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Fashion Boutique Elementor WordPress Theme

The share of online sales in the fashion segment is constantly growing and already significantly exceeds the sales turnover in the offline market. At the same time, sales of clothes and shoes online are constantly increasing, this is facilitated by the spread of mobile devices, an increase in the amount of time spent by users on the Internet, the development of payment tools for online purchases and the improvement of logistics infrastructure. These are ideal conditions under which you can easily create and launch your online store and take a worthy place among competitors.

The fashion boutique Elementor WordPress theme has all the advantages that each online store needs so much: visual attractiveness, safety, comfort at checkout. If you have been thinking about creating an online store for a long time, but did not dare to do this, the template will help you launch your project in the shortest possible time.

If you have not previously worked with such products (online or offline), then, first, you need to decide on the direction of activity of the online store. The template will help you create a store of clothes, shoes, accessories, children's items, bags or other goods.

Women's clothing remains the best-selling. In recent years, the demand for sports elements of the wardrobe has also increased. Learn analytics to retail to understand which direction it is more profitable to move in. It is the right choice of direction that will help you grow your business as quickly as possible.

The better you know your target audience, the greater your chances of successful sales. Ask yourself who your ideal client is, what age and gender he is, what his needs are. Think of a narrow niche - for example, a wardrobe for full women, office workers or Italian-style lovers. Over time, you will be able to expand.

Your perfect online store with fashion boutique Elementor WordPress theme

The main reason why people like online shopping is the ability to choose things without leaving home. The main reasons why the buyer agrees to shop in the online store are the speed and convenient choice of goods from a large assortment.

These most important features are embodied in the fashion boutique Elementor WordPress theme. Your site will not just be safe and stylish, it will also be convenient for selecting goods and ordering. One of the best options for creating sites today is ready-made fashion boutique Elementor WordPress theme.

In order for your resource to be worthy and interesting now, you need to take into account many factors that affect the decision to buy, one of the main ones is the quality design and usability of your online store. Theme Verdango takes into account everything you need to create a quality online store and helps you create the perfect site.

One of the popular templates for selling almost any item. It is great for those who need to launch a project (a line of clothes, cosmetics, underwear, jewelry) for an audience of women, especially young ones - 25-35 years old.

The main advantages of the topic are:

  • Universal - suitable for any subject. You can choose it both for your store and, if you are a developer, to create custom stores;
  • Convenient cap setup - the designer is used here, where you can assemble any kind of hat and add any elements;
  • Convenient settings of all parts of the site: main, store, product card, favorites, order and payment page;
  • You can set up integration with social networks;

Even a newcomer will understand the topic in convenient settings. You easily tailor it to your needs and your store.

Even a newcomer will understand the topic in convenient settings. You easily tailor it to your needs and your store. The template is striking with its thoughtfulness. Here you will find everything you need for an online store, and even a little more.

Ready pages will allow you to post information about the company, show your assortment, sales or shares, and the contacts page is also displayed separately. The product card is also very correct. You can post a full and short description, post reviews. You can add and edit items very quickly.

A simple but understandable structure that you can change as convenient as you can by adding or removing the necessary sections.

Everything is thought out here to the smallest possible extent so that visitors are comfortable choosing products, and it is pleasant for you to work with the site. Verdango has a design that sells. You can download any demo in one click, you will be left to twist the small details. Go and make sure for yourself as a template.

Versatile fashion boutique elementor WordPress theme for selling clothes or cosmetics

Great option for a women's store. The fashion boutique Elementor WordPress theme is also great for the online cosmetics store. Gentle refined design, store functions are made on the Bootstrap. The layout of the pages is made using the Elementor. It provides a form of feedback, convenient search, shopping cart, communication with social networks.

The important thing is that the template is completely adaptive - for ideal display on any modern gadgets, regardless of screen size.

An important advantage is that it is really easy to work with the site. You can quickly change prices for items, carry out sales, assign discounts to groups of items and much more. A well-thought-out category structure, rebooking by sections, related products, an extended filter by parameters - this is a small part of the functions that are in the topic.

When working with the topic, the behavior of a potential buyer and the scenario of his actions on the site were thought out in advance. Due to this, the conversion of sales on your resource will constantly grow.

At first glance, it seems that the topic is narrow, but you can change it to many variants of the product. Here you can create a store of gifts, jewelry, accessories, bags or shoes. Just doing your favorite thing. With Verdango you are easy about your online store and will start increasing your sales!


Verdango (June 23, 2021):

  • Cherry Plugins removed;
  • Minor bugs fixed;
  • Elementor Page Builder 3.2 compatible;
  • WooCommerce 5.3 compatible;
  • WordPress 5.7 compatible.

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