

With our Dynamic Flash Photo Galleries you can easily create spectacular slideshows that showcase favorite photos from your family holiday celebrations, exciting trips or country walks, long-awaited vacations or wedding ceremony. Create your own visual style with ease!

All media files are stored in the Media Library, which is very simple in handling and controlling. It allows users to organize files in folders and subfolders for easier access and clarity. Also Moto CMS provides the ability to pre-load media files while the website is loading, what improves the overall performance.

Custom fonts upload

Powerful SEO Tools

Some other "tasty" features

From now you can easily enrich your Flash Gallery with any font you like by the means of new powerful tool from Moto CMS – Online Font Creator. It is a super handy online application which enables to quickly convert *.ttf and *.otf files into *.swf virtually in one click.

Flash content, when used effectively, can work great for SEO. Our Dynamic Flash Photo Galleries are completely search engine friendly, they allow deep linking, Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools integration, provide the ability to specify unique HTML titles & Meta descriptions, as well as the ability to generate XML sitemap, etc.

A full screen mode, multiple languages support, customizable background colors and music, 'Under Construction' and '404' pages, keyboard & mousewheel navigation, no database and programming skills required!