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Exterior Design - Landscape Responsive Modern HTML Website Template - Features Image 1Exterior Design - Landscape Responsive Modern HTML Website Template - Features Image 2Exterior Design - Landscape Responsive Modern HTML Website Template - Features Image 3Exterior Design - Landscape Responsive Modern HTML Website Template - Features Image 4Exterior Design - Landscape Responsive Modern HTML Website Template - Features Image 5Exterior Design - Landscape Responsive Modern HTML Website Template - Features Image 6Exterior Design - Landscape Responsive Modern HTML Website Template - Features Image 7Exterior Design - Landscape Responsive Modern HTML Website Template - Features Image 8
Nowadays customers prefer to search for products and services via the internet. It is easier and allows them to check various online stores and websites. And exterior design companies are no exception. Yet, it is important to create an eye-catchy website for your company if you want to attract more clients. Moreover, it also has to be user-friendly and multifunctional. This is why we developed an Exterior design Responsive HTML template. It is well-designed and includes many visual effects and elements. It is also easy to edit and maintain. And if you want to present your previous projects than you can use a gallery. You can also tell customers about your services via an intuitive Service page. Exterior Design includes social options, google maps and many more useful features. In addition, it works perfectly on all devices and OS.

This is a Bootstrap Design Shop website design

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This Design Store web template is Responsive

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This is a Parallax Design & Photography website design

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When you travel someplace, distant items move around very much slower as opposed to near ones. Imitation of such an effect on the web page - if the background photo shifts slower than the content, is called parallax. It's always utilized to create a feeling of space in the web-site visitor's eyes.

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This is Exterior Design Office website design with On-line chat functionality

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Online chat is an excellent solution if you want to establish contact between you and your clients.

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Exterior Design Version 1.1 (May 06, 2019)

  • - ADD: Page loader;
  • - ADD: Pug Files;
  • - UPD: Bootstrap to v4.1.3;
  • - UPD: RD Mailform;
  • - UPD: RD Search;
  • - UPD: jQuery to v3.2.1;
  • - UPD: jQuery Migrate to v3.0.0;
  • - UPD: jQuery easing to v1.4.0;
  • - UPD: Isotope v2.2.2;
  • - UPD: Google Maps Plugin;
  • - UPD: Swiper v3.4.2;
  • - UPD: UIToTop;
  • - CHANGE: sf-menu to RD Navbar to v2.2.5;
  • - CHANGE: parallax to Materianize Parallax;
  • - CHANGE: gallery to Lightgallery;
  • - CHANGE: Less to SCSS;
  • - FIX: Minor HTML and CSS bugs;

11 Reviews for this product

Very easy to customize and mantain. I modify parts of the css and js and all is fine.
Wonderful clean template. Easily modified and customized . The CSS is documented you just need to learn how in individual designed called things.
Design wykorzystany do stworzenie strony internetowej dla pensjonatu. Układ designu oraz jakość wykonania pozwoliły szybko zaimplementować design do naszego systemu CMS. Możliwość dostosowania strony internetowej do naszych potrzeb jest ogromnym atrybutem, który przemawia za zakupem danego szablonu. Polecamy wszystkim chętnym, którzy szukają prostego i profesjonalnego rozwiązania, które działać będzie na wszystkich urządzeniach.
The template is very confortable and simple. We can work with it easily. The templates stucture is very very good, and it accesable to online marketing. The bootstrap three is also very good. The colours are very nice, and I think almost are flat colours. We reccomand the Template Monster, because if we have any problem they help us curtenly. We are very stasfied, and we think we will buy lots of template from them.
Красивый шаблон, подходил под природную тематику. Понравился клиенту. Я фрилансер, иногда делаю сайты, стараюсь, чтобы они были красивыми и не забиваю голову клиенту, что его сайт должен быть разработан вручную и был единственным и неповторимым. Этот шаблон покупали для сайта базы отдыха. Получилось то, что получилось, а именно: velesovles.ru Шаблон немного сложноват, требует знания html и css, и может ползти, если менять блоки местами. Совсем новичкам могу порекомендовать, если структуру оставите, как есть. В техподдержку я не обращался. Темплейтмонстр на высоте.
Благодарим за Ваш отзыв. Для редактирования внешнего вида шаблона более простым и удобным способом можем порекомендовать воспользоваться новым билдером, который представлен в шаблоне Monstroid2 на базе HTML - https://www.templatemonster.com/ru/website-templates-type/62267.html.
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