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Incredible Black Friday Social Media Templates To Become Outstanding

We advise you to prepare well for the world's most famous sale of the year! Many companies are also actively pursuing the best promos and graphics. Who is the first to use has the right to succeed. It's necessary to cover all communication channels as much as possible and describe your special offers. Where are people most often searching for exciting news? You are right: on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Tik Tok and the like. Therefore, we have collected only the best and outstanding Black Friday social media templates. The collection includes various options with the correct formats and sizes for advertising campaigns and posts. Read our material and fill your selection with stylish, beautiful, modern pictures on TemplateMonster!

What Is Black Friday Social Media Graphics

The above themes include such valuable things as:

  • Covers for Facebook, Reddit, and others.
  • Editable banners.
  • Stories.
  • Posters.
  • Flyers.

Real masters and high-level specialists created our goods. At the same time, you can find suitable sizes for the following websites and applications:

However, thanks to the flexibility and the ability to edit the appearance, buyers set up the provided variant according to the specified parameters. Read the specifications for each website where you have a page, account, or group. Discover the sizes, formats, and other required things. Take the layout from our marketplace and adjust it according to the requirements. This editing will take a little bit of time. The specialist with a basic knowledge of graphic editors implements the task in one hour or less.

Therefore, discover our excellent and ultra-modern selection to find a particular style, unique ideas, and perfect designs for your project.

Who Needs Black Friday Social Media Themes

Each product has its target audience. We divide customers into groups based on types of business, goals, and accounts on different sites. Below, we list the most popular directions and firms who buy on our marketplace:

  • Paintings and exhibitions.
  • Gadgets.
  • Household appliances.
  • Sale of real estate.
  • Photographers.
  • Interior designers.
  • Furniture.
  • Finishing materials.
  • Construction and repair.
  • IT-companies.
  • Banks and insurance firms.
  • Crediting.
  • Christmas trees.
  • Auto parts.
  • Tire mounting and tuning.
  • Internet providers.
  • Computer games.
  • Clubs and restaurants.
  • Concert halls.
  • Catering.
  • Souvenirs
  • Interior decor.
  • Christmas decorations.
  • Fireworks.
  • Tableware and kitchenware.
  • Clothes, accessories, and shoes.
  • Jewelry.
  • New Year's events and entertainment.
  • Sportswear and equipment.
  • GYMs.
  • Dancing and fitness clubs.

As you see, the directions are entirely different. At the same time, all the businesses mentioned above have an important goal - to get as many customers as possible and profit during the world-famous sale.

When You Require TemplateMonster Goods

We also note several situations when purchasing black Friday discount social media themes and designs for them are inevitable and recommended.

First, there are businesses for which New Year's holidays are considered vital. For example, such firms manufacture decorated Christmas trees, garlands, and holiday souvenirs. Some firms organize party fairs, children's matinees, etc. These businesses receive revenue only once a year and require mass advertising.

Secondly, our marketplace customers are mass-produced items with an average price category. These include clothes, bags, shoes, linen, children's toys, books, small gadgets, and household goods. These are potential applicants for the role of Christmas gift. For such manufacturers and online stores, Black Friday and social media are bread and butter and a particular reason to stimulate sales.

Thirdly, it's well-known you may sell anything at a significant discount. People like to see considerable sales and special offers on banners. Therefore, web developers correctly designed the group cover and created beautiful posts to produce an attractive look. You can organize demand for low-asked models or an assortment.

Fourthly, the luxury items require sales. Be careful and select only the well-looking and stylish options so as not to devalue the goods. There are better options than the screaming colors and look. Try to download a chic and elegant design appearance for your message.

As you see, there are many situations and areas of activity. We offer a reliable, time-tested tool to help you beautifully, colorfully, and effectively present a unique offer to buyers. Dare, explore the features, and buy on TemplateMonster!

Advantages Of Black Friday Social Media Templates

The above themes have long proven themselves as practical means of increasing sales. You only need to choose a suitable appearance, study all the characteristics, and fill it with unique and memorable texts.

Remember, pictures and proposed goods have features that buyers successfully use for their promotions and development of the company.

Ease of editing

TemplateMonster is an inexhaustible source of excellent graphics for any project. The distinguishing feature of each product on our marketplace is accessibility and simplicity. It doesn't matter how many experienced visitors come to our site. We host beautiful and editable themes and goods for everyone to try out. Do all the necessary actions in any pre-installed graphic editor.

A variety of formats

Most often, the author offers our customers several options to choose from. Among the popular ones are PSD, JPEG, JPG, EPS, AI, XD, PNG, PDF, SVG, FIG, etc. Please note each of the listed is compatible with a specific program. This feature is remarkable and allows you to edit pictures. Read the descriptions to choose the proper format for your project. Decide whether you'll be editing in Photoshop or Illustrator and search for this software among the characteristics of our themes.


It's about which graphic editor is suitable for ready-made layouts. Above, we have already said there are different types of formats. Web developers include two or three versions of the goods so the customer opens the desired one and adjusts the current look to his needs. At the same time, remember there is compatibility with specific programs. Our offers are often ideal for Photoshop, Figma, Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, and Corel Draw.

