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Need a new professional logo for your company or project? Jackdsgn presents high quality and trendy logos for every taste and need. Our main goal is to bring quality logos to the world.
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Enhance Your Business with Minimalistic White Logos

In the modern world, it is insufficient for a successful business to provide quality goods and sell them. You need to develop the brand, develop it, monitor the trends, have social networks, advertise properly, and involve all advancement methods. You consider the concept that should be associated with the product or service. The list includes the company name, color palette, slogan, and white logos. We describe the last component in more detail in the article. This factor unites all the firm’s entities into a single integrity and influences the associative series of a potential customer. It plays one of the most important roles that shape your identification among competitors, a conceptual mood, and adds a warranty reputation.

White Logos Designs and Branding

Branding, logo, and corporate identity are very critical today. Their goal is to create a professional business.

Branding is a comprehensive process of developing your company. You need an appropriate image of a firm, product, or service. You should convey the idea and a clear communication course. It allows you to solve a wide range of tasks related to goods or a firm's promotion. It includes work on marketing market research, product positioning, visual picture, and strategy. The key components are the name, identification system (corporate identity), and communication media that broadcast the idea. It is the concept that affects the specialty of each component.

The corporate identification style or system of visual identification is the process by which the company tells itself: colors, fonts, illustrations, documentation style, etc. And the logo is the basis of this component.

Everyone is born kinesthetic, but with age, the perception channels change. Among adults, about 60% refer to visuals. This type of communication plays a significant role in the marketing system. The visual image of the firm will be formed using identical. The critical element is a branded sign. It is a graphic, font, or combined item that simplifies the firm's identification and enhances recognition. Initially, it was used only in typography but later began to be used for commercial purposes. Most corporations officially register this component as their trademark.

The main features of the white logos

  • Identification: This forms a unique image and makes it more recognizable.
  • Communication: If you interact with users through a corporate sign, you will bring information about the key features of your goods and services.
  • Formation of a picture aesthetics: an attractive to very sign causes positive emotions that you automatically transfer to the product.
  • Additional guarantees: this is the main intangible asset of the company. With a trademark, you confirm its belonging to your products and are responsible for quality.

Criteria for the effectiveness of a trademark

  • Associativity: an ideal graphic illustration is always related to the company's field of activity. If your item evokes the correct mention of the business, then you're on the right track.
  • Absence of negative connotations: Consider the mentality of your potential client. If you plan to bring products to a festive level, then you should be tolerant and not give preference to a specific country in design. It is an example.
  • Uniqueness: Your goal is to differentiate yourself from your niche competitors. It is critical to avoid stereotypes during the development of corporate design.
  • Versatility: This refers to the distribution and promotion of your business and its use in different mediums.

Types of white logos

Creating a firm is a critical task in creating a business project. First of all, you should start by choosing a white logo. Traditional classification divides trademarks into three groups: graphic, text, and combined. However, the American journalist and editor Hilda Morones proposed a more extensive list of types of logotypes. This systematization includes seven species.

Abbreviations and monograms

Many companies have long names consisting of several words. The main disadvantage of this approach is the difficulty in memorization. In addition, it will be problematic to place all the letters in the illustration. Therefore, each word should be shortened to the first letter and combined. It helps to make recognition easier. Look at the following examples: NASA, MTS, IBM, etc.


This option will be effective if you have a clear short name. It's easy to say and remember. If you add different fonts and colors that match your corporate style, you will emphasize your concept. Compare the following items: BRAUN, MANGO, VISA, Google, etc. According to statistics, 30% of companies choose this type.

Signs and icons

It is pure graphics. However, this is not just an illustration. It contains deep meaning and reflects the main idea and character of the company. It contributes to the target audience's involvement and evokes the necessary emotions.

The advantage of this type is easy memorability and recognition. Think Apple and Twitter. However, you can be faced with difficulty in promotion at the initial stages of the company's creation. If your niche has many competitors, you should choose a different type of illustration.


It differs thanks to an abstract picture without reference to a visual picture. The most famous brands include Pepsi and Nike. In this way, you develop a symbol associated only with your product. If you are serious about the process, you invest the corporate style character in such an image.


