Tea drinking habits differ around the world. The integral part of any ceremony of this kind is tea itself. Coming in different types and tastes, tea is probably the only substance in the world with so many advantages in point of health. To provide people with a wide choice of beverages with rich and unique flavors, this theme was created. Its clear layout with handy top and side navigation will make your online tea store easy to navigate. The use of green hues is very symbolic here. This imparts the sense of nature and arouses associations with health and energy. Thanks to the clever positioning of content blocks and usage of vivid orange hues, site visitors will be encouraged to take action. Do you find it interesting? Check out the live demo to see how it works.

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This is Food & Restaurant Services WordPress WooCommerce template with Cherry Framework

What is it?

The completely free open-source framework for WordPress-based internet resources. It stands out using the notable versatility not to mention excellent features.

Why is it Good?

This framework gives a large number of opportunities and suits the requirements of both software engineers and individuals with no specialized coding qualifications.

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This Drink and Beverage WooCommerce design theme is Responsive

What is it?

Responsive design means properly adapted to the screens of all dimensions on any device.

Why is it Good?

It doesn't matter what type of device your consumers can work with to enter the webpage - they may find a radiant graphic along with a practical navigation menu. It is really an especially valuable feature, considering that a large number of consumers nowadays prefer their cellphones for web surfing.

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This is Drink and Beverage WooCommerce template with Portfolio

What is it?

An online portfolio is a web page that allows to arrange and display electronic files for example images, writings, website demos, etc. in a flattering manner.

Why is it Good?

Properly-built portfolio may induce sales and revenue boost. Furthermore, it may attract more prospective customers to your company.

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This is Food & Restaurant Services WooCommerce template with On-line chat functionality

What is it?

Organisations that offer their merchandise by way of tech support apply it in lots of diverse methods, yet online chat is considered the rarest. That means that you may get a solution to your problem truly fast and also have a talk with someone who can guide you to solve every issues.

Why is it Good?

On-line Chat is a perfect solution for business websites. It lets assisting hesitating shoppers and helping them to come up with their final choice. On-line Chat makes your website appear more trustworthy and delivers more leads to your company.

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This is a Bootstrap Food & Restaurant Magazine WooCommerce design

What is it?

Bootstrap is an open-source framework for website and apps design.

Why is it Good?

Bootstrap is extremely flexible for any customization. It's simple to work with, has a superb grid system and considerable elements list.

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This Drinks WooCommerce design template is Search Engine Friendly

What is it?

SEO-ready WordPress themes are templates that are suitable for the most common SEO plugins for WordPress.

Why is it Good?

SEO friendly web design suggests that the website will be successfully indexed and positioned higher by the search engine.

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This Tea Company WooCommerce design template is WPML ready

What is it?

WPML-ready themes may be translated in numerous foreign languages without trouble, hence letting you set a multi-lingual web property.

Why is it Good?

Making it possible to translate the site into different foreign languages WPML plugin allows you to grow the prospect database with foreign visitors.

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Fácil de instalar y de trabajar con ello. Recomiendo no actualizar plugings hasta no acabar con la instalación al completo. Al instalar se recomienda contanct 7.
The template looks great in overall.

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Do you really have to pay $50 to have your logo added to the site or can I do it myself through CSS or any other form of code?
Thank you for your your question. Sure you can do it by yourself. Feel free to use our tutorials on this page - http://goo.gl/jcf2FX . If there are any questions or difficulties, you can always contact our 24/7 free support - http://support.template-help.com/index.php?/Tickets/Submit . Our specialists will be glad to assist you.

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