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Find The Best WordPress Marketing Plugins

In order to do marketing effectively, you need to stay on top of the latest news. This point applies to web design trends, website creation, advertising campaigns, social media management, and much more. Today, to help marketers and site administrators, web developers create many additional tools to improve the site. One of them is WordPress marketing plugins. You see these items on this page. Their tasks are quite diverse, sometimes global and sometimes related to individual sections of the online store. In order to make the right choice and to make a valid purchase, please read our material and place your order on TemplateMonster.

What Are WordPress Marketing Plugins

In addition to making the website more attractive, providing additional functionalities to keep people on the page, creating a client-centered portal, increasing usability, or adding new trading features.

It is better to focus on some of the many tasks these goods can perform in more detail since there are so many of them.

Establishing Discount And Loyalty Programs

Make use of various discounts on selected goods in your practice. However, calculating new prices or adding pictures of clothes with a stock label is very tedious and sometimes even unrealistic. In some cases, the crossed-out price does not attract visitors. For example, the WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing And Adjustment product can help. You can quickly apply your New Year's sale or Black Friday discount to it.

Adding Widgets To Your Website

In addition to increasing conversions, attracting customers, and forming loyal attitudes towards a brand, they are referred to as digital assistants. However, they do a great job. Online stores can exist without them, but items don't sell well. People are used to diverse and beautiful calendars, animated banners, galleries, sliders, and other beautiful things. When they navigate to a portal without such visual effects data, they think the store is closed, or the owner only updates it occasionally. At the same time, some WordPress marketing plugins are functional but not always visually visible. People notice widgets when they enter sections because they catch their attention.

Video Players For Showing Promo Videos

Interactive elements including video sections have become an integral part of all web pages. For example, in the fashion industry, there is nothing better than showing the lookbook of a new clothing collection using a video player. Also, this tool allows diversification of the content of such businesses as the banking sector, construction, plants, and metal rolling. As well as adding dynamics to the content, the video player makes it more exciting and enjoyable.

Establishing an Affiliate Program

The majority of affiliate plugins are very functional. They ensure that the affiliate program works properly with all the necessary functionality. Although they are all different, we have several standard and improved ones to use across all jobs. For example, they track referral links, custom landing pages, affiliate coupon codes, direct link tracking, etc. In addition, managers can accept and reject affiliate commissions or generate manual ones according to their needs. You can find a complete list of plugins in the TemplateMonster catalog by following this link.

Creating Beautiful Graphs and Diagrams

For an advertising and PR agency, it would be helpful if you had such novelties. For example, there is no better way to present statistics to a client than beautiful diagrams or colorful summaries. Also, such visual elements are helpful to show the achievements of any company or the increase in production. With the help of such valuable elements, the report of a potential audience or the graph of sales growth can also be displayed.

Creating a Club

Access to exclusive offers or individual discounts is tempting for any buyer. Getting your membership in the golf club or a membership card in the branded clothing and accessories shop sounds very attractive. Using such WordPress marketing plugins, you can entice and compel users to register for a site, install an application, or collect a database of contacts for further marketing.

SEO Promotion In Search Engines

Yes, there are additional helpers for your SEO work. Each product has a different essence. For example, it adds weight to the pages of the new site. If you have an old portal well-indexed, you may place links to the new portal on its pages. This way, you help promote the newly created website.

Video Call With The Seller

With the help of this button, you can arrange a call with a consultant via video communication. At the same time, the seller can show the product and demonstrate its primary qualities.

Place the button on the main page or on the inner pages. A similar improvement allows your sellers to work twice as efficiently and establish live contact with the buyer.

Who Needs WordPress Marketing Plugins

To understand to what extent the selection of goods above is suitable for you, let's find out for whom web developers created them.

First, these are agencies engaged in promoting their clients and developing their businesses. These can be web studios, advertising agencies, and PR firms. Data business representatives buy templates on TemplateMonster to make their clients even more successful with the help of a beautiful interface, to increase the online store's attractiveness with visual effects, and to make shopping more convenient and practical.

Second, the same companies order from the TemplateMonster marketplace to develop their businesses. After all, any agency has its website, which is the face of the company and must look flawless. Your official portal demonstrates your skills and highlights your uniqueness. Additionally, you will need the same video player plugin for demonstrating commercials made by you.