A firm ambassador or character helps you identify and promote your products more interactively. It works perfectly in companies where the service is related to children, teenagers, or families.

Text and graphic

It is an image with an abbreviation, letter, or word combination. Many global corporations use this type. Check out Lacoste, Microsoft, Puma, etc. The advantage of this option is the close cooperation between the illustration and the font. It allows you to remember the image and name of your business and make a complete picture.


Designers are developing this option in the style of a coat of arms. In this case, specialists enter the phrase or word into the picture. Such items are universal and suitable for educational institutions, courses, public enterprises, the food industry, etc. The main disadvantage is the high level of detail. You lose some components if you use them in a small format.

Principles of Color, Text, and Other Components Selection

To correctly form a visual association, you consider the shape, colors, and type of fonts. It should reflect the concept, mood, and aesthetic of your idea.


Define the design goal at the beginning. If you have a white logo, you need a simple and readable format. You should not take a polygonal or stretched form because it will be difficult for you to place other components there. If the company has a long name, it is better to choose a circle. The oval is the most modern shape in design today. Please pay attention to the Ford trademark. Orbits and rings add to the effect of movement. Check out the Expedia trademark. We do not recommend choosing complex shapes with a direct hint of a product or service: skull, guitar, etc. It will affect the quality and printing.


Agree that companies already have used most letter styles. You should create an option from scratch if you have a serious corporation. You should have such an inscription with high quality. It should match all the characteristics of your concept since the font combines both shapes and colors. Today, people have excellent visibility of letters. It means that anyone can determine which inscription is solid and which is not.


It is the most significant aspect of the design. There is a science about the psychology of color. We subconsciously choose palettes we like with the necessary influence on us. It is a signal that complements the symbol. It is a conceptual speech that has many meanings.

The logo's black and white is the base color. It is associated with purity and freshness. It has a silver lining in marketing psychology. Specialists include simplicity and innocence as positive characteristics and sterility, emptiness, aloofness, and aloofness as negative. Check out some psychology theses relevant to marketing:

  • suitable for brands with a modern eco-position;
  • often used by specialists in the corporate style as a dominant element;
  • in unsuccessful execution can symbolize laziness and incapacity;
  • perfect for a fashionable and clean look.

How to Create a White Logo

Your logotype is the central part of your company style. You can choose a ready-made version of the white logo from the TemplateMonster marketplace or create it yourself. We have highlighted the steps for the step-by-step formation of a trademark.

You need to understand that this is not an ordinary illustration but a reflection of the character of the firm, its values, mission, and philosophy. It should always focus on the target audience. Developing such an element of your corporate style is a laborious process.

  1. Start by analyzing your niche, business, and concept. Brand development begins with a corporate color palette and other visual elements specific to you as a corporation. Specialists analyze the market, the identity of competitors, customer characteristics, and further details. Full-fledged marketing research allows you to collect an information base that forms the basis for future design.
  2. Prepare a unique commercial offer. When you have studied all the brand and product characteristics, you develop a list of features, associations, and attributes. Based on this data, you develop a general concept that reflects the company's functions.
  3. Check the design concepts. It is the beginning of the future white logo, which includes the selection of color, font, texture, background, and other elements. Choose the best combinations that suit your corporation.
  4. Choose the program you operate to create the illustration. We recommend working with vector editors. In this way, you ensure stable quality when scaling the final result. You manage your trademark when printing on different planes.
  5. Visualize and present your results to colleagues. To finalize the option, you should experiment with multi-purpose operations. For this, you use 3D technologies. Try it on documents, building facades, clothes, cars, and other media.
  6. Adjust all elements of the result and deal with the legal registration of the trademark. If you feel the need, then make changes to the design. When you are satisfied with the final version, register it legally.

What Sotfwares Can You Use for White Logo Design

You create trademark designs with the help of any gadget: computer, iPhone or Android, etc. The most convenient way is to operate a PC or laptop. We have selected some software for you that supports Windows and Mac.

