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Decided to make your web presence more powerful and impressive? Smart move! You’ve selected the right place to make a quick start. TemplateMonster offers you a vast number of Web and Flash templates with absolutely different designs appropriate for any kind of business you may think of. Simply purchase a fully operational professionally done web template, replace the generic information with your own and make sure that it’s really easy to launch a high-end website meeting all your business requirements. If you need something stunning, try our Flash templates! Amaze your visitors with complicated futuristic visual effects and captivating interactivity without learning extensive coding or spending a fortune. The job has been already done by skillful TemplateMonster’s team, a bit of customization and your own unique web or flash site is ready for the service!

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Zephyr - Creative Projects Photo Gallery Template #71663
Zephyr - Creative Projects Photo Gallery Template #71663

Reviewer: Zen Novotny

I found this template about a week ago and got impressed with its functionality. During this week, I have already built a photo gallery. 2 weeks that you can use to test this template for free are more than enough to get familiar with the admin panel of MotoCMS.

Local Architects Photo Gallery Template #71807
Local Architects Photo Gallery Template #71807

Reviewer: Václav Sochor

This theme is all about simplicity. It took me only two days to figure out how to create a website I needed so badly. I would recommend Architex to architects too busy to bother with unnecessary technical details. Just follow the lead. And before you know it, you will integrate videos into your Homepage as if you have been doing it your whole life.

Wedding Time Photo Gallery Template #71918
Wedding Time Photo Gallery Template #71918

Reviewer: Galyna Půčková

I am a wedding photographer who just built her first wedding photo gallery! I am impressed by this template. Four days with Wedding Time - and here I am - already online with all my wedding projects looking fabulous. Thanks, MotoCMS for the cute personal assistant I could contact for free, even at night! You are doing an amazing job with your ready templates and the tech support. I am giving you a thumb up, that is for sure!

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Website Templates

Website Templates are actually pre-built websites allowing you start your online project rapidly and hustle-free. After some customization nobody will suspect that your website was not custom made.

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Flash Templates

Due to their fabulous animation and interactivity Flash Templates are perfect solutions when you need an outstanding web project making deep impression on the visitor. Visual effects make the layout look appealing and expensive.

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Flash CMS Templates

Flash CMS Templates combine all advantageous features of Flash Templates and simple intuitive administrative panel from MotoCMS Company. If you are not too keen on editing and customization but don’t want to sacrifice quality and professionalism of your website, Flash CMS Template is a great solution.

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Flash Intro Templates

Flash Intro Templates save you from the necessity to prepare your website or product presentation movie from the scratch. Just select the one suiting your idea and customize it to get a unique memorable presentation.

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Photo Gallery Templates

Photo Gallery Template is a brilliant option when you need to represent your works online in the inimitably beautiful manner. The templates are supplied with MotoCMS 3 powered convenient administrative panels, making your website modification enjoyable and stress-free.

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SWiSH Templates

SWiSH Templates are analogues to Flash Templates, as they possess all nice features, dynamics, visual appeal and interactivity of the latter. The difference is in the technology, the templates are created in SWiSH.

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PSD Templates

There is an assortment of excellent PSD (Photoshop) Templates available right here. We would suggest going with a theme of this type if you want to work with raw graphic design source files and not be restricted by any CMS platform.

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Browse All Web TemplatesMore than 15,000 web templates for a variety of niche sites