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MotoPress Hotel Booking is the best-selling WordPress property rental system. It’s a multipurpose WP booking plugin that can cover different scenarios - you can use it for renting out a single vacation rental property as well as unlimited properties in different locations. The plugin is perfect for hotels and holiday home owners.

It’s fully equipped for the entire booking cycle - from building a directory of rental units (or a showcase for just one property!) with WordPress booking calendars to accepting reservations and setting bookkeeping on autopilot.

If you rent out accommodations on popular OTAs like Airbnb, the MotoPress WordPress booking plugin will help you connect all of them with your website so that you can accept instant reservations from all channels and avoid overbooking! This reservation plugin works with any WordPress theme.

The User Experience

  • Real-time search availability form to help guests easily search through all rentals.
  • Filters for building an advanced search form (custom fields like location, room type, etc.).
  • Up-to-date WordPress availability calendars for individual accommodations.
  • Unlimited accommodations featured with their individual amenities and photo galleries.
  • The smart search algorithm to recommend accommodations depending on the number of guests (can be turned off).
  • Tags and categories to sort the accommodations.
  • The ability to book multiple accommodations at one go.

Pricing & Rates in WordPress Hotel Booking

  • Seasonal pricing.
  • Accommodation rates based on different rules: facilities, the number of guests, and the length of a stay-in period.
  • Bookable extras for a fee or for free - services like car rental, cleaning, etc.
  • Complete taxes and fees info - add mandatory fees, accommodation taxes, service taxes and fee taxes. Guests will see the charges in detail on the checkout page.
  • Personalized discount coupons (fixed or monetary value).

Handling Bookings

  • The WordPress Hotel Booking plugin offers different booking confirmation modes - manual control by the admin, automatic confirmation by the user upon a link click, or instant confirmation as a result of the successful payment.
  • Online payments for reservations via built-in PayPal, Stripe, 2Checkout, Braintree, Beanstream/Bambora. Moreover, thanks to the Stripe API, you can accept payments via Bancontact, iDEAL, Giropay, SEPA Direct Debit and SOFORT.
  • WooCommerce Payments WordPress add-on for more gateways to be turned on without expert help (not included in the Hotel Booking plugin).
  • Full and deposit payments (fixed/percent).
  • Accept booking payments after arrival or via direct bank transfer.
  • Bookings synchronization with OTAs via iCal - keep your rentals’ availability up to date automatically (you can establish a near real-time synchronization to be done every half an hour).
  • Booking statuses: confirmed, declined, abandoned, etc.
  • Accept bookings over the phone or by email and add them manually to the dashboard.
  • Complete payment history.
  • Calendar view for all bookings in the admin dashboard.
  • Fully personalized email automation for bookings (admin and customer emails).

Plugin Configuration

  • Temporarily block rooms and dates.
  • Designate days when guests can arrive/leave your property.
  • Set up min and max stay-in requirements (guests won’t be able to book more or fewer days).
  • The WordPress booking plugin for hotels by MotoPress is professionally translated into multiple languages and officially compatible with the WPML plugin.
  • Dedicated Gutenberg Hotel Booking blocks to edit content using WordPress blocks (since WordPress 5.0).
  • Shortcodes and widgets for those of you on the Classic Editor.
  • Free integration add-ons to edit Hotel Booking content in Divi and Elementor.

Support & Knowledge Base

  • Live chat.
  • Ticket system.
  • Free video tutorials on YouTube.
  • Regular updates.

The Hotel Booking plugin also comes with many extra tools. For example, you can integrate Mailchimp marketing automation, turn on smart property reviews, send custom emails and do more with the dedicated Hotel Booking for WordPress add-ons (not included with the plugin).


= 3.9.0, Nov 24 2020 =

  • Added the ability to set the Booking Buffer option.
  • Added the ability to set Advance Reservation: the minimum number of days allowed before booking and the maximum number of days available for future bookings.

= 3.8.7, Oct 30 2020 =

  • Fixed the issue with featured image of the Accommodation Type.
  • Fixed the issue with Elementor plugin.

= 3.8.6, Oct 27 2020 =

  • Added support for Hotel Booking PDF Invoices addon.

= 3.8.5, Oct 2 2020 =

  • Improved compatibility with image lazy-loading feature in WordPress 5.5.

= 3.8.4, Sep 30 2020 =

  • Fixed the issue with Elementor plugin.

= 3.8.3, Jul 9 2020 =

  • Added the ability to set the number of days prior to the check-in date applicable for applying deposits.
  • Added the ability to display price, adults and children fields in the search form when the direct booking option from the accommodation page is enabled.

= 3.8.2, May 28 2020 =

  • Added support for WordPress translations.

= 3.8.1, Apr 24 2020 =

  • Added support for Hotel Booking Styles addon.

= 3.8.0, Mar 31 2020 =

  • Added the ability to edit existing bookings: you can now update check-in and check-out dates, rates, services, etc., as well as add, replace, or remove accommodations in the original bookings.