AAA logo

It is an easy software that does not require professional skills. The interface consists almost entirely of tool illustrations. You develop a PNG masterpiece in a few minutes. You edit each item individually. You can export emblems in GIF, PNG, BMP, and JPG format and convert the picture file into vector EPS, SVG, or PDF.

Adobe Photoshop

It is one of the most popular applications that you use to design white company logos. This option requires more in-depth knowledge than the AAA logo. Here you will not find template options. You need to have a sketch and skills to develop an illustration. You manage the process from start to finish. But here you will get one minus. It provides extensive functionality for bitmaps, so the finished result will be difficult to scale.

Adobe Illustrator

It is a popular multifunctional and multipurpose software for creating vector images, diagrams, web pages, and corporate signs. Graphic specialists, editors, developers, and video production masters love Adobe Illustrator. You need to have the skills of a professional to create a quality result.

Corel DRAW

It is the leader in creating white app logos. Thanks to the intuitive interface, the program can be used by professionals and beginners in this field. You make vector illustrations, which the software describes with various mathematical formulas. Instead of pixels, you operate with specific objects. The technician creates the coordinates, color, depth, and lines style. The program has many advantages: development of own fonts, conversion of raster graphics to vector graphics, drawing pictures from scratch, the possibility of tracing, and working with contours and patterns.

White Logo from TemplateMonster

Marketplace provides a large library of ready-made trademarks. Here you find any items for your taste, style, and purpose: white mountain logos, nft team logos black and white, red and white clothing logos, etc. To quickly find your way around the topic, we recommend using the filter on the left panel: Animals & Pets, Art & Culture, Medical Templates, Electronics, Real Estate, Design & Photography, Education & Books, Business & Services, Cars & Motorcycles, Computers & Internet, Entertainment, Games & Nightlife, Home & Family, Fashion & Beauty, Food & Restaurant, Holidays, Gifts & Flowers, Society & People, and Sports, Outdoors & Travel. Choose the necessary program, and you easily customize the item and make it more unique: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Word, Figma, Adobe XD, Sketch, Code Editor, and iWork Pages. For your image to open in the program without loss of quality and details, you should choose the correct format: EPS, JPG, AI, PNG, PDF, PSD, JPEG, CDR, SVG, TXT, RAW, CSS, TIFF, TTF, FIG, DOC, BMP, etc.

Pay attention to our bestseller Creative Brand A - Letter. This template is modern and versatile. It is representative of the combined type of trademarks. It combines graphic images and text. It operates in three colors: a white background, blue and gray details. It is ideal for an agency, studio, bank, IT, etc.

Top Trends of White Logo Templates Video

It is not enough to know only the theory to understand modern and professional designs. You should have a visual experience and look at competitors and successful examples of illustrations. TemplateMonster has prepared for you ten trending trademarks. Follow the link and get to know.

White Logo Frequent Questions

How to Choose a White Logo?

  • This element of your firm's corporate identity creates an identity and differentiates you from your niche competitors. Therefore, first, determine the product purpose and the concept of the corporation.
  • Find inspiration from designers, companies, etc. In this way, you visually understand the trends and psychology of image components.
  • Learn the meaning of shapes, colors, and fonts. These are the main elements of your brand that convey mood and aesthetics. Also, they create the necessary association.
  • Create a mood board with combinations of components.
  • Find the item you need using filters from TemplateMonster. You can save time on the search and choose the trademark you need.

What Are Technical Requirements for White Logo Using?

  • Choose illustrations in vector format.
  • Save in PDF extension.
  • Maintain the uniqueness and identity of the company to identify the firm.
  • Submit an association that matches your product.
  • Use a design that is easy to remember.

How Can You Download a White Logo from TemplateMonster?

If you choose TemplateMonster, you will receive a quality digital product and full consultation. To get it, register on the website. Find the item you need and view its description. It should meet all the technical requirements you are interested in. Add it to your cart. Enter all billing and account information. Make the payment and go through the verification stage. After that, you upload the illustration through your profile on the site.

Can You Customize the White Logo from TemplateMonster?

Yes, all items are fully editable. We recommend you to use these software: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Word, Figma, Adobe XD, Sketch, Code Editor, and iWork Pages.