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Quirky Corporate Latin Lounge - Stock Music
A smooth and romantic latin lounge track with bossa nova/jazzy flavours. Ideal for all kinds of media projects that need some luxury latin lounge music. Great for romantic films (think sensual bar or cafe scenes), silent scenes, advertising (think perfumes and luxury items/restaurants), romcoms and all much more! Jazzy piano chords, bright marimba melodies, smooth and sultry bass line, short brass stabs, medium-fast drum rhythms and syncopated percussion instruments.
Last updated: 03.09.21
Bossa Nova Latin Stock Music

Bossa Nova Latin Stock Music by AudioMechanicaMusic

This is an optimistic and inspiring bossa nova background music, in 2 versions with vocal and non vocal. This royalty free music has a wonderful mood of Brazilian, representing a kind of mixture of cool latina jazz with various local rhythms and samba. This music associates with such names as Antonio Carlos Jobim and João Gilberto!tempo: 105 BPM
Last updated: 02.09.21
Jazz Up the clouds - Audio track
This is a jazz guitar music beat. It can be used in app intros, websites, tutorials, games, in presentations. This is a jazz music beat. It can be used in app intros, websites, tutorials, games, in presentations. This is a jazz music beat. This is a jazz guitar music beat. It can be used in app intros, websites, tutorials, games, in presentations
Last updated: 13.08.21
Need You Tonight - Deep and Sultry Sexy Stock Music
"Need You Tonight' is a trendy, deep, sexy royalty free R'n'B track, with a groovy beat, bluesy guitars, jazz elements, vocal cuts, and sax solo, best for vlogs, erotic, fashion or luxury related videos. Available in Main, Loop, 60, 30 and 15sec edits.
Last updated: 24.08.21
Cabaret Electro Swing Stock Music
Uptempo electro-swing track with cool retro sound: quirky brass section, swaggy dance beat, gypsy guitar, vinyl scratching. Cheeky jazzy vibe with a contemporary groove.Perfect for:
  • advertising and Commercials;
  • burlesque and Vaudeville culture;
  • live shows presentations;
  • comedy sketches;
  • 1920s – 40s era related videos and documentaries;
  • fashion world.
Last updated: 29.07.21
Femme Fatale - Audio Track Stock Music
Slow and mellow sexy blues performed by saxophone, piano, brushed drums, muted trumpet and double bass. With its noir atmosphere and its cool jazzy sound the tracks fits perfectly for sensual seduction scenes, burlesque culture or striptease sketches. Smoky atmosphere.
Last updated: 16.03.21
Kitchen Cha Cha Cha - Stock Music
Upbeat and funny Cha-cha-cha with Latin big-band: bright brass and sassy saxophones, dancing percussions, woodwinds colors and montuno piano. Festive atmosphere and cheerful beat with a retro sound.Perfect for:
  • Comedy
  • Bloopers
  • Cooking shows, food and restaurant related videos
  • Retro-flavored scenes
  • Latin culture
Last updated: 03.06.21
Carioca - Brazilian Samba Audio Track Stock Music
Bright, cheerful Samba instrumental track mixes Brazilian percussion rhythms, Bossanova harmonies and jazz phrases. Playful melody performed by flute and acoustic guitar solos with piano accompanying. Slightly nostalgic Latin vibe, fresh tropical vibe.
Last updated: 27.05.21
Quirky Jazz Lounge - Stock Music
A smooth and happy Jazz Bossa Nova with a lazy lounge vibe. An ideal track suitable for commercials, suave or sensual advertising, fashion, apartment /penthouse commercials, films, YouTube bloggers, Facebook / Instagram / TikTok videos and much more.4 edits included:Main - 1:26 30s - 0:3015s - 0:15 Stinger - 0:08
Last updated: 18.06.21
Kamza - Electro Folk - Audio Track Stock Music
  • Light and breezy, with an Indie Folk feel, acoustic guitar, piano, synth textures and warm mallets create a comforting, enchanting and carefree mood. Well suited for TV commercials, E Commerce, private videos, landscape texture, slideshows and much more
Last updated: 17.06.21
Jazz Piano Bar - Stock Music
A refined and intimate jazz piece for piano solo, suggests an elegant or romantic dinner, between cocktail bar atmospheres and sentimental comedy. Mellow sound and cool swing vibe, use it in Youtube videos, slideshows, commercials, live events, restaurants and much more.
Last updated: 08.04.21
Romantic Comedy - Jazz Stock Music
Breezy, light swing music performed by jazz trio (piano, upright bass and drums). Feel-good melody, lively, carefree mood, with vintage retro sound on a fast tempo. The perfect soundtrack for a romantic comedy or a pleasant and delightful storytelling.
Last updated: 10.05.21
Port Elisabeth - Children Content - Audio Track Stock Music
  • Funny and energetic, featuring playful piano over driving jazz/rock drums and upright bass that create an upbeat, quirky mood. Scenic with animation for children, funny content, family event, private video. This track has a youthful and funny texture.
Last updated: 29.06.21
Fusion Smooth Jazz Piano Stock Music
This is an fusion, smooth, jazz piano royalty free stock music, that is perfect for advertising, travel, commercial, presentation, lifestyle videos and other media products! The track is good like a background music, playlists in various public places and shops, hotels, fitness clubs, boutiques and more!Similar Artists Music : Shakatak, Mezzoforte, Fourplay, Crusaders, Incognito
Last updated: 20.04.21
Stroll About Swing - Stock Music
Light swing jazz instrumental track with delightful piano and clarinet theme. Cheerful, carefree mood and tuneful melody. A peculiar 5/4 odd time signature creates an eccentric slightly playful vibe. Perfect for romantic comedies inspired videos, vlogs, hotel and real estate presentations and much more.
Last updated: 12.04.21
Tropical Lifestyle - Latin Samba Stock Music
Cheerful and playful bossa nova / samba with a lively carefree mood and a slight retro air (1960's). Latin jazz groove by piano, electric organ, flute, string section, drums and brazilian percussions: the perfect easy-listening soundtrack for a pool party or a cocktail lounge atmosphere.
Last updated: 01.04.21
Lobito - Folk Ballad Loop - Audio track Stock Music
Warm and earthy, with acoustic folk elements featuring tender acoustic guitar, piano, and double bass to create a relaxed and comforting mood. Well suited for Technology, Time-Lapse, Vlog & Commercial, Travel, Lifestyle, Building & City, Fashion, Aerials, Landscape, Slow Motion, Sport & Fitness, Nature.
Last updated: 29.06.21
Luxuriate Night Stock Music
Cool, dreamy chill out track perfect for fashion videos, calm promotional, travel, real estate, luxury projects, etc.
Last updated: 08.04.21
Kiruna - Children Mood - Audio Track Stock Music
  • Bright breezy and playful, featuring a jovial piano melody, toys accessories and Pizzicato strings feel that creates an optimistic mood. This track has a Happy and good time mood, great private video, family event and for any project. Also fit for scene, animation with children, funny content.
Last updated: 24.06.21
Upright Bass Funky Jazzy Stock Music
This is a nice, cool, energetic, funky and jazzy royalty free stock music, with upright bass or other words double bass in the center of instrumental! The music is perfect for any media projects with moods of fun, cheerful, happy, optimism, fresh energy, dynamic, dance moving, success and more.Instruments: Upright bass, electric guitar, brass, drums.
Last updated: 28.04.21