= 3.7.6, Mar 6 2020 =

  • Fixed the issue with incorrect hooks priority set in 3.7.2.
  • Fixed the issue with the upgrade database notice not disappearing in some cases.

= 3.7.5, Feb 17 2020 =

  • Fixed the issue with the improper booking behavior of a single accommodation search form.

= 3.7.4, Feb 10 2020 =

  • Fixed the issue with the improper language switch in the Price Breakdown table if a guest changes their booking details at the checkout.
  • Fixed the issue with displaying the title of services on the checkout page: it's now removed if there are no added services.
  • Fixed the issue with the price discrepancy between the Price Breakdown table and Total Price when the number of guests is not set.
  • Fixed the issue with displaying an error message that the accommodation is already unavailable.
  • Fixed the issue with the extra spacing on the checkout page when the Terms & Conditions page was created in a page builder.
  • Improved appearance of the Availability calendar in some themes.

= 3.7.3, Jan 28 2020 =

  • Added the ability to redirect to checkout immediately after successful addition to reservation on the search results page.

= 3.7.2, Jan 14 2020 =

  • Added the ability to set any number of adults or children at checkout so that in total it meets the limit of manually set accommodation capacity.
  • Updated translation files.

= 3.7.1, Oct 30 2019 =

  • Improved blocks compatibility with the new versions of the Gutenberg editor.
  • Added customer email address to the Stripe payment details.
  • Fixed an issue where the price breakdown was not displayed in the new booking emails.
  • Fixed an issue at checkout when coupon discount was not applied to the total price at the bottom of the page.
  • Fixed a bug concerning impossibility to complete Stripe payment after applying the coupon code.
  • Fixed an issue where the type of the coupon code was changed after its use.

= 3.7.0, Sep 17 2019 =

  • Improved the "Booking Confirmed" page with regard to displaying information on client's booking and payment in case the booking is paid online. Follow the prompts to update the content of the "Booking Confirmed" page automatically or apply the changes manually.
  • Added the new email tag, which allows guests to visit their booking details page directly from the email. Important: you need to update your email templates to start using this functionality.
  • New actions and filters were added for developers.
  • Fixed the issue at checkout when a variable price was not applied if capacity is disabled in plugin settings.

= 3.6.1, Aug 19 2019 =

  • Added Direct Bank Transfer as a new payment gateway.
  • Added the ability to delete ical synchronization logs automatically.
  • Added new intervals for importing bookings through the ical "Quarter an Hour" and "Half an Hour".
  • The user information is no longer required while creating a booking in the admin panel. You can enable it again in the settings.
  • Added new tags for email templates: Price Breakdown, Country, State, City, Postcode, Address, Full Guest Name.
  • Added the ability to select the accommodation type while duplicating rates.
  • Improvement: now if the accommodation type size is not set, the field will not be displayed on the website.

= 3.6.0, Aug 13 2019 =

  • Implemented bookings synchronization with Expedia travel booking website.
  • Updated PayPal and Stripe payment integrations to comply with PSD2 and the SCA requirements.
  • Added the ability to receive payments through Bancontact, iDEAL, Giropay, SEPA Direct Debit and SOFORT payment gateways via the updated Stripe API.

= 3.5.1, Jun 25 2019 =

  • Improved compatibility with WPML plugin.
  • Improved compatibility with PHP 7.3.
  • Improved compatibility with MySQL 8.
  • Added the ability to sort bookings by check-in / check-out date in the Bookings table.

= 3.5.0, Jun 17 2019 =

  • Added the ability to export bookings data in the CSV format.
  • Added the ability to preset the first value of the Attributes list instead of an empty string for the search form field.
  • Fixed the issue with incorrect results when searching through Attributes.
  • Fixed the issue at checkout when a variable price was displayed instead of the base one.
  • Fixed the issue with the Price Breakdown table encoding.
  • Fixed the issue when the room_type_categories was displayed as Array.
  • Improved management of the variable pricing: it is now possible to add price variations in a random order.
  • Added css classes for the Price Breakdown table.
  • Updated the list of available currencies for PayPal.

= 3.4.0, May 22 2019 =

  • Major improvements on booking synchronization with online channels via iCal interface.
  • Added option for filtering and hiding imported bookings in the Bookings table.
  • Added option for including Blocked Accommodations to exportable calendars.
  • Minor bugfixes and improvements.

= 3.3.0, Apr 5 2019 =

  • Improved compatibility with WPML plugin.
  • Fixed the bug appeared while calculating the subtotal amount in Price Breakdown when a discount code is applied.
  • Added Hotel Booking Extensions page. Developers may opt-out of displaying this page via "mphb_show_extension_links" filter.

= 3.2.0, Mar 25 2019 =

  • Booking Calendar improvements:
    • Tooltip extended with the customer data: full name, email, phone, guests number, imported bookings info.
    • Added a popup option to display the detailed booking information.
  • Bookings table improvements:
    • Added a column with booked accommodations.
    • Added the ability to filter bookings by accommodation type.
    • Added the ability to search bookings by First Name, Last Name, Check-in Date, Check-out Date, Phone, Price, etc.
  • Added a Service option that enables to specify the number of times guest would like to order this service.

