Kataru - Multipurpose Blog Theme - NextJS + Tailwind CSS

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Created: Jun 16, 2023

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

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Kataru - Multipurpose Blog Theme - NextJS + Tailwind CSS - Features Image 1Kataru - Multipurpose Blog Theme - NextJS + Tailwind CSS - Features Image 2Kataru - Multipurpose Blog Theme - NextJS + Tailwind CSS - Features Image 3

Karatu is a multipurpose Blog theme designed with new technology.

It can easily be used in multiple areas.

Powered by the open-source framework Tailwind CSS, you can customize this theme with no limit.

It supports articles with multiple authors.

This template used Markdown files which are stored in a separate folder to simplify the editing of posts.

So, each new Markdown file is a new post!

The authors, tags, faq and pricing plan components are stored in a separate folder as JSON files.

Services such as Mailchimp newsletter and internal searching posts, tags or authors are ready to use.

This template is fast and SEO-friendly, you can upload it to hosting providers such as Vercel and Netlify.

General Features

  • Light and Dark mode switch
  • Clean design
  • Fully responsive
  • Fast performance
  • SEO Friendly
  • Compatible with modern browsers

Power By

  • Next.js 13
  • React 18
  • Typescript
  • Markdown
  • Tailwind CSS
  • Headless UI
  • Heroicons
  • Framer Motion
  • Mailchimp for newsletter

Supports by Kataru

  • Multi-author posts support
  • Post, tags and authors single page with pagination
  • Author avatar, bio, location, website and social accounts
  • Tag avatar and description
  • Best stories articles with slider
  • Recommended articles with randomized
  • Related articles in the post preview
  • Reading time in the post preview
  • Pagination in the post preview
  • Searching posts modal ready to use
  • Subscribe newsletter with Mailchimp ready to use
  • Comments system powered by Disqus
  • Social accounts
  • Light and Dark mode
  • FAQ page
  • Membership page
  • Sign In page
  • Sign Up page
  • 404 page
  • Contact page

Other supports options

  • Cached posts to increase the speed of the searching posts, tags or authors
  • Dynamic sitemap created with the last updating posts, authors and tags


  • Header text intro
  • Slider for best stories
  • Related articles
  • Recommended articles
  • Subscribe newsletter centered
  • Subscribe newsletter inline-style
  • Membership pricing subscription
  • Membership simple pricing subscription
  • Pricing cards
  • Modal search posts
  • Reading bar
  • Reading time
  • Animated Social Icons
  • Hero Eyebrow for tags and authors
  • Section Separator
  • Section Header title
  • Featured subtitles
  • Custom page transition
  • Pagination
  • Filtering articles by authors and tags


  • Membership page with pricing plans
  • Membership Sign in page
  • Membership Sign up page
  • Subscribe page


  • All photos used in this demo are from Unsplash.


July 06, 2023

  • Add Multi-authors post support
  • Add Disqus system comments
  • Optimize images with webp format
  • Add Preload image
  • Add aspect ratio option (landscape, custom, custom-square, square)
  • Add icon if no cover image and author
  • Add author image position option (left, center, right)
  • Add pagination system for author's posts
  • Add search post by tags and authors
  • Add a new component with inline style
  • Replace some Framer Motion animations by Tailwind CSS
  • Minor bug fix on general style

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