Romantic Sentimental Emotional Piano - Stock Music

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- Nostalgic, passionate, and uplifting composition full of love, beauty, and passion. Bright and beautiful guitar and piano melodies will create an atmosphere of love, inspiration, and affection.

- Best for sweet nostalgic moments like wedding montages, dreamy moments, marriage picture slideshow, romantic indie film scenes, reflective videos and storytelling, Christian projects, valentineĀ“s day videos, soft and tender moments and memories, tearful, thoughtful, or contemplative adverts with a lot of deep emotional meaning, romantic videos, love stories, advertising, youtube, reflective videos, wedding montages.

- Features piano, guitars, bass, synths, drums, and shakers

Comes in three main versions:

- the full mix

- a bed without the main melody

- no drums version

There are also edits: 60 sec, and a loop.

Additional track lengths: 2:47, 2:47, 1:00, 1:19

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