= 3.1.0, Feb 12 2019 =

  • Added support for WordPress 5.0:
    • Added new blocks to Gutenberg.
    • Added option to switch to the new block editor for Accommodation Types and Services in plugin settings.
  • Added option to set the Price Breakdown to be unfolded by default.
  • Improved design of Accommodation titles in Price Breakdown for better user experience.

= 3.0.3, Dec 24 2018 =

  • Minor bugfixes and improvements.

= 3.0.2, Nov 12 2018 =

  • Enhanced user interface of the New Booking section on the back-end.
  • Added text field for specifying the Administrator Email. Used in cases when email of the actual booking manager is different from email of the site admin.
  • Increased number of digits (up to 4) to be entered after decimal point for the Taxes field.
  • Significantly improved way of presentation of the booking synchronization logs data. The synchronization logs were transferred into the separate database tables. Added pagination for viewing synchronization results.

= 3.0.1, Oct 3 2018 =

  • Improved implementation of content visibility option for Accommodation Types.
  • Changed the order of address fields on the checkout page.
  • 'State' field on the checkout page renamed as 'State/County'.

= 3.0.0, Sep 12 2018 =

  • Introducing attributes. By using the attributes you are able to define extra accommodation data such as location and type and use these attributes in the search availability form as advanced search filters.
  • Improved the way to display the booking rules in the availability calendar.
  • Added the new payment method to pay on arrival.
  • Added the ability to create fixed amount coupon codes.
  • Added the availability to send multiple emails to notify the administrator and other staff about new booking.
  • Fixed the bug appeared in the Braintree payment method if a few plugins for making payment are set up.
  • Added the ability to set the default country on the checkout page.

= 2.7.6, Jul 27 2018 =

  • A new way to display available/unavailable dates in a calendar using a diagonal line (half-booked day). This will properly show your guests that they are able to use the same date as check in/out one.
  • Disabled predefined parameters for Adults and Children on the checkout page to let guests have more perceived control over options they choose.
  • Fixed the issue with booking rules and WPML. Now all translations of accommodations are not displayed in a list and the booking rules are applied to all translations.
  • Fixed the issue with Stripe when creating a booking from the backend.
  • Fixed the issue with the booking rules not applying while checking an accommodation availability with the "Skip search results" enabled.
  • Added a new feature "Guest Management". It is currently in beta and applied only to the frontend. Here are the main options of this feature:
    • Hide "adults" and "children" fields within search availability forms.
    • Disable "children" option for the website (hide "children" field and use Guests label instead).
    • Disable "adults" and "children" options.
  • Replaced "Per adult" label with a more catch-all term "per guest" for Services.

= 2.7.5, Jul 18 2018 =

  • Increased the number of digits after comma for setting a per-night price. This will help you set accurate prices for weekly, monthly and custom rates.
  • Improved the way to display a rate pricing on the checkout page: the price is updated automatically based on the number of guests if there are any per-guest price variables.
  • Added the Availability Calendar shortcode.
  • Added sorting parameters to shortcodes.
  • Added all missing currencies to the list of currencies.

= 2.7.4, Jun 27 2018 =

  • Fixed PHP warning that may occur in version 2.7.2.

= 2.7.3, Jun 21 2018 =

  • Fixed PHP warning that may occur in version 2.7.2.

= 2.7.2, Jun 20 2018 =

  • Added the ability to add monthly, weekly and custom (based on any length of stay) rates.

= 2.7.1, Jun 5 2018 =

  • Fixed the bug with the missing slider icons that appeared in a previous update.
  • Added a new admin data picker style.
  • Single room type data output was rewritten in actions to provide developers with more flexible customization.
  • Fixed the bug with the months localization of the admin booking calendar.
  • Fixed the alphabetic ordering of countries for non-English websites.
  • Added Summary and Description info to iCal import logs to help you easier identify bookings from different channels.

= 2.7.0, May 18 2018 =

  • Added the ability to create a reservation manually.
  • Added terms and conditions checkbox to booking confirmation page.


= 1.0.0, Dec 23 2016 =

  • Initial release

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Muy fácil de utilizar, soy nuevo en este tema y esta extensión me ha facilitado la gestión de reservas y pagos de mi hotel, sin duda 100% recomendable
The Hotel Booking Engine Plugin for WordPress is a fantastic product. I have tried multiple competing products and was unable to find one that suited the project requirements as well as this one. The ability to integrate with WooCommerce (using an additional plugin by the same developer) to collect payment using a WooCommerce payment gateway is extremely beneficial when you dont want to use Stripe or Braintree. Good Job with this plugin and keep up the good work. :)
Didnt get a chance to try it but the plug-in came in a zip package which was initially confusing.
support was good, quick replies, but they do not provide customised installation service. abit difficult to configure for a first time

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