Futuristic HUD X-Space Font
I'm thrilled to present you a new futuristic typeface. Smooth humanistic forms and elongated proportions, modern trends dictate a new fashion in type design. Perfect for science research posters,...
Sales: 5
Monterio - Modern Art Deco Fonts
Monterio sans is a all-caps sans serif contemporary Art Deco typographic style , If you're into classic/vintage letter designs, then this typeface suits best for you. Packed with 300+ glyphs...
Sales: 2
Alro Bauhaus Headline Font
Looking for the perfect rounded font for all your minimalist design concepts? Then grab this font with an elegant bauhaus style.The font includes upper and lowercase letters with clean, rounded...
Sales: 12
Set of Trendy Doodle Security Icons
We have crafted security icons effectively. This pack of doodle vectors comprises the concept of cybersecurity, data protection, bug detection as well as antivirus designs. These visually perfect...
Sales: 1
Futurism Headline and Logo Font
I am pleased to present you an excellent futuristic font "Futurism" in modern graphic style!The font supports the Latin alphabet and Cyrillic alphabet. It is recommended to use it at long intervals...
Sales: 6
Bubble & Monoline Graffiti Font Bundle
Bubble & Monoline Graffiti Font BundleThis Font Bundle gathers 31 eye catching graffiti-style fonts for you to use in your upcoming projects. With these unique fonts, you will certainly make your...
Sales: 3
Gwathlyn Beauty Monoline Font
Introducing our new modern and luxurious handwriting script font Gwathlyn. Gwathlyn is a handmade beautiful monoline, natural, and stylish style.
Blade Headline and Logo Font
Proudly present this bold geometric font inspired by Blade Runner movie cover. Beautiful, sleek, and cut off top to perfection, feel free to use it on futuristic, sci-fi or neo-noir...
Sales: 1
Crustaceans Signature Bold Script
Crustaceans Signature is perfect for photography, watermark, social media posts, advertisements, logos & branding, invitation, product designs, label, stationery, wedding designs,
Asmaraloka a Beautiful Script
This font is perfect for projects with feminine & girly themes! You can play with the ligatures and stylistic alternate to create your own customized lettering. Add it to your most creative
Hobbies and entertainment icons bundle
Pack contains 18 icon sets in various styles: RGB color, glyph, neon, linear for dark and light mode.Bonus: 2 social media highlight cover icon sets.You will find themes such as: — movie genres,...
Spooky Icon Set for Halloween
The Spooky icon set for Halloween, It's a Simple and Modern Icon Set. Suitable for Halloween Events, Sale Events, Education, Online shops, Fashion stores, Photography, restaurants, cafes, Food,...
Dating Couple Illustration Bundle
Dating couple illustration bundle. Standing figures. Full body people on white. Casual outfits simple cartoon style illustration for web graphic design and animationZip archive contains:- EPS, AI -...
Yellow School Bus Illustration
Yellow school bus waiting near school flat color vector illustration. Vehicle for transporting school children. Fully editable 2D simple cartoon landscape with school building on backgroundZip...
Cat Lab Logo Design Template
CAT LAB logo design, modern and simple design with orange fresh and fun gradient color. This logo is suitable for tech or cat scientist, doctor, cat game, and cat apps. Easy to edit and...
Futuristic Mars Headline and Logo Font
Proudly present new futuristic alphabet - the Mars.That is both clean and minimalist and elegant, yet very versatile. Ideal for contemporary, sci-fi and space designs, you can also apply this on...
Sales: 4

Download Sketch Graphic UI UX Designs and Templates

Having a nice-looking website or mobile app is not enough anymore. What matters the most nowadays is providing a good user experience.

User experience refers to how a user interacts and experiences a product or system.

A good user experience implies no hitches. Users should be able to interact correctly with your app or website and navigate easily.

A good UX is also a detailed and likable design.

Designing, prototyping, and testing are the processes that allow you to provide a decisive good experience to the users.

There are some software and apps that facilitate these phases. One of the most common is Sketch.

Sketch is an app for UI and UX design developed specifically for freelancers and professionals.

However, its correct and optimal use requires time, dedication, and money.

That’s why most people that can’t afford to spend a lot of time and money prefer to buy ready-made templates.

Sketch Graphics at TemplateMonster

At TemplateMonster marketplace, you can find different Sketch templates.

They are all designed by professionals and satisfy the demands of several types of businesses (eCommerce, delivery, health apps, and so on).

You can easily find what you’re looking for by filtering the results by rating, price, topics, and latest updates.

The templates are all editable. This indicates you can adapt and customize them to fit your brand identity.

Why use Sketch templates?

Apart from saving time and money, buying ready-made Sketch templates brings other benefits.

Below are listed some of the most relevant.


As previously mentioned, all the graphics made by using the Sketch app are vectors. This means you can scale them up or down without losing their high resolution.

This will allow you to customize and reshape them according to whatever your preferences and necessities are.

Clean interface

Graphics created by experts guarantee a clean interface. The clean interface is easy to understand and use. There all elements are correctly positioned, and the visual styling is consistent throughout the interface.

This guarantees the best user experience.


All the ready-made Sketch templates are easily editable. This way you’ll be able to personalize and adapt them to your brand or personal identity.

Discover the Best Sketch Graphics Ideas to Succeed

Explore the best Sketch graphic trending ideas watching the following video.

Sketch Graphics FAQ

What is Sketch?

Sketch is a professional app that you can use for UI and UX design of websites, mobile app, and even icons. It is a screen-design tool for designers.

Plus, it is a vector-based app. This means all the graphics are easily scalable, and they’ll keep their original quality even when resized or reshaped.

Sketch offers just a payment plan that costs $9 per month.

Is Sketch available for Windows?

No, it isn’t. Sketch app is designed for Mac devices only. So, Windows and Linux systems users can’t use it.

What are Sketch graphics used for?

Sketch graphics are used to accomplish different objectives within the UI and UX aspects.

More accurately, you can use them for the following aims:

  • mobile app interfaces;
  • website wireframes;
  • dashboards.

What is the difference between Sketch and Photoshop?

Photoshop is essentially an editing program, to add effects, elements, and reshape preexisting images. Photoshop is used for pixel-based images.

Instead, Sketch is best for the UI and UX design of websites and mobile apps. Sketch app is used for vector graphics (types of images that you can scale up or down indefinitely without experiencing loss of quality).

What is the difference between Sketch and Figma?

The main difference between Figma and Sketch is that the latter uses frameworks that are exclusive to macOS. So, you won’t be able to use it on Windows and Linux.

Another difference is related to the collaboration plausibility. Figma allows you and your team members to share file designs and work on the same project in real-time. Instead, Sketch doesn’t allow you to do that.

Furthermore, while Figma provides a free plan, Sketch offers payment plans only.