Installation Rules

When purchasing new products to improve the site, you always try to order the easiest to use. You are right to turn to TemplateMonster for this. Below we'll tell you how to install the plugin you purchased correctly. Of course, due to WordPress updates, the guide may change slightly. However, the main steps are still the same:

  • First, enter your CMS using a unique login and password.
  • Then, select the Plugins section in the menu on the left.
  • Click the Download button in the upper right corner. After that, a window will appear where you can add or drag a ZIP file from your computer. Choose the most convenient option.
  • After paying, TemplateMonster will send you the downloaded file to your email.
  • Click the Activate button that appears when you install the product. After this action, you may use it.
  • Click Manage to access the new functionality.

Congratulations, you have completed the task! As you can see, nothing is more straightforward than installing new features in your CMS.

A Few Things About the Update

In most cases, web developers try their best to please their clients. They constantly check the correctness of the work and, if necessary, update their goods themselves.

However, you may do it yourself to check for available updates.

Follow these steps:

  • Log in to your CMS account.
  • Go to the section where you performed the installation, located in the main menu on the left.
  • Select the Installed section.
  • You'll see all the items that you downloaded before. If new updates are available for one of them, you'll see this field below and need to click Update.

In addition, set up automatic updates in the same section. There are three options available: update automatically, turn off the update, and be under the hosting provider's control.

How To Configure WordPress Marketing Plugins

First, you need to know where to find these settings. Please note that all the tools you install to improve the site's performance may have different functions.

Often, you can find the settings directly in the admin panel. A menu with a selection of actions appears. In other situations, some extend existing menu options, for example, in Settings, Appearance, or Tools. It also happens that the settings of other similar products display, for instance, in the editor.

Please follow the path described in the installation section to get more information about using, setting, and editing. When you see the list of already activated WordPress marketing plugins, below the name of each one, there are links to Settings, Information, Documents, or Support. Each has its menu list. It all depends on what kind of related services the web developer offers. Our items have instructions for use. Also, all buyers receive support in case of breakdown or situations not described in the instructions.

Remember also about the Editor, which allows you to change the product's code. Thus, you can make significant changes. Doing similar actions is better for a person who understands programming. Otherwise, you may break the entire site.

How To Create The Best Website

To start selling clothes, accessories, books, tools, toys, or even cars on the Internet, you need to have a presentable portal. However, what does this term mean? What qualities should a successful online store have, and how to implement them?

The main goal is to increase sales. So you need to present your proposal well to the visitor. Now there are many ways to do it. There are even separate presentations of each product separately, called Stories. You can also find these WordPress marketing plugins on our marketplace.

Secondly, a convenient search is meaningful. This step includes the search string on the portal and various filters to create a list of suggestions based on people's wishes, the menu structure, etc. In addition to Ajax Search, well-structured pages and sections will enhance usability and simplify the search for the desired item among the many products and services. You'll find all of this and more in TemplateMonster's themes. Please read this article to find out how to install themes. These ready-made designs make sections more attractive, stylish, and functional.

Thirdly, integration with social networks and messengers. By utilizing these tools, you will be able to reach a larger audience and connect all your channels. Website templates allow you to integrate social networks, and you may install messengers by buying the appropriate plugins.

Lastly, simple sales management and optimized staff work within the company allow your clients to be more effective. As a result, some products structure and adjust order acceptance and delivery. Also, they build control over the work of the affiliate system and others. Search for relevant offers on our marketplace.

Helpful Video For WordPress Marketing Plugins

A complex website approach is vital to the creation of a website, so we recommend watching this video. In it, the expert tells five secrets of how to get maximum profit on the most popular day of the year - Black Friday. Using these methods, business owners can prepare not just for this event, but for all subsequent sales as well. Stay up to date with important web design news by watching, being inspired by what you see, and subscribing to our channel as soon as possible!

WordPress Marketing Plugins Q&A

How to choose quality WordPress marketing plugins?

On TemplateMonster, we only host the most attractive designs offered by web developers. There are three main criteria for a good product: an affordable price, high quality, and usefulness for the buyer. As a result, make your selection without hesitation.

How to download WordPress marketing plugins?

We'll send the purchased product to your email immediately after payment. So you only need to download it to your computer from your email and install it in the CMS.

Why are paid WordPress marketing plugins better than free ones?

Our offers meet all quality standards. Web developers constantly support them. This means that when you buy, you can be sure the website is safe from low-quality items, and you can easily and quickly get the desired result.

Is there support for WordPress marketing plugins?

Yes, web developers offer this service to all customers.