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  • Main colors customization
  • Elements and blocks' colors adjustment
  • Background colors customization
ETA ETA : 1 business day
$59 $59
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What's Included in Change Website Color Service:

Customization of elements
Our professionals will adjust essential elements and highlight important components to improve user experience.
Improving block's colors
We'll tailor site blocks to your needs and divide them by using diverse colors.
Main colors adjustment
We'll match the colors of your website template with your corporate style.
Background colors change
Personal project manager

How it Works:

  1. Collecting Information

    from 15 minutes

    A personal project manager will contact you to gather all the details. You will receive an email from us after purchasing the service. Please, reply to this email describing what colors you want to change and provide us with the new color codes.

  2. Fulfilling the Service

    up to 24 business hours

    We will make all the needed adjustments to update the color scheme of a website template or a website to fulfill your request. Furthermore, our high-qualified designers will provide you with helpful suggestions on how to change website colors properly.

  3. Reviewing & Finishing Up

    from 15 minutes

    We don't deliver the service until a client approves it. When we’ll implement the requested changes, you'll be able to check the results. In case there are any improvements needed, you can use one free revision.

To Accomplish This Service We Need:

  • FTP and MySQL access OR cPanel access
  • A list of colors to change and detailed instructions
  • RGB codes of the new colors

Updating a website’s color scheme is a complicated process and cannot be performed in one click. It requires proficiency in various fields like design, coding, and vast experience in content management systems administrating. If you don’t know how to change website color or do not want to spend your time figuring out how to change website background color, let us help!

Do you want to know how we will help you to change website color scheme? So, let’s check what this offer comprises. Our experts will help you to customize your new template and make it’s color scheme match your logo and corporate style in just 24 business hours. All your requirements will be delivered to developers properly without any possible misunderstanding by a dedicated project manager. There is no need to know the tech terms or have any prior experience in web design and development. Just provide us with the edits in a free form. We will do everything else for you.

We can edit all types of sites and website templates. If you have a PSD website design and want to change its color scheme, our designers will update your PSD mockup. In case you have a simplified HTML website where all the styling performed by CSS code, and no visual tools for customization are available, our coders will make all necessary coding adjustments for you. Moreover, our tech experts are familiar with all content management systems. We will make all the needed modifications in the admin panel whether CMS do you use.

Use the color scheme update service to get a new look of your site and upgrade the user experience on your site. Properly arranged and thoughtfully combined colors will update the visual design appeal, separate blocks with content, and highlight calls to action. You can rely on our experience. As a niche leader, we deliver high-quality service only!

Please note:

  • The service is valid for one website.
  • Project starts once the client provides info regarding the colors that are to be changed, and color codes for new colors.
  • One free revision is included.
  • Communication with your project manager is in English (or we will use Google Translator).


What if I do not like the final result?

Before making the actual changes and delivering the service, we will create a few screenshots to show the final result. You will check a draft, and if everything is fine and additional adjustments are not required, we will perform the changes. Moreover, you will have one free revision to make sure you are getting a website that completely suits all your needs.

Where do I get RGB color codes?

We will provide you with links to free online services that help to pick up a color and display the RGB code of a selected color. Also, you can contact and ask for suggestions. We will gladly recommend a suitable solution to change website color scheme.

What should I do if I don’t know FTP and MySQL access details?

The access to your server is required to update CSS coding on your site and data in a MySQL database if you use a CMS. You can provide us with login details to your hosting control panel, so our technical experts will help you to restore FTP and MySQL access details.

Do you have multilanguage support?

Our company is US-based, and all communication with our team should be in English. However, we use the Google Translator tool to interpret requests from non-English clients. Furthermore, we work 24/7, so you can contact us anytime from any location. You will get our expert assistance whenever you need it.

How can I be sure that all my files will keep safe?

We back up all files and MySQL databases before applying any changes. So, you can be sure that all your files will be safe and a backed-up copy will always be available to restore your data. By the way, we won’t apply any changes to your site until you review a draft and confirm that you’re satisfied with the result.


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RA Rayan Talley
I’ve got an old website that has been coded by a freelancer. Code updating it a nightmare for me. These guys knew what to do with the code. They improved the design of my site in a day.
VE Veronika Galindo
I don’t know how to change website background color. They helped me to change website color scheme and made buttons brighter extremely fast. Now my website looks juicy and more attractive. Highly appreciate!
CA Carwyn Hodge
I advise you to update main colors first if your website looks like a second-rate site. I never thought that the appearance of a website updates significantly by changing a few primary colors. As a result, my site looks professionally with no re-building.
  • Main colors customization
  • Elements and blocks' colors adjustment
  • Background colors customization
ETA ETA : 1 business day
$59 $59
Do you have a question about the product? Get help at any time!

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