Choice of styles

Among the customers are companies in different directions. These are businesses that offer goods or services. Each has its style, color scheme, and other vital external details. Web developers provide a choice of various approaches to creating a beautiful and colorful banner for the campaign. Buyers usually change colors and some details in appearance. However, the central concept remains the same. Search for exciting ideas from leading web designers. Remember, small elements can always be correctable.

Availability of a large assortment

Convince by searching at the vast list above. Visitors to TemplateMonster may filter black Friday Social Media templates. The critical parameters are the format, compatibility with graphic editors, business directions, and others. Remember, new options are constantly appearing in the marketplace. That's why it's worth coming in and looking at the works of talented designers, which any company hasn't bought yet.

Choice of sizes

Standardized options fit the cover, post, and stories. You can find parameters in the FAQ section of any website. There are also technical requirements for the file. For instance, Facebook has a lot of articles on how to make Story posts, which sizes for images are appropriate, etc. Our authors know all the details and, therefore, create original pictures and layouts so that you can successfully upload them to advertising campaigns or your groups.

Compatibility with Instagram and Facebook

Most of the above goods are intended for placement on these sites. However, you may always change the size in Illustrator while maintaining the general style and idea of the web developer. In most situations, other communication channels such as TikTok, Reddit, or Messenger also accept images of squares and rectangles. You need to find the asked parameters and make a few changes using Photoshop.

How To Create The Best Black Friday Social Media Examples

Let's conditionally divide the question into two directions - a ready post for advertising and an official page (group).

The first task has the following objectives:

  • Get more landing page traffic.
  • To interest the potential audience.
  • To sell the offered service or product.

Therefore, the appearance of the image you get with the help of our black friday social media themes should have the following features:

  • Stand out among competitors. Find out what posts other firms made in the previous period and the year before. Try to preserve your identity and stand out favorably against competing companies' backgrounds.
  • Be bright and memorable. This point is the case when there are no limits to creativity. It would help if you preserved the balance between the original approach and not forget that the ultimate goal of advertising is sales, not laughter or entertainment for the viewer.
  • Match the style of the event. Using dark colors, neon details, and other bright and catchy details is generally acceptable. Of course, you can deviate from the generally accepted approach. The main thing to remember is that the general appearance should be contrasting and flashy and immediately catch the eye.

Decorating An Official Page

The second task is to edit a group. Covers and images for several posts in a suitable color scheme are helpful here. Future publications should differ from messages you have done over a year. This point helps attract the attention of more people. It's especially effective in the case of regular customers.

The purpose of these changes in the design of the group is as follows:

  • Create a remarkable impression.
  • Develop the atmosphere of the event's uniqueness. People must believe you are preparing a fantastic offer.
  • More hype around the event.
  • Prepare the audience for unique discounts.

The general requirements for the design of these pictures are similar to those for the advertising campaign. Choosing a layout is a pretty responsible task. Look at enough examples of our goods to select the most favorable solution for your company.

How To Choose The Best Black Friday Social Media Templates

In our marketplace, each product is unique and perfect in its way. However, you already have requirements for size, style, format, and color scheme. Below, we will list special moments that are worth paying attention to. This information is an essential list, which you later supplement with new items.

So, here are some tips when choosing:

  • Follow the trends, but don't copy the work of your competitors.
  • See many examples from different web developers.
  • Appreciate all the advantages after seeing the demo or preview.
  • Find out the complete information by reading the description.
  • Create several mandatory requirements for future group covers.
  • Pay attention to universal options. They can be versatile to fit other promos.
  • Strictly follow the brand book.
  • Show the design to a specialist (marketer, programmer, advertiser, or agency you work with).
  • Evaluate other options from the link. These are all designs on our marketplace. Apply filters to cut off unnecessary ones and see a new list of ready-made suggestions to improve your group or page.

We wish you a successful advertising campaign and lots of orders from clients!

Helpful Video About Creating Intros For YouTube Channels

Want the screen saver before the material to be expressive, memorable, and engaging? Try the layouts from TemplateMonster. Watch this video to learn more. Subscribe to the channel.

Black Friday Social Media Templates FAQ

How to use black Friday social media themes?

First, you need to download the received file. After payment, buyers receive an email with the archive. Download it on your PC, then unpack it and see the layout and instructions. Open your graphic editor and edit the appearance. Now, the picture is ready for use on your Instagram or Twitter.

How to set up black Friday social media templates?

Each buyer has documentation by email with descriptions of the settings. Also, editing will be as simple as possible if you already have experience working with Illustrator or Photoshop. You only need to order the product in the required format.

How to download black friday sale social media themes?

Go to the product page of the selected item. Click the desired license type (Commercial or Personal) and then the green button. In the order form, enter your email where you want to receive the purchase. Pay and enjoy cool layouts from professionals!

How to sell graphics on TemplateMonster?

You need to register as an author to start cooperation. Open the link and follow the simple steps to create an account. Specify the desired payment options and withdrawals. Upload new goods to your account and start earning!