Website Accessibility Service

  • Website accessibility enhancement
  • Website readability improvement
  • WCAG/ADA compliance
ETA ETA : up to 5 business days
$79 $79
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What Is Inside of Website Accessibility Service?:

WordPress, WooCommerce, Joomla, HTML, Magento
Five contrast modes
default, night, high contrast (black/white), high contrast (black/yellow), high contrast (yellow/black)
Fonts size adjustment
Links highlighting
Headings highlighting
Readable font
Dyslexie font
Large white/black cursor
Animations and transitions disabling

Website Accessibility Service Works Like That:

  1. Collecting Information

    from 15 min

    Our customization team will contact you via email after you’ve made the payment. We'll ask you for access details to your site admin panel and hosting account. Usually, it takes from 15 minutes when access details are on hand. If your template isn’t set yet, we can install it for you within 3 hours for an extra $49.

  2. Making Your Site Accessible for Everyone

    up to 5 business days

    We will conduct all the aforementioned work and add a panel to your website. This will allow visitors to adjust the readability of texts on the fly.

  3. Reviewing & Finishing Up

    from 15 min

    As soon as your website accessibility will be restored, we will let you know it. After, please, make sure that the work of your website matches your requirements. If you prefer anything to be changed or fixed, just tell us. The review process takes from 15 minutes.

To Make Your Site Accessible for Everyone, We Need:

  • FTP or cPanel access to your hosting
  • Admin panel login and password

Engage Visitors with Website Accessibility Service

Every website owner is interested in getting more visitors. It’s crucial for blog, corporate, online stores and other pages on the Web. So, if you want people to spend more time on your site and come back again, make it user-friendly. Improving ease of use is one of the main ways of winning loyal customers showing care about them. You will also break away from competitors. That's when Website Accessibility Service comes in hand. We will worry about the toughest work. After, you will get a better version of your website with wider abilities to invite new visitors.

Why is it reasonable to ask for the help of professionals to enhance your website accessibility? Sometimes to match the needs of the absolute majority of visitors, the ways of showing content on a site should be changed fundamentally. And it’s really important according to international laws and standards, such as WCAG 2.1 (which is based on US Section 508, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and European Union Standard EN 301549). In other words, you should make your site easily reachable for people with different abilities. 

That’s why we offer you Website Accessibility Service. Be sure, our best specialists will adjust your site for international standards not disrupting your routine. How? We will add a special customization panel to your website, which allows visitors to choose a contrast mode, adjust the font size or activate another (more readable) font, highlight links and headings, disable animations and transitions. Your visitors will be able to use this website accessibility toolbar to change ways of your content presentation. As a result, it will make your page available for as many people as it’s possible. All the changes caused by the panel will be shown only to the people who use it.

Plus, accurate work on website accessibility boosts its coverage. This will open new markets for your business. So, don’t hesitate to reveal the potential of our service!

Please note: This functionality works only as an extension for your site. It should be considered only as a supportive feature.


Where can I check how the panel added by the service works? - please click this link to check the functionality (the panel is on the left)

Will this panel be available on all pages of my site?

Yes, the same panel will be accessible from any page of your site.

Are the changes made with the panel shown to every person who visits my site?

The changes made by the panel are temporary and shown only to the people who use it. In other words, every visitor of your site can configure the tools in a unique way which is the most compelling to that particular visitor.


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  • Website accessibility enhancement
  • Website readability improvement
  • WCAG/ADA compliance
ETA ETA : up to 5 business days
$79 $79
Do you have a question about the product? Get help at any time!

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